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14 professions that pay so well that you can even become a millionaire


Highlights: If you want to be a millionaire one day, you need the right profession. We present 14 jobs in which this is possible. The average salary of a lawyer in Germany is 98,024 euros per year. An investment banker's salary ranges between 41,000 euros and 58,400 euros. An entrepreneur's salary can range from 48,000 to 58, 400 euros. The job title "entrepreneur" is not easy to assign. But even without any work experience, you have a chance of getting a good salary.

If you want to be a millionaire one day and don't want to be dependent on luck, you need the right profession. We present 14 jobs in which this is possible.

Stuttgart - Let's be honest: salary plays a major role in the profession. No matter how much fun the job is, no matter how great the team is – if the pay is not right, the frustration level is high. If you want to reorient yourself professionally, you can look directly for lucrative industries in addition to well-paid career changer jobs. However, some professions have greater potential to make it there – and to receive correspondingly good pay. In the best case, you will become a millionaire over time. Sounds like wishful thinking? Isn't it. In these 14 professions, you can become a millionaire.

You don't become a millionaire just like that, but certain top-paying jobs make it possible. (Symbolic photo) © IMAGO/Westend61

Extremely high salaries in various professions make it possible to make the leap to becoming a millionaire

Many professions are well and fairly paid. Salaries not only fluctuate depending on the company, industry and experience, but also the position achieved. But even without any work experience, you have a chance of getting a good salary, as these four jobs for young professionals show. But where do you earn the most? Highest-paid professions usually automatically mean greater responsibility – whether CEO, chief physician or operations manager. Many millionaires started small and worked their way up over time. The best examples of this are technology billionaire Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

However, it is also possible to make the career leap to become a millionaire without setting up your own company. Because in addition to the profession of CEO, there are plenty of other jobs that promise an extremely high income. Many of them are even suitable as lateral entries. So if you haven't learned any of the following professions, you don't have to despair for a long time. The job platform Indeed has used average salaries to determine which professions are best paid and in which the prospect of being a millionaire beckons. These are them:

1. Lawyer

It's no secret that lawyers make good money. The fact that it can even reach as far as a millionaire is probably more surprising to one or the other. In their job, they are responsible for providing legal advice to individuals, but also to companies or even the government. Lawyers can also specialize in specialist areas. Your salary is calculated according to the hourly rate, because lawyers usually charge by the hour, which in turn is generated on the basis of the client's income. So the more money a customer has, the bigger the salary. Wealthy clients are also happy to come to appropriate legal advice. Rich and rich like to socialize.

The basic salary also speaks for itself: According to Indeed, the average salary of a lawyer in Germany is 98,024 euros per year.

2. Entrepreneur

The job title "entrepreneur" is not easy to assign. Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes an entrepreneur and how this profession is defined. In principle, however, most people agree that an entrepreneur has an idea, works on it, expands the company and sells it profitably. This can be a person who starts their own company or a person who takes over and develops an already existing company. An entrepreneur usually bears the risk for the company and is responsible for the decisions and the success or failure of the company.


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Formal training is not necessary here, but knowledge of economics or finance is an advantage. Other jobs can also do without a degree at all. Five apprenticeships with top salaries that do not require a degree. According to the job board Stepstone, you can expect an average salary of 48,400 euros as an entrepreneur in Germany. The salary range as an entrepreneur is between 41,000 euros and 58,400 euros. Of course, depending on the industry and company, there is a lot of room for improvement.

3. Investment Banker

Where money is used, there is usually a lot of money. An investment banker advises people and companies on how to best use and invest their money profitably. These include, for example, share purchases, investments in companies or takeovers of other companies. Similar to the lawyer, the investment banker also depends on the client: the larger and wealthier the investment banker's clients are, the higher the commission. With an average basic salary of 98,192 euros gross per year, investment bankers are definitely among the higher earners in Germany. With up to 118,000 euros per year, these German companies pay the highest salary.

With an average basic salary of 98,192 euros gross per year, investment bankers are among the higher earners in Germany. (Symbolic photo) © imago stock&people via

4. Insurance Agent

With a few tricks you can find the cheapest car insurance. Keeping track of things in the jungle with all the insurances is not easy for consumers. It's a good thing there are insurance agents. They work for agencies, among others, but often also independently for various companies. In addition to the basic salary, which ranges from 37,800 euros to 54,400 euros, commissions are also charged on contracts. So the more contracts are signed, the more money is in it.

