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Givat Meshev Food Trax: It was supposed to be a stop on the road to Jerusalem. How good that we were delayed - voila! food


Highlights: Givat Meshev Food Trax is a food truck complex on Highway 1, opposite Moshav Shoava. The complex offers burgers, pizza, tacos, desserts, hot dogs, cakes and more. There are plenty of options that appeal to everyone, but even if you want to eat meat and eat milk, the task is possible, because the kitchens are separate. The owner of the complex owns several restaurants in the area, and some of the pastries and desserts come from there.

Givat Meshev Food Trax, a food truck complex in Givat Meshev, on Highway 1, opposite Moshav Shoava, including burgers, pizza, tacos, desserts, hot dogs, cakes and more. All the details in >>> article

Food Trax Gust/David Rosenthal

One of the visible miracles in the State of Israel is the difference in weather between Gush Dan and Jerusalem. It's a little hard to believe that a 40-minute drive on a clean road (or a billion hours on a weekday) can already get a pleasant breeze in September minus humidity, a clean sunset without haze and a magic dose without... We'll stop here.

There is a nice breeze, but in our case there was also haze. Clean sunset? In Israel, it's always a gamble, and here it's a failure. Still, if you want to increase your chances of a pose-free romantic meal, Gust's Food Trax is a great start, if not the whole solution.

To all the columns of "Rosie the Taster"The Food Trax (because "food trucks"

sounds like something military from the 50s) are located just down Highway 1, near Shoresh and Shoava. This is a complex with free parking and easy access, and to complete the picture, literally, we also found a variety of populations in the place - people who came to work on the computer (yes, it is still a thing, and there is even a desk with electrical outlets for those who need it), travelers, locals, religious, secular, people from Arab localities.

Why? The reason is simple. There are plenty of options that appeal to everyone. It's really pleasant, quiet and kosher, but even if you want to eat meat and eat milk, the task is possible, because the kitchens are separate.

Magical atmosphere. Givat Meshev Food Trax / David Rosenthal

The complex is spacious and overlooks a beautiful, neat and well-kept landscape with vegetation, shade, synthetic grass, cute signs around and of course the Food Trax themselves, which are scattered around in different colors that add to the atmosphere, and represent, among others, Naya, Derech Hagefen, Harim Bakery, Popup Coffee and Shalva.

Again I will note, we didn't arrive on an ideal day in terms of weather, but that's what it is. We contacted one of the Trax and were told with a smile that we would go to the first food truck, where the orders are made, and from there we would continue. All of them are scattered throughout the field, and each of the operators does its part as a well-oiled machine.

We headed for the green track for booking, payment and cocktails. After ordering it was explained to us that we would receive a notification on our mobile when the dishes were ready and that we would head to the red truck, the most important of all - the meat, yum yum. There burgers, hot dogs and tacos are offered in all kinds of variations. The complex also has a track for pizza and a track for pastries, salads, desserts, muesli and coffee, which of course we visited later. The pizza truck was closed, and as a rule there are different opening hours and it is recommended to check the website beforehand.

Better holiday dinner

I have eaten hundreds of such skewers in my life. It was one of the best

See full article >

And delicious, too. Givat Meshev Food Trax / David Rosenthal

At first we thought the portions seemed small and we might need extra to close a corner, but towards the last bite we realized we were satisfied

We sat down in front of the partial view and despite the scorching heat, a refreshing breeze was blowing there. It would have been pleasant even without the help of collars scattered around the complex, and for those who really have trouble - there is an area with sprinklers that scatter water fragments. We were told by one of the friendly guys working on the track that the place is active during the summer, and on rainy and winter days it closes or is reduced to one track and a smaller wing with roofing. We were also told that the owner of the complex owns several restaurants in the area, and that some of the pastries and desserts come from there.

The service is professional and pleasant, and the food arrived relatively quickly - in less than 75 minutes. We started with two dishes - deconstructed asado and sausage, both in a brioche bun (65 NIS for an asado, <> NIS for a hot dog, yes, it is expensive). The asado was excellent and the portion overflowing properly, with tasty and juicy meat, not too fatty, well made and well seasoned. The sausage was soft and fresh, one that you can't stop eating - roasted and juicy that felt high quality with mustard, chili sauce, sauerkraut, pickle and onion jam, which in my personal opinion could have been dispensed with, because the brioche is sweet enough. At first we thought the portions seemed small and we might need extra to close a corner, but towards the last bite we realized we were satisfied.

Nice selection of cakes. Givat Meshev Food Trax / David Rosenthal

This, of course, does not mean that there is no room left for dessert. We took a peek at the cake and pastries cart, which looked tempting and fresh, especially compared to what we expected to find from a coffee cart halfway. The guy who worked there said that if we felt like waiting, in forty minutes they would bring cakes too. Contrary to our piggyback nature we flowed with it, that's reason enough to wait, so we dropped off the food in a small walk around the compound and the wait paid off.

After only 20 minutes, half the time, personal cakes also appeared in the showcase. We chose Basque cheesecake (35 NIS) and citrus ricotta pastry (25 NIS). Nice, but we didn't fall. The taste in this case did not match the expectation - the cake was a bit dry and the pastry looked more tempting than it conveyed, tasty but not wow.

Still, the wait had value, as thanks to it we got a glimpse of the sunset, despite the haze that obscured the view. Such an experience added quite a few points, and it remains only to imagine what happens on a more beautiful day. We were glad that a half hour rooftop stop "on the way" meal was extended to an hour and a half visit, simply because this place is so lovely.

So C.M.A. came out?

The CAMA index (quantity-price-quality, from 1 to 10) refers to these three parameters, but it is impossible, of course, to ignore the wonderful and escapist atmosphere.

On the other hand, you can't ignore the elephant in the room – and I'm not talking about us in this case – the price. 75 NIS for an asado dish is quite a bit of money, although somehow understandable. I haven't heard of a hot dog for 65 shekels, as good and tasty as it may be, anywhere other than Sarona Market. The atmosphere is up, the price is lowering, the score is 8.5.

Coffee and cake at sunset. Givat Meshev Food Trax / David Rosenthal

So yes, it's expensive. Is it worth the money? Assuming you don't come to work on your computer every day, the unequivocal answer is yes. This is a special experience, integrated Israel abroad. I wish we would have fallen on a brighter day, but we would not be Poles. It was fun.

Givat Meshev Food Trax, Highway 1 opposite Moshav Shoava, on the way to Jerusalem

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