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'Little Kfir killed with little brother Ariel and mother' - News


Highlights: 'Little Kfir killed with little brother Ariel and mother' - News. Israel received today's 10 names. The Islamic movement would be ready to extend the truce for another four days, releasing more hostages. But there is no agreement yet. At least 161 hostages still in Gaza. 70% of aid to Gaza comes from Egypt. Egypt has continued its intense 24-hour efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah terminal, sending 24% of the aid alongside "dozens of countries, humanitarian and political organizations"

Israel received today's 10 names. The Islamic movement would be ready to extend the truce for another four days, releasing more hostages. But there is no agreement yet. (ANSA)

Key Points

  • 15:35 'Little Kfir Killed with Little Brother Bibas and Mother'
  • 13:39 Cairo, 70% of aid to Gaza comes from Egypt
  • 13:24 UNHCR, 'Extend Gaza truce and release hostages'
  • 13:03 Guterres, UN supports the Palestinian people
  • 12:51 Israel, at least 161 hostages still in Gaza
  • 12:40 Media, still no agreement on truce extension
  • 12:39 Abu Mazen, 'Gaza is under an existential threat'
  • 12:07 Relatives of little Kfir: 'So far he is not on the list of hostages to be freed'
  • 12:03 Erdogan, 'Genocide in Gaza, Netanyahu is a butcher'
  • 11:27 Khamenei, 'Hamas' attack was also a blow to the US'
  • 11:26 Amnesty, 'Palestinian detainee released with disproportionate sentence'
  • 11:23 Media, Israeli police evict hostages' families in front of the Knesset
  • 11:22 Son of hostage freed: 'No assistance to my mother in Gaza'
  • 11:21 Hamas to release hostages with Russian passports today
  • 11:19 Media, 'Hamas will only release soldiers with a permanent ceasefire'
  • 09:48 Source confirms, 'Hamas proposes to extend truce by 4 days'
  • 09:15 Media, Israeli warning shots against fishing boats off Gaza
  • 07:55 Tomorrow the 17 freed Thai hostages will be repatriated
  • 06:59 West Bank: Media, two injured in Israeli maxi-raid in Jenin
  • 06:39 Unicef, 'we need a ceasefire, protect children'
  • 06:37 Israel receives list of hostages that Hamas will release today
  • 06:35 Biden, continuing the war is giving Hamas what it seeks
  • 06:33 The 30 released Palestinian prisoners have arrived in Ramallah
  • 06:29 G7, Hamas releases all hostages unconditionally


'Little Kfir Killed with Little Brother Bibas and Mother'

The Al Qassam Brigades, Hamas' military wing, said the two Israeli brothers Kfir (10 months) and Ariel Bibas (4) along with their mother Sherry Silverman Bibas, hostages in Gaza, "were killed in a previous army bombing."


Cairo, 70% of aid to Gaza comes from Egypt

"The Israeli-Palestinian truce took place without significant hindrance on the first day after its two-day extension," said the head of Egypt's State Information Office, Diaa Rashwan, also pointing out that 70 percent of the aid to Gaza came from Egypt.

Rashwan also highlighted that the truce "required continued efforts on the part of Egypt in cooperation with our brothers in Qatar and with serious American support." And that since October 21 "Egypt has continued its intense 24-hour efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah terminal," sending 24% of the aid alongside "dozens of countries, humanitarian and
political organizations and entities."

The volume of medical aid delivered to the Gaza Strip as of last night, Tuesday, November 28, amounted to 2,973 tons, the volume of food aid to 11,972 tons and the volume of water to 9,111 tons, as well as 127 tents and tarpaulins and another 2,611 tons of relief equipment.

As of Tuesday evening, 1,178 tons of fuel have been transported, and the total number of trucks crossing through the Rafah crossing into the Gaza Strip has reached 2,670 trucks during this period. The head of the State Information Bureau also noted
that Egypt received 575 wounded Gazans for treatment in Egyptian hospitals during the same period, as well as nearly 320 companions, in addition to the passage of 8,691 foreign and dual nationals and 1,258 Egyptians from the Gaza Strip, and facilitated the entry into the Gaza Strip of 421 Palestinians stranded in Egypt.

