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Save money without sacrificing: 10 clever tips for everyday life


Highlights: BW24 lists ten tips to save money in everyday life without much effort. The "30-day and 10-minute rule" is a concrete aid. Borrow instead of buy. Invite friends home instead of going out for a boozy evening. Do it yourself with make-your-own-drinks and babysit your friends' dogs.. Review Swabian contracts for electricity, telephone or running for several years with the help of the Internet, for example, have been running for years.

Status: 22/09/2023, 04:53 a.m.

By: Dominik Grill


Word has now got around that people in the country like to look for the "Beidl", i.e. the financial situation in the wallet. Here are ten savings tips for everyday life that will not only make the Swabian heart beat faster.

Stuttgart - In times of inflation and energy crisis, the motto for many people in Baden-Württemberg is to tighten their belts. But the wallet can also be spared without deprivation. Often, it's just small changes that make a significant difference in the long run. BW24 lists ten tips to save money in everyday life without much effort.

1. 30-day and 10-minute rule

In order to save sustainably, it helps to acquire a healthy approach to money. The "30-day and 10-minute rule" is a concrete aid: Smaller impulse purchases should therefore be reconsidered for ten minutes. For large purchases, you take 30 days to find out if they are really necessary.

2. Borrow instead of buy

When it comes to borrowing, most people probably think of books, films or bicycles. The whole variety of today's rental market is probably not on the radar of very few. From clothing to furniture to garden tools, almost everything is included. Borrowing is particularly worthwhile for one-off projects – and the basement does not become a hodgepodge of things that are used once and never again.

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3. Meal Prepping

Inexpensive and healthy at the same time: If you constantly go out to eat during your lunch break, you can save a lot of money by bringing food with you - "meal prepping" is the keyword. By preparing your own food, it is also child's play to pay attention to a healthy diet. If you prepare the same quantities for several days, you not only save money, but also time.


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4. Carpool

Delays, construction sites, main line closures – despite the 49-euro ticket, many train passengers in Stuttgart and the region are particularly frustrated this year. A cheap alternative is carpooling. These can be done either by themselves or via app (e.g. BlaBlaCar) can be organized.

5. Personal vouchers instead of expensive gifts

If you don't want to buy gifts and are willing to offer services for friends, you can design your own vouchers. There are no limits to creativity. For example, watering plants can be offered in the absence of the owners. The human pupils also want to be taken care of. Young parents in particular are always happy about babysitting. A classic is also walking the dogs of friends and acquaintances.

You can save a lot of money in everyday life – if you know how. © Imago/serienlicht

6. Instead of going out: Invite friends home

A boozy evening in familiar company is beautiful, but can quickly hit the wallet - especially in the city. You can save a lot of money by shifting the cozy get-together to your own home. Homemade cocktails are not only much cheaper, but, if desired, may also have a stronger effect.

7. "Do it yourself"

There are countless life hacks circulating on social media such as TikTok or Facebook that can be used to solve everyday problems cheaply. Make your own washing powder, make your own face masks or pour candles? No problem thanks to the Internet.

8. Review Contracts

In many Swabian households, contracts for Internet, telephone or electricity, for example, have been running for several years. Here it is worth checking regularly to compare the offers of the competition with your own. Additional tip: Notice periods should always be kept in mind. This is where a document with an overview of all contracts helps to avoid nasty surprises.

9. Sell instead of throwing away

Even if it may sometimes be cumbersome: Surprisingly often, a buyer can still be found for old clutter and discarded items - thanks to the numerous sales portals on the Internet. Books can be sold on Momox, clothes on Vinted and everything else on classifieds.

10. Buy non-perishable goods only on special offer

Bargain hunters should pay special attention to the red labels on non-perishable products in the supermarket. These include, for example, toilet paper, washing powder or almost unlimited non-perishable foods such as rice. Creating a large stock with the help of the reduced goods is much easier on the wallet in the long run.

BW24 gives even more tips on how to save money, especially in autumn and the cold season.

Source: merkur

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