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Online jobs: You can earn good money in these seven professions in 2023


Highlights: Around a quarter of employees in the economy as a whole took advantage of the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own four walls in 2022. The choice of professions here is now large: from social media managers to personal trainers to music critics, online professions can be found in all industries. With some of them you can even make a career and earn really good money. Salaries vary greatly depending on the state and city. Stuttgart has the highest salary with an average of 47,900 euros per year.

Why go to the office when many jobs can now be done online? In these seven professions, money can be earned from the sofa, so to speak.

Stuttgart - Even long after the end of the home office obligation, working from home is still very popular. The advancement of computers, laptops, mobile devices, and high-speed internet connections has facilitated communication and data sharing. This allows employees to seamlessly access work documents, send emails, participate in video conferences, and communicate with colleagues and supervisors in real time from home. According to the ifo Institute, around a quarter of employees in the economy as a whole took advantage of the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own four walls in 2022. According to the study, the proportion of employees who work at least partially from home was 25 percent.

Internet-based jobs make it possible to work from anywhere. © imago images/Bonninstudio

Internet-based jobs, in particular, make it possible to work from anywhere. The choice of professions here is now large: from social media managers to personal trainers to music critics, online professions can be found in all industries. With some of them you can even make a career and earn really good money.

Work comfortably from anywhere: These jobs take place online

Even if many companies and long-established bosses are still resisting it, working from home offers various advantages to both employers and employees. Employers can reduce the cost of office space and equipment, increase employee satisfaction, provide access to a larger talent pool, and increase productivity through more flexible hours. Employees also benefit from a better work-life balance, fewer commuting times, more flexible working hours and the ability to work more effectively in familiar surroundings.

More and more jobs are taking place purely online. Such online jobs are job opportunities where employees mainly work via the internet and communicate digitally with their employers, clients, or colleagues. This type of employment offers the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. There are a variety of online jobs in different industries and fields of activity, but not all of them are lucrative. Good pay beckons in these seven online jobs:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Voice actors and voice actors
  • Service Chat Agent
  • Online Moderator
  • SEO Expert
  • Representative
  • Online recruiters

Important for these professions: The salary can fluctuate greatly depending on professional experience, education, company headquarters and size. Also, due to the industries in which you are employed in the respective job, the pay often varies. These 15 industries in Germany pay the highest salaries.

Social Media Manager

One of the most well-known online jobs is that of social media manager. This is responsible for managing and building an online presence of a brand, company or organization on social media. The main task is to develop and implement a strategic social media strategy to drive audience engagement, increase brand awareness, generate traffic, and ultimately support business goals. Since a social media manager focuses on online presence, it is no problem to do this job at home or from anywhere in the world.


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My Area

This is one of the tasks of a social media manager:

  • Strategy development
  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Paid Advertising
  • Trend observation
  • Influencer marketing

According to information on the platform, a social media manager in Germany earns an average of 44,869 euros a year. The salary ranges from 40,059 euros to 50,256 euros. In these professions, even a starting salary of up to 52,000 euros is possible.

Voice actors and voice actors

The average salary of voice actors in Germany is much higher. On average, 42,700 euros gross per year are possible here, according to the job platform Stepstone. Salaries vary greatly depending on the state and city. While the Baden-Württemberg state capital Stuttgart has the highest salary with an average of 47,900 euros per year, Leipzig earns only 38,900 euros per year. These employers in Stuttgart are also among the best.

Voice actors can work from anywhere with the right equipment. © imago images/Maria Diachenko

The advantage of the job: thanks to technology and the Internet, voice actors no longer have to go to the studio to record their texts. This job can also be done from home without any problems. Whether it's podcasts, cartoons, apps or the dubbing of foreign-language recordings – the field of activity of a speaker or dubbing actor is incredibly large. Of course, you have to have a pleasant, ideally trained voice. However, with a little talent and skill, you can earn money even from the sofa thanks to a fast internet connection and audio software.

Service Chat Agent

As a Harvard study has found, lonely jobs without human contact in particular make you unhappy. If you like to exchange ideas with people, are helpful and keep a cool head even in stressful situations, the job of chat agent is ideal for you. As such, it offers customer support via a text-based chat. However, multitasking is required here, because usually several requests have to be processed at the same time. A job like these six home office jobs that can easily be done from home. On average, the salary in online customer support is 35,100 euros, but it can earn 42,100 euros a year.

Online Moderator

As an online moderator, you don't have to lead through an online event. One of the main responsibilities of an online moderator is to ensure that community rules are followed, that exchanges remain respectful and constructive, and that inappropriate behavior or spam is removed in social media groups, forums or websites. However, they also report and block users who do not follow the rules. As digital communities continue to grow, the job of an online moderator is a profession with a future. The situation is different in these cases: these nine jobs will no longer exist in the future.

Online moderators, also known as chat moderators, earn an average of 32,306 euros per year. With growing professional experience, the salary here can rise to around 35,197 euros. However, chat moderators are usually paid on an hourly basis, as it is rarely a full-time position.

Here's how the annual salary of an online moderator increases with growing work experience:

0 to 3 years of professional experience3 to 6 years of professional experience7 to 9 Professional Experienceover 9 years of professional experience
29.240 Euro30.534 Euro32.131 Euro35.197 Euro


SEO Expert

Optimize pages, build backlinks, drive traffic: SEO experts are more in demand than ever. Experience in this area can be gained through online resources, blogs, courses, and books. But a degree in business informatics can also be helpful here. No matter which path ultimately led to a career in this field: Since everything here revolves around the online, it is not surprising that this job also takes place on the Internet.

An SEO expert specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). A job that takes place exclusively online. © imago images/Bartek Szewczyk

The pay is also good: On average, SEO experts in Germany can earn 40,300 euros a year. With an average salary of up to 49,700 euros, however, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Decisive in increasing the salary are further education, expertise and professional experience. Other professions are not excluded from this: it is in these industries that the salary with work experience increases the most.

What does an SEO expert do?

An "SEO expert" is a person who specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). The job of an SEO expert is to optimize websites or online content so that they get a higher ranking in the organic search results of search engines like Google. This includes conducting keyword research, on-page content optimization, technical improvement of the website, building backlinks, and monitoring website performance. The goal of an SEO expert is to increase a website's traffic and improve its visibility in search engine results.


Similar to the case of the service chat agent, customer service representatives are also in-demand online jobs. Location-independent, many companies offer their employees remote work. Above all, interpersonal skills are required here. Thanks to telephone, e-mails and chat, the job can be done online without any problems. The pay varies greatly depending on the size of the company, location and work experience. On average, 32,500 euros per year are possible, in the best case up to 38,700 euros.

As a customer service representative, you can earn up to 38,700 euros a year. © imago images/Badias/

Online recruiters

As a recruiter, you used to work exclusively from the office. This has changed fundamentally in the meantime. As an online recruiter, you can also do your tasks in peace and quiet in your own home. In addition to advertising job offers, this also includes searching for potential employees and contacting them. A large part of the work can take place by telephone or online, for example via video call.

As a recruiter, you can earn an average of 39,000 euros per month. As such, you earn the most in Stuttgart, where up to 42,900 euros a year beckon, according to Stepstone.

Source: merkur

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