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Administrative: the Centre-right wins everywhere except Vicenza. Meloni: 'And now the reforms'


Highlights: After 30 years Daniele Silvetti wrests Ancona from the center-left. Giuseppe Marchionna is the new mayor of Brindisi. In Vicenza, theCenter-left candidate Possamai wins on a tightrope. In Massa Persiani (center-right) confirmed mayor. In Catania Trantino wins. In Ragusa the outgoing mayor reconfirmed in the first round. In Syracuse towards the ballot between Messina and Italy (civic lists)

After 30 years Daniele Silvetti wrests Ancona from the center-left. Giuseppe Marchionna is the new mayor of Brindisi. In Vicenza, the center-left candidate Possamai wins on a tightrope. Fabio Bandecchi new mayor of Terni. In Massa Persiani (center-right) confirmed mayor. In Catania Trantino wins. In Ragusa the outgoing mayor reconfirmed in the first round. In Syracuse towards the ballot between Messina (center-right) and Italy (civic lists). In Trapani looms the victory of the center-left candidate Tranchida (ANSA)

The center-right triumphs in the run-offs: it returns to win in Tuscany, tears Ancona, a city governed for over 30 years by center-left administrations, and also asserts itself in Brindisi. Well also in Sicily, where he wins in Catania, goes to the ballot in Syracuse, while in Ragusa wins a civic. The Democratic Party conquers only Vicenza and holds Trapani, so much so that the leader Elly Schlein recognizes the clear defeat. The 5 stars reflect and do not spend words to comment on the result.

Prime Minister Meloni: "Congratulations to the mayors, the center-right has confirmed its strength. Now stability and growth, forward with the reform program".

In the end, taking into account the results of a fortnight ago and the Sicilian vote, the majority rejoices strongly with a ringing 10 to 4, history apart from the case of Terni where an autonomous albeit conservative candidate wins. There was a further drop in turnout, but the data seems to contradict the taboo according to which the double round would help center-left candidates. A vote that confirms a very long honeymoon between the executive and the country: a long wave that remains strong eight months after the victory of the policies.

Local data that, however, inevitably strengthen the activity of the government and put the opposition in difficulty, consoled only by the conquest of Vicenza. Numbers that, moreover, strongly relaunch the unity of the center-right in view of the next electoral appointment, the European elections of June 2024 and specularly mark a bad setback for the new democratic leadership, at the baptism of the polls.

Turnout down at 15 pm for the run-offs in 7 capitals and 34 municipalities: the figure is 49.64% (1,595 sections out of 1,595), down from the first round (58.39%). This was announced on the website of the Interior Ministry. In Sardinia, where voting takes place in the first round for 171 municipalities, the turnout at 15 pm (53 sections out of 171) is 66.62% (68.69% at the previous municipal elections).

"There is nothing to say: an excellent Schlein effect". This was written on Twitter by the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, commenting on the municipalities. "Extraordinary results for the League and the center-right throughout Italy, with historic victories in Ancona - the only regional capital to vote, always administered by the left - and Brindisi, triumph in Tuscany with the reconquest of Massa, Pisa and Siena, waiting for the results of the first round in Sicily in which we are very confident". "The center-right and Forza Italia win the local elections. Our movement is confirmed as central to the Italian political framework, from North to South. How much satisfaction for our Daniele Silvetti who after 30 years snatches Ancona from the left". This was written on Twitter by Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani.

Administrative, Meloni: 'Centre-right wins, good government rewarded'

"We have achieved good results and some victories that could be defined as historic as in Ancona confirming the fact that there are no longer strongholds". So the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in a video message after the results of the administrative elections in which "the center-right wins". "The center-right wins these local elections and confirms its consensus among Italians, its roots, its strength." So the President of the Council Giorgia Meloni after commenting on the outcome of the round of local elections. "I want to thank all the citizens who have chosen to trust the center-right rewarded our good governance, our proposals and our concreteness".

Administrative, Schlein: 'Net defeat, wind of the right is still strong'


It is a clear defeat. The wind in favor of the right is still strong and there is stilla. We thank all those who have spent themselves, our candidates, in this election. They knew it would be difficult, it takes time to build a winning center-left. The fact that the PD is the first party in the list vote is no consolation." This was declared by the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein at the end of the national secretariat of the party convened after the results of the local elections. " It is evident that alone you do not win. There is a need to rebuild an alternative camp, which credibly contends with the right for victory. But the responsibility for building this camp is not just for the Democratic Party. In the capitals it went badly and went better in the average municipalities". This was declared by the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein at the end of the national secretariat of the party convened after the results of the local elections.