5. Professional athletes

Of course, not everyone makes it to become a professional athlete. However, the chance of becoming a millionaire as such is high. It doesn't even necessarily depend on the sport. In addition to top earners in professional football, salaries in sports such as basketball, tennis, golf or hockey are also considerable. The better you are in your discipline, the higher your own value. The best example of this is Lionel Messi. The professional footballer's estimated net worth in 2023 is €510 million.

6. Auditors

An auditor is a person who monitors and evaluates the financial situation and operations of companies. The main job of an auditor is to review a company's financial statements and ensure that they comply with applicable accounting rules and standards. Auditors also conduct audits to ensure that a company's internal control system is effective and that there are adequate measures in place to protect against fraud and errors. They can also perform special audits to identify and assess specific risks, such as compliance risks or IT risks.

As an auditor, you can expect an average salary of 75,400 euros per year. © imago images/AndreyPopov

In addition, auditors can also provide consulting services to companies, such as assisting in the implementation of accounting or IT systems or in the development of risk management strategies. Accountants in large companies, in particular, earn large sums of money. As an auditor, you can make a good career and expect an average salary of 75,400 euros per year.

7. Real Estate Agents

When thinking of real estate agents, most people certainly think of images of large villas with a pool. In fact, salaries here are very high. However, this also depends on whether you are employed or self-employed. The range here is wide. The starting salary is 36,000 euros gross per year, while a manager earns 100,000 euros gross per year. Through fees for office, employees, etc., self-employed real estate agents usually earn around 70,000 euros gross per year.

  • for purchase/sale: broker's commission is three to six percent of the sales price
  • Rental: Brokerage fee is a maximum of two cold monthly rents plus 19 percent VAT

Ultimately, however, the earnings of an independent real estate agent depend primarily on his success. If an owner sells a property through a broker, the commission is on average three to six percent of the respective sales value. In the case of rentals, the brokerage fee, the brokerage fee for stock exchange transactions, is a maximum of two cold monthly rents plus 19 percent VAT.

Salaried real estate agents also receive a commission, but this is usually much lower than with self-employed colleagues. In return, permanent employees receive a fixed monthly salary.

8. CEO

A CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the highest senior executive of a company and is responsible for the strategic direction, management and governance of the company. Essentially, the CEO is responsible for ensuring that the company is run effectively and efficiently and that the company's goals are achieved.

A CEO's responsibilities can vary depending on the size and type of business, but in general, they include:

  • Strategic Planning: The CEO is responsible for developing and implementing the company's strategic planning. This includes identifying business opportunities, setting priorities, developing long-term goals, and monitoring progress in implementing the strategy.

  • Leadership and Management: The CEO leads the management team and is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the company are managed effectively, including finance, human resources, production, and marketing.

  • Company representation: The CEO is the public face of the company and represents it at important events, such as investor conferences, board meetings and other public events.

  • Communication: The CEO communicates regularly with all stakeholders of the company, including employees, customers, shareholders and the public.

  • Risk management: The CEO is responsible for identifying and managing potential risks and opportunities to ensure the long-term growth and profitability of the company.

Overall, the CEO is the company's top decision-maker and works closely with other executives to ensure that the company is successful. The job of the CEO is also rewarded accordingly. The minimum salary in Germany is around 91,700 euros, but on average a CEO earns 101,300 euros. Mercedes boss Ola Källenius is much higher: his salary is in the millions.

9. Broker

A broker is a professional who acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of financial products or other assets. A broker can work for individual clients, companies, or institutional investors, helping them make investments or avail other financial services. In doing so, he can sell or trade various types of financial products, including stocks, bonds, options, futures, forex, and commodities. In addition, a broker usually also offers advisory services to investors and can help them define their investment goals, diversify their portfolio and minimize risks.

A broker mediates between buyers and sellers of financial products or other assets. © imago images/ Kastelic

A broker usually makes money through fees they receive from their clients for brokering trades or other services. These fees can be calculated on a per-transaction basis or as a percentage of the trading volume. The average salary of a broker in Germany is around 73,000 euros per year.

