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All about the Vlesk scandal – Farbenfuchs accuses sexual assault


Highlights: Twitch streamer Christian Scheitzeneder is accused of sexual assault by another streamer. Vlesk denies the accusation, but apologizes for the "unpleasant situations" The streamers also had contact in the further course and worked through the situation together. The two streamers back on these points on these Reddit forums. The situation is a multifaceted interpretation of a lot of room for misinterpretation by the streamer who received a ricochet and the alleged victim who received the ricochet.

On April 27, accusations were made against streamer Vlesk. Among other things, he is accused of sexual assault and fans are shocked.

Berlin – Christian Scheitzeneder is known on Twitch as Vlesk. The 30-year-old enjoys himself as a streamer with family-friendly content and is considered inconspicuous in the scene. However, streamer Leslie Förtsch, also known as the color fox, accuses him of sexual assault and even "the worst". After five days, Vlesk delivers a statement on Twitter and his fans are now faced with the decision of who to trust.

Scandal about Vlesk and Farbenfuchs – Streamer is said to have simply continued after "several no's"

What happened? On April 27, streamer Farbenfuchs published a long statement via Twitter. In it, she accuses her Twitch colleague Vlesk of sexual assault and describes other situations in which the then 23-year-old is said to have crossed some boundaries. Farbenfuchs reports on the "worst" and meant an alleged rape, which did not affect her herself. She published the statement to show solidarity with other victims and to show that their stories are being heard. Her statement can be found in the embedded tweet.

Response from Vlesk: Fans were shocked and expected a statement from Vlesk. Five days later, on May 2, the streamer released his own statement in which he offers his view of the situations, to which Farbenfuchs also responded directly. Vlesk denies the accusation of rape, but apologizes for the "unpleasant situations" caused by his border crossings. Here is a summary of the scandal.

  • In November 2015, Farbenfuchs and Vlesk made an appointment. The streamer spent a weekend with him.
  • On the first evening, under the influence of alcohol from both persons, Vlesk made advances. "With several no's," Farbensfuchs tried to make it clear that she was not interested, but caved in after further attempts.
  • Vlesk was not aware of his misconduct and says that both people under the influence of alcohol "probably perceived the situation much more clearly" than it really was from the outside – but does not accuse Farbenfuchs of lying.
  • In 2016, Vlesk is said to have apologized for the situation and made it clear to Farbenfuchs that he no longer wanted to be "such a person". The streamers also had contact in the further course and worked through the situation together - but Farbenfuchs was not able to conclude that at the time.
  • In 2018 and 2019, Vlesk also became abusive towards an unnamed girlfriend – Farbenfuchs speaks of the "worst" here. Vlesk explains in his statement that he has already spoken to the person concerned. Even though he and the victim herself used the word "rape" to talk about the case, they now mutually agreed that this is not the case. The streamer thus rejects the accusation of rape and Farbenfuchs also revises her statement in another statement after his statement.
  • Farbenfuchs already asserted in her original story that Vlesk had dealt with the situation respectfully at all times, but that there were still further border crossings, which still burden Farbenfuchs seven years after the crime.
  • In his statement, Vlesk apologizes to Farbenfuchs several more times, claiming that he has improved as a person and continues to improve. The renunciation of alcohol and good deeds with the help of his reach (such as the Charity Royale 2022) come across as sincere and authentic at Farbenfuchs.

The conclusion of the participants: By publishing the incident, Farbenfuchs says he does not want to ensure that Vlesk receives a shitstorm. She even praises him for how mature he handled the situation. However, she needs this statement in order to be able to process the situation. Streamer Gnu also addressed the public when confronted with kinky Reddit forums.

I want to give you my part of the story so that you DECIDE for yourself what to do with it. Maybe you can apply it to your own experiences. Maybe it will help you. And maybe you also believe in the good in people and see that people can learn from mistakes and regret them. I often didn't feel good with it. But I want to believe him.

Farbenfuchs in her statement on Twitter

According to his answer, Vlesk also does not want to provoke a mud fight. He was only concerned with corrections regarding the alleged rape and the incidental mention of streamer Baso, who had received a ricochet in Farbenfuchs' original statement. In her response to Vlesk's statement, Farbenfuchs rows back on these points. The streamer emphasizes that it is a multifaceted situation that offers a lot of room for interpretation by the two parties involved as well as the public.


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After allegations of sexual assault: Twitch streamer Vlesk scandal summarized © Instagram, Twitch: Vlesk/Twitter (montage)

Streamer scandal over sexual assault – Vlesk makes statement on the scandal and fans are still shocked

These are the reactions of the fans: Even though Vlesk and Farbenfuchs are committed to ensuring that each other is treated as respectfully as possible, some fans are extremely shocked. Vlesk is condemned by many users on Twitter. Many users accuse the streamer of "hypocrisy" because he is so family-friendly on Twitch today and question whether there were really different perceptions when Farbenfuchs obviously said "no". So there is a lot of criticism of the Vlesk bubble in the Farbenfuchs scandal.

Other fans, on the other hand, are reassured by Vlesk's statement on Twitter. "The things that happened, of course, suck. But no one needs to tell you that, because you probably know best today," comments streamer Paarzival, who himself has already gone public for the actions of another streamer who has become conspicuous.

What now? How the public's opinion of Vlesk will change now, time will tell. But even if there were unpleasant situations up to and including sexual coercion, all sides seem to be in contact with each other. It is unclear whether the third person will bring their experience with Vlesk to the public and whether the streamer may have to face legal consequences for this. In the case of another streamer, it came to this: When Orangemorange leaked the address of Tanzverbot, the casino streamer rowed back and asked the injured party to cover all costs.

Help for victims of sexual violence: Victims of sexual violence can get help from official bodies: The Federal Office for Family Affairs' helpline on 08000 116 016 provides acute, free advice and support around the clock.

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