SICILY - In the municipal elections of Catania the candidate of the center-right Enrico Trantino is at 67% of the preferences, according to the first data of the projections. Second place, with 23%, for the candidate of the center-left Maurizio Caserta. In Ragusa, the outgoing mayor Giuseppe Cassì - candidate of five civic lists - was reconfirmed in the first round. In Siracusa we go towards the ballot between Ferdinando Messina and Francesco Italia.. In Trapani, the outgoing mayor Giacomo Tranchida, of the center-left with the support of numerous civic lists, risks being elected in the first round without going to the ballot. At the moment Tranchida has 44.2% of the votes compared to the center-right candidate Maurizio Miceli stopped at 34.8%. In Sicily to be elected in the first round it is sufficient to exceed the quorum of 40%.

VICENZA- The candidate of the center-left Giacomo Possamai won the runoff for the Municipality of Vicenza, with 50.5% of the preferences. Defeated the outgoing mayor of the center-right, Francesco Rucco, who obtained 49.5. The data, referring to all 111 sections, were disseminated at the headquarters of the Possamai committee with applause and shouts. "It was a battle at the last vote - commented Rucco - and we will make a responsible opposition".

BRINDISI - Giuseppe Marchionna is the new mayor of Brindisi. The center-right candidate won the run-off with about 54% of the votes, thus beating Roberto Fusco, candidate of the Pd and M5S. The yellow-red alliance has failed to reconfirm the center-left government in the Apulian capital.

Administrative Brindisi, wins the candidate of the center-right Giuseppe Marchionna

ANCONA - After more than 30 years of center-left administrations, Ancona will instead be led by the center-right with Daniele Silvetti who won the runoff with the outgoing councilor of the Dem junta, Ida Simonella. Silvetti, 50 years to go, lawyer, president of the Conero Park, won with 51.73% of the votes on Simonella (48.27%), detaching her by about 1,400 votes.

Administrative Ancona, the thanks of the new mayor Silvetti

SIENA - Nicoletta Fabio is the mayor of Siena, the first woman at the helm of Palazzo Pubblico: the candidate of the center-right obtained 52.16% of the votes, a figure reported by the website of the Municipality at the end of the ballot, while the challenger of the center-left Anna Ferretti 47.84%. Fabio ran supported by 5 lists: Fdi, Forza Italia, Lega, Nicoletta Fabio Sindaco, Movimento Civico Senese. The city of the Palio had been torn from the leadership of the center-left in 2018, with the election of lawyer Luigi De Mossi.

Administrative Siena, Nicoletta Fabio: 'I will be' spokesperson of what is the Sienese feeling'

TERNI - Stefano Bandecchi is officially the new mayor of Terni. To report it is the definitive data on Eligendo the portal of the Ministry of the Interior. When the ballot ended, it obtained 54.62% of the vote. The current president of Ternana and patron of Unicusano passed the center-right coalition with mayoral candidate Orlando Masselli in the runoff, who stopped at 45.38 percent of the votes. Bandecchi thus overturned the result of the first round when he had obtained 28.14 of the votes against 35.81 of his opponent.

MASSA - Francesco Persiani (Lega, Fi, civiche) with three sections to be counted, sees his reconfirmation as mayor of Massa (Massa Carrara) with a partial of 54.60% against 45.40% of the center-left opponent Enzo Romolo Ricci. "I am happy with the result of the polls, I thank the city that has recognized our good governance and what has been done in the last five years - said Persiani with the vote now acquired -. My commitment is to continue with the same enthusiasm with which I have worked in recent years and, if possible, to a greater extent. I am proud to represent the center-right in Massa, I thank all the voters who have trusted me".

PISA - Michele Conti remains mayor of Pisa with 52.33% of the votes obtained in the runoff against the candidate of the center-left and M5s, the president of the local ACLI Paolo Martinelli, remained at 47.67%. Conti ran being supported by the united center-right (Lega, Fdi, Fi, Udc plus civic lists including the one he directly represents). Pd and center-left still ko in Tuscany in the runoffs in Siena, Pisa and Massa, lost for the second time in a row in favor of center-right candidates. At the end of the ballots, Nicoletta Fabio, Michele Conti and Francesco Persiani prevailed respectively in the three capitals to vote. For Fabio it is the first time as mayor, for the other two they are confirmations. The center-left prevails only in Pescia (Pistoia) with Riccardo Franchi. Other Dem defeats in Pietrasanta (Lucca), where Alberto Stefano Giovannetti (Fi-Lega) is confirmed, and in Campi (Florence), where Andrea Tagliaferri, candidate of the Left and M5s, prevailed.

Source: ansa

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