10. Engineer

The profession of an engineer is very diverse. Depending on the department, the tasks also differ. However, they all have one thing in common: a high base salary. An engineer's income depends on various factors, such as industry, specialization, work experience, level of education, and place of work.

In general, however, engineers usually earn above-average wages. In Germany, the average income of an engineer is around 2021,69 euros gross per year, according to the 600 Engineering Monitor. However, there are also engineers who can earn significantly more or less, depending on individual circumstances. For example, engineers in the aerospace industry or mechanical engineering may tend to earn higher salaries than engineers in other industries. Experienced and well-trained engineers can also usually expect higher salaries than entry-level professionals with less experience and training.

11. Doctor

It is not surprising that the medical profession is on the list of professions with which you can make it to become a millionaire. The field of surgery is particularly lucrative. On average, doctors in Germany earn at least 77,800 euros and, in the best case, 101,100 euros. The average salary is 87,200 euros.

After completing medical studies, junior doctors receive a median of 57,600 euros gross per year. (Symbolic photo) © imago images/Kzenon

An assistant physician can usually expect a salary of about 40,000 to 60,000 euros gross per year, while a senior physician or chief physician with several years of professional experience can earn a salary of about 120,000 to 300,000 euros gross per year.

12. IT Security Officer

As technologies advance, more and more professions are becoming superfluous. Some professions will probably no longer exist in the future. Those responsible for IT security have a much greater future. A person responsible for IT security is responsible for ensuring the security and protection of information technology systems. The main task of an IT security officer is to protect the company's information and systems from threats such as hacker attacks, viruses, worms and other malicious programs.

The salary of an IT security manager can vary greatly, depending on various factors such as industry, location, company size and level of experience. In Germany, the average annual salary for an IT security officer is around 71,000 euros to 98,000 euros. Young professionals can expect a starting salary of around 40,000 euros to 55,000 euros, while experienced IT security officers in management positions can earn up to 140,000 euros.

13. Actuary

An actuary is a mathematician who works in the insurance industry and assesses risks to determine the cost of insurance products. Specifically, an actuary deals with the analysis of data and the application of statistical methods to quantify and assess risks. The main responsibilities of an actuary include determining insurance premiums, developing tariffs and policies, forecasting future loss events, estimating provisions, and developing risk management strategies.

Actuaries usually work in insurance companies, but also in other industries, such as banks, consulting firms or regulators. You need a solid mathematical education and often also a professional certification, such as the qualification as an "actuary DAV" in Germany.

According to the salary database, the average annual salary for actuaries in Germany is around 80,000 to 120,000 euros gross. A young professional can expect an annual salary of around 45,000 to 60,000 euros gross, while experienced actuaries in management positions can earn an annual salary of over 150,000 euros gross. The size of the salary also varies depending on the location. In large cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich, higher salaries can usually be expected than in smaller cities or rural regions. While these five jobs pay well, no one wants to do them.

14. Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist is a doctor who is responsible for administering anesthesia and pain management during surgical procedures and other medical procedures. The responsibilities of an anesthesiologist include:

  • Anesthesia Administration: An anesthesiologist is responsible for putting the patient into a sleep-like state before a surgical procedure to prevent pain and movement during the procedure. To do this, the anesthesiologist selects the appropriate form and dosage of anesthesia and monitors the patient's vital signs during the procedure.

  • Pain management: An anesthesiologist is also responsible for administering pain medications and other therapies to relieve pain after surgery or for chronic pain.

  • Patient Care: An anesthesiologist monitors the patient throughout the procedure, ensuring that he or she is safe and comfortable. After the procedure, the anesthesiologist also monitors the patient to ensure that he or she wakes up from the anesthesia and recovers.

  • Emergency care: An anesthesiologist is also responsible for treating medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, anaphylaxis, or bleeding during or after the procedure.

Anesthesiologists usually work in hospitals, surgical centers or other medical institutions. You have undergone many years of medical training and must complete specialist training in anesthesiology in order to work in this profession. As a specialist in anesthesia, the minimum income is 80,600 euros and in the best case 104,500 euros per year. The average salary is 91,500 euros.

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