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Ant plague in the garden: these natural remedies are guaranteed to help


Highlights: Ants in the garden are not welcome by everyone - so you can declare war on them with home remedies. Mix baking soda with an attractant such as sugar to kill the ants. If you find an obvious ant nest, close all escape options, "exits" or cracks. You can also drive away the animals with strong-smelling lavender, cloves and other plants. If the ants are in the flower pot, you should not play around with hot water, simply water the pot.

Ants in the garden are not welcome by everyone - so you can declare war on them with home remedies. © pixabay/pompi

The ant road in the garden or the hill in the lawn - insects are often a thorn in the side of amateur gardeners. Here's how to fight them with home remedies.

Although not everyone is particularly enthusiastic about a horde of ants in the garden, the insects actually have many advantages.

Advantage or disadvantage? This is what ants do in the garden

On the one hand, they keep the garden clean where they eat carrion, and on the other hand, they fertilize the soil during their nest building. On top of that, red ants in particular eat everything on spiders and insects that gets in their way - a benefit for all those who have little to do with creepy-crawlies.

But they also have their drawbacks: for example, they are often to blame for aphid infestations or suddenly walk across the garden table where you are enjoying your meal. In the lawn, they often leave behind all hills or are out and about in columns on the terrace*. And suddenly, the whole thing is too much of a good thing.

Weigh all of these points before taking any steps to control ants. Perhaps the "plague" is not as excessive as you had the impression. You should also note that a certain species, the red forest ant, is even under species protection. So clarify beforehand which ant species it is.

If it's not the protected species and you want to get rid of the crawlers, here are some tips on how to control them naturally with home remedies.

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How to fight ants in the garden

To fight the ants in the garden, you need to kill or drive away the queen ant. This is usually located in the nest. Therefore, you must first find it before you can start your control measures. In these places in the garden there are often ant nests:


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Often you stumble across an obvious ant nest in the lawn or between the garden beds. Once you have located it, you should make sure to close all escape options, "exits" or cracks or also to work on them with home remedies.

Fighting ants: how to kill them with hot water

This tip is a classic in ant control: pour boiling water over the nest. Either they catch the queen and wipe out the whole state, or the ants voluntarily give up the terrain. However, make sure that there are no plants nearby whose roots could harm you with the hot water attack.

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Home remedies baking soda: this is how it affects ants

Another tried-and-true home remedy for ants: baking soda. However, in order for this to be effective, it must contain baking soda. Pay attention if you want to use the powder - otherwise the trick will do little.

Then mix the baking soda together with an attractant such as sugar. Then scatter it where you suspect the ant nest. The creepy crawlies will eat from the mixture and die from the baking soda it contains. If you are lucky, the queen ant will be there - often the insects also share their goiter contents with their conspecifics, which increases the damage. However, the insects die quite agonizing in this way. The baking soda, on the other hand, breaks down and dissolves in the soil, causing no harm to the environment.

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Fight the ants naturally with scents

This way of driving away ants is better: if there's one thing ants can't stand, it's the smells of lavender, thyme or marjoram. So just put a few of the plants next to the nest - the crawlers will soon flee without any harm.

How to get rid of ants on plants

If the insects are hanging around in the flower pot, you should not play around with hot water there. Often it simply helps to water the pot regularly and penetratingly, so that the ants lose interest in their home. In addition, you can also drive away the animals with lavender, cloves and other strong-smelling plants.

You should also make sure that no aphids or other plant pests that produce honeydew settle there - they attract ants.

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What to do with flying ants?

In most cases, this is a nuptial flight - the ants will die after mating. Therefore, all you have to do is wait a few days, then the problem will have taken care of itself.

However, it may also be that an insect colony wants to settle in your garden. In this case, you should locate the nest. (fk) * is a service provided by IPPEN. MEDIA.

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