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Which fish fingers are the best? What to look out for


Highlights: Which fish fingers are the best? What to look out for. The fried fast food is not particularly healthy. What to consider when buying and preparing the product. And which fish fingers is the best, HEIDELBERG24 knows: Frosta, Iglo and Landur. Heidelberg24: The best fish fingers of all time. The best fast food of all times. And the best vegan fish fingers in the world. The top five fish fingers from Öko-Test 2023/9.

Status: 26.09.2023, 05:29 a.m.

By: Pauline Wyderka


There is a lot to choose from when it comes to fish fingers – the only question is: Which ones are the best? Whether fast food or homemade, vegan or original, this is what you need to consider:

As a simple and tasty snack, fish fingers are popular not only among children. Adults also like to fall back on the fish in breading. The fried fast food is not particularly healthy. Or? What to consider when buying and preparing the product and which fish fingers are the best, HEIDELBERG24 knows:

What to look for in fish fingers

Although the fish in the fish fingers contains important nutrients, the snack is not necessarily healthy. If you look at the advantages and disadvantages of the chopstick, it quickly becomes clear: When buying fish fingers, there are a few things to look out for.

For example, many of the fast food products contain undesirable pollutants that are not found in other fish-containing foods. Anyone who also attaches importance to environmentally friendly fishing should stick to fish fingers that are not caught with huge nets, but with hooks and longlines, as Öko-Test points out. Also, the place where fishing takes place should not be overfished.

Which fish fingers are safe?

As Öko-Test states in its 2023/9 edition, the majority of fish fingers contain fatty pollutants, 3-MCPD fatty acid esters, which have been shown to cause tumors in animal experiments. They are therefore also suspected of causing cancer in humans and are anything but harmless. The problem lies in the breading of the stick.

So you should make sure to prefer one of the brands that contain these pollutants in less high quantities. This also includes the test winners of Frosta, Iglo and Landur. If you are willing to dig deeper into your wallet, you can also buy the fish fingers of the Wild Ocean brand, which is the only one that fishes with hooks and longlines, but is significantly more expensive at 13.49 euros.


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Which fish fingers are healthy?

The problem with the fat pollutants lies in the breading of the rod. So whether there are really healthy fish fingers is questionable. But there is a way to solve the problem with the unhealthy outer shell. The pollutants enter the breading during industrial pre-frying. Pre-fried finished products should therefore be avoided.

In short, the following applies: Really healthy can only be homemade. For this you need boneless pollock fillet or cod as a base, breadcrumbs, egg, flour, salt and pepper for breading and seasoning. You can fry the chopsticks, but preparing them in the oven is healthier. Finally, season the fish fingers with a little lemon juice and enjoy.

Which vegan fish fingers are the best?

It is important that each manufacturer puts different ingredients in the sticks. In the end, they only have the breading on the outside. Some of the alternatives are made on a vegetable basis, most of which are based on rice flour, soy or wheat protein. Above all, it plays a role what is important to you when eating. Fats and flavourings are then added for the taste – in addition to other additives.

In terms of taste, the vegan fish fingers from Iglo Green Cuisine were ahead at Öko-Test, but Frosta and Rewe Beste Wahl were also impressive here. Otherwise, there can be no question of healthy fast food. However, the situation is different with homemade chopsticks. For example, you can marinate tofu overnight in seaweed and soy sauce. Then bread, fry or bake – done!

Which fish fingers are better: with fish or vegan?

As far as nutrients are concerned, as mentioned, conventional fish fingers are ahead. This is different from, for example, chicken nuggets, where it makes no difference whether vegan or not. Otherwise, vegan fish fingers are more likely to score points in terms of environmental and animal welfare. No destructive trawls are used in production – and of course fish are not harmed either.

If you are looking for taste, you should of course go for the original. The replacement products do not yet come close to this. But this is especially true for finished products. If you want to do it yourself, you can get the best of everything: environmental and animal welfare, healthy ingredients and fresh, good taste! (paw)

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