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And don't be smeared: these are the sunscreen products of summer 2023 - voila! fashion


Highlights: New sunscreens on the shelf, and good old ones and here are our recommendations - what did we think of the new sunscreen products of summer 2023? Shiseido's new formula stick is the favorite of everyone in the household, including very stubborn sunscreen users. Lancôme Gel can completely replace your daily moisture and save you a step. La Roche-Posay Protection Lotion promises to provide better and more protection against the sun's harmful rays. GIGI Protection Spray is no more and no less protection.

New sunscreens on the shelf, and good old ones and here are our recommendations - what did we think of the new sunscreen products of summer 2023?

Let's start with a question that bothers you every year, just after Passover. When should sun protection
products actually be applied? Step one on a clean face? Or maybe after the humidity? So first get a
reprimand because sun protection doesn't have to wait until summer, it should always be there. Even in winter, also
in the car, also in the shade. And the answer is that sunscreens are the last step after the serum and moisture have been absorbed.
If there's a makeup on the agenda, it will come after the sunscreen. Once we've sorted out, let's read the recommended list.

Shiseido Defensive Stick

Small packaging at an insane price (Photo: PR)

What:High-protection transparent stick.
Shiseido's new formula stick is the favorite of everyone in the household, including very stubborn sunscreen
refuseniks and includes a makeup artist who doesn't like SPF touchups during the
day to make her makeup. It is airy and non-greasy, absorbed in an instant and its presence on the skin is almost imperceptible. The texture
and shape allow it to be applied even in tough places without leaks and drips. Aspirations for life:
family packaging that will allow it to be applied all over the body, but what to do that all this goodness comes in
a small package at an insane price.
200 NIS per 20 grams.

Aqua Gel of Nekom

Recommended for combination or oily skin (Photo: PR)

What:High protection in gel texture.
If you have combination or oily skin and hate layering, Lancôme Gel can completely
replace your daily moisture and save you a step. It's lightweight, absorbs quickly, leaves no white residue and comes well
under foundation, even when the humidity outside is oppressive. Two notes to the order: it is significantly perfumed.
Some love, some can't stand; And another thing - not as promised, its finish is less matte but
actually brighter. But not omelette glare, but bright, fresh and healthy which is totally excellent.
UV EXPERT AQUA GEL for 220 NIS per 50 ml.

Hava Zingboim's Silky Filter

Primer also excels (Photo: PR)

What:Primer and protection.
Hava Zingboim's Silk Filter is another sophisticated product of both, which reminds us why there is no
reason to compromise on white, sticky and oppressive sunscreens that burn in the eyes. Yes, these are our childhood traumas
speaking. Aside from SPF 50, it's also an excellent primer – if you decide to apply makeup on it, it'll
be a great base. If you go for Natural, it will coat the Wedge with a velvety, uniform finish that will do most of the
Silky Filter Clear for NIS 295 per 50 ml.Available from licensed beauticians.

Vichy Anti-Aging & Protection Lotion

A moisturizing and luminous finish for lifting, recommended for drier skin (Photo: PR)

What:Anti-aging and protective lotion.
An excellent Vichy product that will save even those with extremely dry skin most of the morning application routine - enough moisture to replace the regular cream, SPF 50 for full protection, a moisturizing and luminous finish for lifting (
for oily skin, here is a product less), and like all brand products -

La Roche-Posay Protection Lotion

The updated version of the Anthelios emulsion (Photo: PR)

What: Advanced technology protection lotion.
The fine products of La Roche Posay and sunscreen in particular, you can always count
on them to arrive odorless, colorless, and will not clog pores or bloom pimples even on the most sensitive skin. The updated version of Anthelios lotion does not disappoint either - we will polish the complicated explanation and say in a sentence
that it promises to provide better and more thorough protection against the sun's harmful rays. In the field, that is, after experimenting on the steps of the pool, this is the same pleasant product that leaves no white marks, is odorless and protects well even the most whitish and delicate skin.
ANTHELIOS at 104 NIS per 50 ml.

GIGI Protection Spray

A successful, but slightly expensive product (Photo: PR)

What:SPF 50 protection spray.
So what did we have here? Spray protection, no more and no less. The texture is very pleasant, not sticky and the bottle
is a comfortable size to carry, all this is true. Nevertheless, we tried to find what was in it that justified a price many times
higher than the similar familiar conventional sprays, and we did not succeed. For lovers of the brand.
Sunscreen spray at NIS 189 per 75 ml.


Also relevant for use on hair (Photo: PR)

What:Oil to deepen the tan.
If you haven't received the sun damage memo yet and you're interested in tanning and even deepening it, Payot's new oil is your BFF for this summer,
and together you can restore that lovely and innocent roasted
look. The oil comes in the dry texture and smell of a vacation on a yacht, but
with a modest SPF 15 we would take advantage of its second use - to protect hair.
SUNNY BODY OIL for 79 NIS per 100 ml.

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Dr. Fisher's Ultra Light Lotion

Ultrasol's new series - protection and moisture (Photo: PR)

What: Lightweight sun lotions for everyday use.
Ultrasol's new series, an almost generic name for sun protection products, is proof that if you really
want to, in the end it also happens. Dr. Fisher has come a long way from the thick, white sunscreens, which attracted sand and sticks of popsicles and absorbed towards the end of August, to the new series,
which is
not only sunscreen but also moisturizer adapted to skin type. You can choose between a combination to
oily skin lotion or an all-skin lotion - both fluffy, suitable for sensitive skin and free of white residue. It's not the best protection moisture we've tried, but for the price, it's
a great value.
Ultra light launch price: 60 instead of 70 NIS per 50 ml. Available at Super-Pharm.

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