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70 is the new 30: All the older action stars back in action | Israel Hayom


Highlights: Some of the biggest action stars of the 70s and 80s are returning to screens this year. The men who became cultural icons of the great action movies of the 80s and 90s are making comebacks. We have collected for you the best of them. They're not young anymore and we wouldn't be surprised if their joints creaked a bit, but they're certainly not exhausted and weak. So who is it? Roll up your sleeves, put on your muscles, puff up your chest, strain a punch sentence and find out.

So even though they are no longer tense and smooth and the muscles are not as lubricated as they used to be, the men who became cultural icons of the great action movies of the 80s and 90s are making comebacks and returning to the screens in new projects • We have collected for you the best of them • Experience is not a dirty word

They're not young anymore and we wouldn't be surprised if their joints creaked a bit, but they're certainly not exhausted and weak. Some of the biggest action stars of the 70s and 80s are returning to screens this year in movies and action series that can teach the younger generation a lesson or two in blockbuster (and the bones of the bad guys), because it turns out that 20 and even 30 are the new <>s and <>s. So who is it? Roll up your sleeves, put on your muscles, puff up your chest, strain a punch sentence and find out.

Harrison Ford

Mileage:Ototo 81

Giving this year a head in: "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny"

Now well into his ninth decade, Harrison Ford sees all the other tough stars on this list in his rearview mirror. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the fifth installment in the seminal adventure film series, will hit theaters at the end of the month, and Ford will step into the adventurous archaeologist's shoes for the last time—more than 40 years after Raiders of the Lost Ark began the saga in 1981.

While most of his peers prefer to spend the day leisurely, maximum going wild over a cup of tea and a stroll through the neighborhood, Ford has yet to hang up his famous whip and hat, and still shoots scenes of horse chases on the busy streets of New York. That's right - the actor insisted on performing at least some of the stunts in the new film himself, and even got angry at crew members who tried to help him get off the horse safely.

In an interview ahead of the release of "Dial of Destiny," the revered star said that after finishing filming the chase scene, he was preparing to get off his horse when he suddenly felt several pairs of hands groping his lower body. "I thought I was being attacked by perverts!" explained Ford in an interview. "I looked down and saw three stuntmen who made sure I didn't fall. They said, 'Oh, we were scared because we thought, you know, blah blah blah,' and I said, 'Leave me alone, I'm an old man who comes off a horse and wants it to look like that!'" Giant.

Harrison Ford, in 2022, photo: AFP

And that's not all: Next year, Ford (who will be 82, right?) will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and play at least two films (Captain America: Brave New World and Thunderbolts) as U.S. President Thaddos Ross (a character played by the late actor William Hurt in previous films). And if you thought that President Ross would not join the action himself, you are probably mistaken, since the character is rumored to become the Red Hulk, just like happened in the comics.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the series Fubar, photo: courtesy of Netflix Israel

Mileage:76 Just around the corner

Giving this year a head in: "Fubar"

The disappointing news: Ernie will no longer reprise his role as the Terminator, the character who made him Hollywood's most famous bodybuilder. It is also likely that he will not play Conan the Barbarian again, nor will he appear in another film in the "Predator" series. With a hand on your heart, you have to realize that the former California governor's cinematic action days are behind him — except perhaps for the bizarre action comedy "Kung Fury 2," which is expected to be released later this year.

The good news: Ernie is currently starring in "Fubar," the Netflix action-comedy series, as well as the new documentary series "Arnold." Beyond that, the actor was recently appointed Netflix's "chief action officer," and in that role he is responsible, at least symbolically, for all future action productions of the streaming service. Here, there's even an official video in which he announces the coveted job (including a commentary on Gal Gadot's new film, "Heart of Stone"). Congratulations on the role.

And that's not all: wait, what are we hearing? Is Schwarzenegger planning to shoot a new action movie called "Breakout," in which he will play a father who sets out to rescue his step-son imprisoned in a musty prison in a corrupt country? Filming is scheduled to take place later this year in Eastern Europe. Fingers crossed that it will actually happen.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone King of Action, photo: PR

Mileage:77 next month

Giving this year a head in: "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" and "Unforgettable 4"

The situation with Sly is a bit delicate. He does appear in a pair of high-profile action movies this year, but his screen time in both is quite limited. In the third Guardians of the Galaxy, he shines in a few scenes and doesn't do too much, while in the fourth Unforgettables, which hits theaters in August, he is named as a guest actor – despite being the main star and initiator of the first three episodes (Jason Statham is expected to take the reins and lead the aging warriors from now on). However, in the first trailer for "Unforgettable 4", which was released just a few days ago, it is seen that even at his advanced age and despite the limited screen time, Stallone is still able to punch bad guys like he once did. So who are we to omit him from this article?

And that's not all: don't worry, Sylvester Stallone's schedule is pretty tight, thanks for asking. In addition to the reality series "The Stallone Family" and the second season of the crime drama "The King of Tulsa," there is also talk of a sequel to "Man of Destruction," the 1993 action-science fiction film that never got, in our opinion, the respect it deserved.

While the film has not been officially announced and filming has not yet begun, Stallone promised it would happen. Sometime. Hopefully. And hey, we're also crossing our fingers (and handfuls of fists) for an obvious comeback in Creed 4. Rocky's story isn't over yet!

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson in "Secret Invasion", photo: PR


Giving this year a head in: "Secret Invasion" and "The Marvels"

True, Mr. Jackson never took his foot off the gas. For 15 years, since the first Iron Man, he continues to serve as one of the cornerstones and responsible adult in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where of course he plays Nick Fury. But on June 21, Fury will first take the forefront in "Secret Invasion," his gritty solo series that will launch on Disney Plus. And so, if we're not mistaken, at 74, Jackson will become the oldest actor ever to star in a lead role in a comic book production (not that you really know, because the guy never seems to age. A matter of genes probably).

Besides, this November, Jackson will once again play Nick Fury in a minor role in Captain Marvel's sequel. In short, he is here to stay.

And that's not all: it turns out that there is life outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Jackson will star in at least three new action and thriller films in the coming years, including "Argylle" (alongside Dua Lipa, Henry Cavill and John Cena); "The Kill Room" with Uma Thurman; and "Damaged," in which he plays an American detective tracking down a serial killer in Scotland.

Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton in The Flash, photo: PR


Giving this year a head in: "The Flash"

Michael Keaton has never been a true action movie star, let alone a Hollywood bodybuilder, but you can't ignore the fact that this month he reprised his role as Batman, more than 30 years after he last did so. Keaton is said to steal the show as the Batman in The Flash, arguably the biggest comic book movie of the year, featuring Batmans (and Flashes, and Supermen) from different dimensions, in a manner quite reminiscent of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Dimensions - only this time it's a production from DC Studios and not Marvel. Due to the huge amount of spoilers in the film, we'll stop it here.

And that's not all: Speaking of Marvel, Keaton also didn't have his last word as an eagle — the winged supervillain who fought Spider-Man in Homecoming (and briefly flashed in Morbius as well). Not enough? So he also has Beetlejuice 2 in line, which will hit theaters next year. Completely by coincidence, we have arranged a separate article about this for you here.

Honorable mentions are given to: Liam Neeson (71) - who is of the required age, but makes sure to bombard countless action movies almost every year and has carved out his own niche of an aging action hero, so there is really no comeback here; Denzel Washington, 68, who will star in "Equinox 3" this September and appear next year in "Gladiator 2." Give him two more years and we'll officially add him to the club.

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