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Highlights: Blue lagoons, endless lounging sofas, ocean-like bathrooms and beds upholstered in soft textiles. Here's everything you need to know if you want to bring your fireplace into your private home. The "Big Brother" house (Reshet 13), designed this year by Shimri Gal Novak and under the artistic direction of a great doula, was inspired by desirable resorts, with inspirations from a specific resort. We are here to tell you how you can create the fireplace spaces in your home.

Blue lagoons, endless lounging sofas, ocean-like bathrooms and beds upholstered in soft textiles • Here's everything you need to know if you want to bring your fireplace into your private home

The "Big Brother" house (Reshet 13), designed this year by Shimri Gal Novak and under the artistic direction of a great doula, was inspired by desirable resorts, with inspirations from a specific resort that we all became addicted to in the "White Lotus" series.

The courtyard, living room and dining room were designed as interlocking open spaces. Emoferic formality leads and characterizes most of the spaces of the house. In terms of color, a game was created that emphasizes a contemporary and young atmosphere of one big freedom. We are here to tell you how you can create the fireplace spaces in your private home. Start.

The Nest

General concept: The Nest is an isolated cell that is an escapist escape to botanical worlds. The use of vegetation brings freshness to the look. This is the place to think or have a soul talk with a good friend.

Materiality: A wooden structure with wide windows that let in the vegetation that surrounds the outside. In the heart of the space are tacttile-upholstered sofas.

Colorful: Natural wood that blends well with the green sofas and visors outside. Colors that emphasize freshness and vividness.

How to create the look in your home: Even if you don't design your Nest one by one like the one in the fireplace, it is recommended to adopt the concept of designing a secluded corner. If you have a detached house, you can place a gazebo in the outdoor areas, and plant climbing plants around it. If you are in an apartment in a shared building, the big secret is to use a wallpaper or fabric covered screen with green botanical prints. The curtain can be easily moved and create a nest for yourself in every corner of the house.

Big Brother House 2023, courtesy of Wool Beautiful Carpets, Photo: Lior Grundman

Living room

General concept: The living room is spacious and invites a large gathering of a large number of people. The Furniture Status seating system has been designed according to the size of the living room and the rounded lines that define it, and it allows you to sit or stretch out for fun. Blue dominates - the sofa is dark blue and the walls are lighter blue. Two elements that complete the atmosphere and make it reminiscent of a hotel vibe in a desirable resort are the carpet and the rich vegetation.

Materiality: Textiles are the most important and dominant material in the space – a well-upholstered sofa and a large carpet that covers the space.

Colorfulness: A rainbow of blue and greens that are expressed in the sofa, carpet and vegetation that is integrated into the space.

How to create the look in your home: Start with a spacious sofa as a base. A reclining sofa that can be straight or L or H-shaped – whatever your space allows. In the center of the space you can choose a rug and in order to continue the feeling of size, it is important to make sure that it is the width of the sofa. As for the shade of the carpet, it's up to you. If you want a relaxed look, go for a monochromatic shade that balances the colors of the sofa. If you want a less conventional look, choose a rug in an intense shade that will enhance the look. In the fireplace house, the sofa and the carpet correspond colorfully with the vegetation. You should always take a reference point from within the space itself that will inspire the choice of carpet shade.

The second important element is vegetation. Don't be shy and incorporate plenty of potted plants into your living room. It is important to make sure to choose plants according to the light and air conditions in your private living room and thus prolong the life of the plants.

Bathroom space

General concept: The amount of blue in the bathing space makes it feel like swimming in the open ocean. The flooring and cladding tiles cover most of the space. Here, too, as in the rest of the house, the vegetation and touches of wood are expressed.

Materiality: Granite porcelain tiles were chosen for the cladding and flooring of the space, the service chest is made of wood in a natural shade and the vegetation is present that refreshes the look.

Colorfulness: Maximum blue with balancing touches of green and wood in a natural shade.

The bathroom space in the Big Brother House 2023, courtesy of Aloni, photo: Lior Grundman

How to create the look in your home: In the case of the fireplace house, the tiles chosen for the bathroom space are blue, but you can choose any other shade that is suitable. The idea is to cover the walls and tile the floor with tiles of the same shade. A transverse mirror that accompanies the wall behind the sinks along its entire length is a decorative element with a clear aesthetic line, and beyond that it is an element that helps create the illusion of size in the space. The appearance can be obtained in any retail chain. You will usually find it perpendicular, but the installation can be done on the wall in a horizontal direction and get the special look. If you've stopped to purchase potted plants for the living room, don't forget some for the bathroom space either.

Blue combined with wood and vegetation, the bathroom space in the Big Brother House 2023, courtesy of Aloni, photo: Lior Grundman

Dining area

General concept: Like the living room, the dining area is also spacious, one that will easily host a large number of diners. The chairs from Status Furniture are in different shades, but all under a botanical plate that combines yellow and a variety of greens. The natural wood dining table is a key element in this corner and choosing to keep it quiet creates a balance.

Around the dining table, a flooring that combines square pieces of stone, on which the chairs are located, is chosen. Beyond the eye-pleasing look, this flooring is easy to clean, for example after a meal, so such flooring also adds an important practical aspect.

