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"They sucked 6.5 liters out of my legs" - this woman thought she had cellulite and then found out the truth - voila! health


Highlights: Lipoedema is a chronic condition characterized by abnormal accumulation of fat. Alyssa Vanderkhuizen, 28, was diagnosed with the condition after watching a YouTube video. She has had six surgeries to remove the fluid from her legs but has only passed one. The condition has left her in constant pain and she felt like she was wearing a "suit" She will return to the surgery center to have the rest of the fluid removed using water. For more information on liposuction, visit

For years, despite many diets and workouts, Alyssa not only did not lose weight, but her body grew. Following a video she watched, she went to her doctor and received the diagnosis. Lipoedema

The legs before and after pumping (Photo: screenshot, alisamariev TikTok)

Elisa Vanderkhuizen once thought she had a curved physique. But after watching a series of YouTube videos, she realized she might be suffering from a rare medical condition. This discovery led her to drain more than 6.5 liters of fluid from her legs.

The 28-year-old began noticing an increase in the size of her legs, arms and abdomen at age 17, even though she maintained an active lifestyle. Despite several visits to doctors, her condition was misdiagnosed as a weight problem and she was routinely given dietary recommendations for diet and exercise routines. Regardless of her healthy diet, regular exercise regimen, and even the use of weight loss medications, Alyssa's limbs continued to grow and began to cause her considerable pain. She believes her medical condition contributed to her gaining more than 20 pounds.

After watching a YouTube video aboutlipoedema – a chronic condition characterized by abnormal accumulation of fat – Alyssa suspected she might be suffering from the same thing. She received her official diagnosis in November 2022. The doctors informed Alyssa that she would need six surgeries to remove the edema. So far, she has passed only one.

"I felt in a suit"

"I was always active and pretty shapely and then without any lifestyle changes I started getting bigger and bigger," Alyssa, who lives in Royal Oak, Michigan, says in a video. "So I took the highest dose of Ozempic for six months and didn't lose weight. It looked just like fat so I was diagnosed with obesity all the time. After stumbling upon the phenomenon by chance on YouTube, I showed it to the doctor who diagnosed me and explained that I had to undergo six to seven surgeries. So far, I've had one surgery in which 6.5 liters of fluid with lumps in my upper thighs were removed. It's already made a difference in my energy and I feel better while I'm recovering after surgery, it's crazy how much it's affecting your life."

Before her diagnosis, Alyssa's unknown condition left her in constant pain. She struggled with everyday activities, such as going to work and says she felt like she was wearing a "suit."

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"I thought it was cellulite"

"Before my diagnosis, I thought I only had thicker legs and cellulite," the 28-year-old adds. "But it felt more lumpy. Like tumors that form under your skin. It's a progressive disease. It is constantly growing. Even ordinary everyday things, like sitting, hurt. There was a lot of pressure on my knees – I had so much volume."

Elisa tried to lose this fat and maintained a healthy lifestyle, but it didn't help. "I had a personal trainer and I kept looking at pictures of myself and then after six months of training I looked worse. I also had a strict diet and still couldn't lose weight. I tried cooking a lot of things, a lot of vegetables, more protein, I did a low-carb diet, I went to Weight Watchers and I even did a crazy diet given to me by my personal trainer," Alyssa explains in her video. "After a while I thought, 'I guess I'm that curved girl, that's how I'll be.' It was a huge relief when I was diagnosed."

How exactly does it work?

After the diagnosis came the treatment and Alyssa underwent liposuction using water. "They take a water pipe and dismantle the lumps and then pump them out. It sits directly under the skin and is very easy to reach. They don't have to go very deep and it took two to three hours. They took out 6.5 litres just from my front upper thighs."

"I try to focus more on how I feel than how I look. It would be nice to have an easier time finding my size in stores, but feeling more energized and walking without pain is more exciting." Alyssa will return to the surgery center to remove the rest of the lipoedema clumps.

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What exactly is lipoedema?

Lipoedema is a chronic disorder characterized by symmetrical accumulation of fatty tissue in the legs and sometimes arms. It is a condition that mainly affects women and is often misdiagnosed as obesity or lymphatic edema.

People with lipoedema usually have narrow waists, but large hips. Their upper and lower bodies can be completely different sizes.

Although the causes of edema are not fully understood, it is hypothesized to be related to hormonal influences and often appears in families, suggesting a genetic component. It usually starts or worsens at times of hormonal change, such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause.

Despite diet and exercise efforts, these fat deposits are resistant to weight loss. In addition to abnormal accumulation of fat, people with lipoedema often experience discomfort, sensitivity and minor bruising in the affected areas. The condition can also lead to mobility problems as well as psychological problems related to body image.

Treatment for edema can include lifestyle changes, physical therapy, adjusted clothing and, in some cases, surgical procedures such as liposuction to remove abnormal fat deposits. There is no known cure, but treatments can help manage symptoms and prevent progression of the disorder.

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