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Easy weight loss: 5 people reveal the one weight loss trick that really worked


Highlights: Reddit users reveal which weight loss trick really helped them lose weight. When is it really hunger? Ask yourself if you're hungry or bored before you eat. Counting calories doesn't have to be forever and should only be used as a supplement to an otherwise varied and healthy diet. Drink, drink, drink when it comes to losing weight, even though you feel hungry, one user says. The German Food Society recommends a combination of dietary changes, behavioral changes and an increase in physical activity to achieve weight loss.

Especially on the Internet, there are many tips and tricks on the subject of losing weight. Now some users have revealed what really helps them.

Munich – Stepping on the scales is one of the rather unpopular routines for many. Long-term and effective weight loss is an item on the to-do list that many people set out to do – but very few can stick to. After all, it's not easy to do more sports and have to do without your favorite treats.

But it doesn't always have to be the full program. On the Reddit platform, five users have revealed which weight loss trick was the literal tip of the scales for them and helped them to really lose weight.

Weight loss tricks that really work: 1. When is it really hunger?

Sometimes you can make a big difference with simple thinking exercises. Often the head stands in the way of weight loss success much more than the appetite. Here's how one user sums it up: "Before you eat, ask yourself if you're hungry or bored. You should be honest with yourself. I lost 40 pounds this way alone. I never realized how much I ate in the times when I didn't do anything."

Hungry or thirsty? Sometimes our body plays tricks on us. © imago/Symbolic image

Clarifying this can help to deny yourself a grip on sweet, salty or fatty foods. The best way to do this is to actively look for other activities when you are bored. Simple exercises, for example, can boost weight loss success.

Simple tricks to lose weight: 2. Don't drink calories

Beware of sugar traps: Many juices and soft drinks contain a significant amount of sugar and thus calories. One user sums it up succinctly and advises: "Don't drink calories".

Smoothies and juices are healthy in moderation, but when consuming them, care should be taken to include them in the current daily requirement for what they are: true calorie bombs. A large smoothie can also replace a snack. By the way: Alcohol also has a lot of calories and should therefore only be enjoyed in moderation not only because of its intoxicating effect, but also because of its influence on weight.

Glass of sparkling wine (0.1 L)80 kcal
Glass of Prosecco (0.1 L)83 kcal
Bottle of wheat beer (0.5 L)230 kcal
Radler (0,5 L)210 kcal
Pils (0,33 L)118.8 kcal
Glass of red wine (0.1 L)67 kcal
Glass of white wine (0.1 L)60 kcal
Clear vodka or brandy (2 cl)43 kcal
Gin and tonic (0.2 L)140 kcal
1 Cuba Libre (0,15 L)160 kcal
Mai Tai (0,33 L)290 kcal
Pina Colada (0,4 L)367 kcal

Tricks for losing weight that really work: 3. Step by step

Another Reddit user gives another tip on how he managed to lose weight: "Gradually reduce calories and slowly change your diet. If you put all your eggs in one basket, you often don't make it. Long-term weight loss is a lifestyle change."


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This information also partly coincides with the information provided by the German Food Society (DGE). This advises on its website: "The DGE recommends long-term weight loss based on a combination of dietary changes, behavioral changes and an increase in physical activity."

Lose weight quickly: 4. Drink, drink, drink

When it comes to losing weight, you should not only listen to yourself when it comes to clarifying whether boredom simulates the feeling of hunger. As one user explains: "Sometimes you feel hungry, even though you're actually just dehydrated. Drink water first before deciding if your body needs an extra unnecessary meal/snack."

Editor's Note

The tricks and information mentioned in this article cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet. Use our nutrition tips only as a supplement to an otherwise varied and healthy diet. The information is in no way a substitute for professional advice and is not intended for independent diagnosis or treatment.

Tips that really help you lose weight: 5. Counting calories doesn't have to be forever

"I went from 120 kilos to 90 kilos within a year. There are no shortcuts, but: Drink plenty of water/calorie-free drinks. Spend a week or a month seriously counting calories, with a scale; this gives you a good understanding of what you eat and helps you better choose what you eat," one user sums up.

A food diary or an app can help to better monitor your daily intake and get a feel for what you eat every day. By the way: Two new drugs in the USA are now supposed to make extra pounds disappear as well.

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