Materiality:wooden table surrounded by chairs with metal legs, carpet that continues from the living room and stone flooring.

Color: Lemongrass colors that combine greenish and yellow.

Dining area in Big Brother House 2023, courtesy of Furniture Status,

How to create the look in your home: The dining area thing is the flooring and the game of chairs. Even if you're not going to replace all the flooring in your home, just take care of the section around the dining table to bring a refreshing atmosphere to your entire home. It can be oval flooring around the table, similar to the fireplace house, but you can take the look as inspiration and create for example a carpet of decorated tiles around the table. The idea of enclosing the table with different flooring will enhance the dining area and upgrade its appearance. The chairs can be chosen in 2-3 different shades that repeat themselves.

Sleeping space

General concept: The sleeping space is designed as four floating stages in intense colors. Each stage is a different shade with a carpet covering it. The floor of the sleeping space is covered with carpet in neutral and quiet tones, spread from wall to wall. Geometric and amorphous shapes create a design language that connects the walls of the sleeping space to the carpets.

Materiality:Textiles expressed in the upholstery of beds and carpets.

Colors:Intense splashes of orange, green, and blue.

The sleeping space in the Big Brother house 2023, courtesy of wool and beautiful carpets,

How to create the look in your home: A stage bed and carpeted are the line that guides you. The idea is to create a soft space, one that is pleasant to enter and pleasant to walk on barefoot. A stage bed and especially upholstered beds have been a very trendy item over the past two years, and it has been found in the best local furniture manufacturers. An upholstered bed is a bed that usually comes with a frame in textile cladding. You can put it on the carpet as it is, and you can design a bed with a stage around it, even though it's less comfortable in everyday practice. It's a good idea to choose a rug by leaving carpets, but make sure to choose one that isn't attached to the floor, one that can be easily moved, rolled or replaced if you want later.

Corners in the middle of the road

General concept: Corners scattered around different points in the house invite heart-to-heart conversations, and in the fireplace house you look for as many of them as possible. The heart armchair is an example of a modern armchair that creates the optical illusion of a wide and large mirror that invites exactly this convergence. Omer Rotman, one of the owners of Furniture Status, the supplier of furniture items of the fireplace house, explains that the armchair is an example of the combination of bold, young and modern colors that characterize the furniture items, in order to adapt them to the fast rhythm that characterizes the fireplace house. He explains that the side tables are also made of acrylic glass and give an innovative look with a present shine created by interesting shadow games when the sun's rays meet the shiny surface.

Materiality: Metal and glass tables alongside textile-upholstered armchairs.

Color: An intense red, yellow and blue color that balances with mocha tones and lemon green.

Corners in the Big Brother House 2023, courtesy of wool Beautiful carpets and furniture status, photo: Lior Grundman

How to create the look in your home: The truth is, these are the corners that are most fun to adopt for the private home space, mainly because they are corners that create them in the existing space. Two small armchairs, a side table, a potted plant and maybe a standing light fixture are enough, as far as space allows, and you have a designed corner, one that separates the living room from the kitchen or between the public and private areas. It is worth getting to know the small armchairs that ergonomically are very comfortable, but in the design of the product they chose to produce them in a smaller volume and thus not take up space in the space.

The armchairs are a great opportunity to combine color. You can choose two armchairs in a present shade with a side table that can be in a relaxed monochromatic shade or one that competes with the armchairs - depending on what atmosphere you want to create. You can always incorporate a rug as well, but since these are corners on the road, which are sometimes located on a traffic axis in the middle of the space, there is a danger of tripping. If you choose to incorporate a rug, it is important that it comes with a layer that will attach it to the floor and prevent it from folding or slipping.

Outdoor areas

General concept: The outdoor areas in aqua shades, convey the feeling of a heavenly and relaxing resort. At the heart of the courtyard are two pools, one designed as a lagoon with shallow water and the other deeper. The central tile in the yard is the same tile chosen for the dining area inside the house, thus creating connections between exterior and interior. The seating areas look like splashes of color against a background of amorphous shapes in a light blue shade that define all the outdoor areas.

Materiality:stone flooring, metal tables and plastic elements.

Colorful: Colorful tables against a background of aqua colors that set the tone.

The outdoor areas in the Big Brother House 2023, courtesy of Aloni, photo: Lior Grundman

How to create the look in your home: Don't have a pool? Nothing happened. It is possible to create this vibe even without a pool dug into the ground. Today there are azure pools that can be placed in the yard and they do not fall short of the permanent pool. But even before that, what makes the fireplace yard is the light turquoise, a shade that connects associatively with infinite freedom. To complete the look, combine two white deck chairs with a small side table in blue or any other shade that seems appropriate to you, and a straw parasol, white parasol or any parasol in a light summer shade. Sprinkle around the space – by the pool and around the chairs, a few large potted plants that will put you in the atmosphere of an exotic resort, and if the place allows, you can always choose a corner and upholster it with a strip of synthetic grass. Don't forget sunglasses and sunscreen.

Mustard-colored tables against a background of aqua-colored outdoor areas, outdoor areas in the Big Brother house 2023, courtesy of furniture status, photo: Lior Grundman

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