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The eleven best Bavarian delicacies from the Oktoberfest to make yourself


Highlights: The eleven best Bavarian delicacies from the Oktoberfest to make yourself.. Status: 23.09.2023, 17:30 p.m.                By: Eva Lipka                CommentsShare                From the Ok toberfest directly to the kitchen: recipes for traditional Bavarian dishes and creative new interpretations to cook at home. Each dish has its own story and reflects the Bavarian love with passion and hospitality. You can really cook which people cook in the best "Gaudi" moments of Germany.

Status: 23.09.2023, 17:30 p.m.

By: Eva Lipka


From the Oktoberfest directly to the kitchen: recipes for traditional Bavarian dishes and creative new interpretations to cook at home.

1 / 11Golden-brown bites of sauerkraut and bratwurst, tossed in pretzel crumbs. We'll start with the crispy recipe for sauerkraut bratwurst balls. © Simply Tasty

2 / 11If you swap veal for roast pork and tuna for trout cream, you get the recipe for Bavarian Vitello Forello rolls. © Simply Tasty

3 / 11White sausage, sweet mustard and the Oktoberfest simply belong together. Therefore, they are not separated from each other in the recipe for white sausage nuggets. © Simply Tasty

4 / 11What's missing from white sausage and sweet mustard? That's right, the wheat beer. If you like it a little sweeter, you can try the recipe for wheat beer Hugo. O'zapft is! © Simply Tasty

5 / 11This definitely includes a pretzel! The epitome of Bavarian culture and a must for the Oktoberfest. The recipe for Obazda pretzel will set the mood. © Simply Tasty

6 / 11If you prefer to enjoy the Obazda as a side dish, you can bake fresh pretzels and prepare the Einfach Tasty recipe for the traditional Bavarian cheese cream. © Simply Tasty

7 / 11The recipe for Bavarian sausage salad with pretzel crouton ends the series of Oktoberfest appetizers. Don't worry! There are also main courses with pretzels. © Simply Tasty


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8 / 11Like the Bayern burgers, for example. This recipe combines ingredients that can also be found at the Oktoberfest: sweet mustard, pretzel rolls and grilled sausages. © Simply Tasty

9 / 11More Oktoberfest ingredients in one delicious recipe? Yes, because in addition to sweet mustard, sauerkraut and meat loaf are also added to this tarte flambée. © Simply Tasty

10 / 11While we're on the subject of meat loaf: When baked, it tastes particularly good with pasta dishes, as the recipe for meat loaf pasta shows. © Simply Tasty

11 / 11Crispy skin and juicy meat: Chicken tastes particularly good at the Oktoberfest. At home you can enjoy the recipe for Wiesnhendl burrito. © Simply Tasty

When the cool autumn winds blow through Bavaria and the Munich Oktoberfest opens its doors, it's not just the cheerful chants and beer mugs that create enthusiasm. Because "D'Wiesn", as it is affectionately called by the locals, is also a feast for the palate. Traditional Bavarian delicacies make the hearts of visitors beat faster and invite you to enjoy.

From hearty sausage specialties to crispy pretzels to creative reinterpretations of Bavarian cuisine: Here you will find traditional recipes that cement Bavaria's reputation as a gourmet paradise far beyond the country's borders. Not only are they a must-see at the Oktoberfest, but they are also the epitome of Bavarian culture.

Here, traditions that have been cultivated over generations are combined with modern accents that bring a breath of fresh air into the tried and tested recipes. Each dish tells its own story and reflects the Bavarian joie de vivre and hospitality. You can really taste the passion and love with which people cook and celebrate in this part of Germany.

It's a bit like capturing the best "Gaudi" moments of the Oktoberfest in the form of dishes. And with every bite, you could almost hear the Bavarians saying: "It's going to be fine!"

To Guadn!

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To get to the recipes for Bavarian delicacies from the Oktoberfest, simply click on the following links:

  • Sauerkraut bratwurst balls
  • Vitello Forello rolls
  • White sausage nuggets
  • Wheat Beer Hugo
  • Obazda pretzels
  • Obazda
  • Sausage salad with pretzel croutons.
  • Bavaria Burger
  • Oktoberfest tarte flambée
  • Leberkäse pasta
  • Wiesnhendl burrito

Delicious Simply Tasty recipe videos in a continuous loop directly to your own smartphone are available thanks to the free Green Feed from Xymatic. Try it out now and start scrolling.

This is where a culinary ode to the Oktoberfest ends, where tradition and modernity go hand in hand.

This article was created with the help of machines and carefully reviewed by editor Eva Lipka before publication.

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