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56 kilos lost despite sweets and pasta: influencer reveals her slimming trick


Highlights: Nutrition influencer Franziska Haarstrich lost more than 50 kilograms without giving up. The "magic word" in this regard is volume food, says the 28-year-old. A protein-rich diet is also recommended for weight loss. The best advice follows the renunciation of renunciation with calorie free space suitable for weightloss.. Does losing weight necessarily have to be associated with starvation? Not if it's up to a nutrition influencer who has lost 56 kilos – and despite pasta and sweets.

Does losing weight necessarily have to be associated with starvation? Not if it's up to a nutrition influencer who has lost 56 kilos – and despite pasta and sweets.

Munich – The mind is willing, but still you get weak – and once again a bar of your favorite chocolate is plastered, either from Aldi, Edeka or Lidl. Of course, losing weight doesn't work out that way. But on the other hand, isn't it perfectly legitimate to treat yourself to something from time to time? That's what nutrition influencer Franziska Haarstrich thought, too.

She lost more than 50 kilograms without giving up. For months, Haarstrich was able to reduce her weight – and didn't have to back down when it came to her favorite sweets or a delicious pasta. But how is this even possible?

Weight loss tips from nutrition influencer: Healthy calorie deficit as the be-all and end-all

"A healthy calorie deficit is usually 300 to 500 calories below the total turnover," says influencer Franziska Haarstrich in an interview with RTL. You should not consume more energy per day than your body needs, according to the common rule of thumb. Also knows hairline, which has more than 70,000 followers on Instagram as a "einfach_mc".

Of course, the number of calories mentioned at the beginning is not set in stone. After all, this is different for everyone and must first be calculated exactly.

Nutrition influencer recommends: Lose weight better through volume food

A question that many people who would like to lose a few kilos ask themselves: How can I lose weight if I like to eat a lot? This is not an impossibility. The "magic word" in this regard is volume food.

"These are large meals with few calories," the 28-year-old told RTL. The advantage of these dishes is that they provide the necessary feeling of satiety and guarantee that hunger does not recur after an hour. The influencer's recommendation: a vegetable curry with lentils, oven-baked vegetables and vegan chili. But the Icelandic skyr, a quark variant, is also sure to taste good.

Protein-rich diet as the key to losing weight – which foods contain a lot of protein

However, a protein-rich diet is also recommended for weight loss. These are "enormously filling", as the influencer says. And there is a big difference between eating toast in the morning or a rice pudding with proteins. "Then I'll be full longer," reveals hairline RTL. There are plenty of proteins in these foods:


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  • Tofu
  • Pulses
  • Quark
  • Tuna
  • Poultry (turkey and chicken)

On the other hand, the influencer would rarely consume protein bars, protein powders or protein shakes. Rather, the 28-year-old relies on natural proteins – which are generally important for muscle maintenance and building.

"Exercise" instead of "sport": Losing weight starts with good physical condition - tips for everyday life from the expert

Of course, sufficient exercise should not be underestimated, if there is a desire to lose weight. "I'm deliberately not talking about sport, but about exercise," says the influencer in this context. Many people initially lack the stamina for distinctive workouts, says Haarstrich. In this case, however, there would be no joy in sport, rather it would be a "punishment".

Exercise, which the influencer incorporates into her everyday life every day, looks like this:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Go shopping on foot
  • Walk
  • On her mini stepper in front of the TV

Waiver of renunciation: Diet with calorie free space suitable for weight loss

Last but not least, the influencer's best advice follows. It renounces the renunciation. In other words: "If you forbid yourself something, you want it all the more". That's why their motto is that you can eat anything, the calories only have to be planned into your individual needs per day. But it is also not bad if there is a "calorie surplus" in one day.

Avoid doing without: A nutrition influencer gives tips on how to lose weight without necessarily having to give up your favorite foods. © Rene Traut/imago/Symbolbild

By the way, the ban on renunciation would also make food cravings less frequent. "I also have phases where I really feel like eating sweets. And if I really feel like it, I'll eat it," admits the 28-year-old. Their weak point is chocolate. That's why she tries to eat at least a lot of sugar-free chocolate. But she would always have a "normal chocolate bar" in her drawer. Treat yourself to something. (han)

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