"Egypt will continue all its efforts to accelerate the transfer of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip in order to help limit the worsening humanitarian crisis for our Palestinian brothers," Rashwan said.


UNHCR, 'Extend Gaza truce and release hostages'

"Access to aid must be guaranteed throughout the Gaza Strip and the hostages must all be released. I urge anyone with the influence to call for an extension of the ceasefire to do so, hoping that this will mark an end to the violence." This was stated by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) Volker Turk speaking to the European Parliament on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.

"Profound social and cultural changes have taken place since then, especially in Europe. People took to the streets all over the world to demand their rights. The Declaration affirms the values of all human persons, there is no discretion, it is a matter of law. And it is a path that must be rediscovered today," Turk stressed.


Guterres, the UN supports the Palestinian people

The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People celebrated today commemorates the 75th anniversary of the mass displacement of Palestinians known as "the Nakba" or "the Catastrophe," an event that occurred during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, when more than half of the Palestinian people were expelled or fled their homes and became refugees.

The commemoration, the UN notes, serves as a reminder that nearly 6 million Palestinians are still refugees and thousands of them were killed in the 2023 Gaza war, in a situation described by the Secretary-General as "one of the darkest chapters in the history of the Palestinian people."

"I am horrified by the death and destruction that has befallen the region, now overwhelmed by anguish and grief," Guterres said in his message for the Day of Solidarity. "Palestinians in Gaza are suffering a humanitarian catastrophe. Nearly 1.7 million people have been forced to flee their homes, but with nowhere safe to go. At the same time, in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the situation is likely to worsen," he adds.

"I unequivocally condemned the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas on 7 October. But I have also made it clear that these attacks cannot justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people," Guterres said. "This day should be an opportunity to reaffirm the international community's solidarity with the Palestinian people and the right of Palestinians to live in peace and dignity."

"We must call in unison for an end to the occupation and blockade of Gaza. The time has come to move decisively and irreversally towards a two-state solution, based on UN resolutions and international law, with Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace and security, with Jerusalem as the capital of both states."

"The United Nations will not waver in its commitment to the Palestinian people. Today, as every day, we stand in solidarity with the aspirations of the Palestinian people to realize their inalienable rights and to build a future of peace, dignity, justice and security for all."


Israel, at least 161 hostages still in Gaza

Israel believes that at least 161 hostages taken on October 7 are still in Gaza. This was reported by CNN citing the office of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Among these, 146 are Israelis (some of them with dual nationality), 15 are foreigners and at least four are minors under the age of 18, while the list includes at least 10 people over the age of 75.

So far, a total of 86 hostages have been released (including 66 Israelis): 60 Israelis under the Hamas deal, some of whom have dual nationality, 20 foreigners and 4 women released before the deal.

The remains of two abductees who were killed were located by IDF soldiers.


Media, still no agreement on truce extension

A Palestinian official said that despite the willingness of both sides to extend the truce, no agreement had yet been reached. This was reported by Reuters on its website. Negotiations with mediators Egypt and Qatar are still ongoing, the official said.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office declined to comment to Reuters on the status of the talks, but noted that another 50 Palestinian detainees were added on Tuesday to a list allowed to be released in case a new exchange was agreed.


Abu Mazen, 'Gaza is under an existential threat'

Gaza is under "an existential threat that deliberately and systematically targets civilians." Palestinian President
Mahmoud Abbas denounced this on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Palestine, reiterating that "the only possible solution is that of 2 states". Abbas called on Israel to "put an end to measures of silent annexation, settlement and racial discrimination throughout the Palestinian territory." An international peace conference is needed to impose the international will and recognize the right of the Palestinian people to exist.


Little Kfir's relatives: 'So far he is not on the list of hostages to be freed'

Yossi Schneider, the cousin of Shiri Bibas, who is being held hostage with her husband Yarden and two children Ariel and 10-month-old Kfir, told Channel 12 News that the family is not included in the list of hostages who will be released later. This was reported by Haaretz.

"Hundreds of people contact me every day to ask if I'm on the list. Until five minutes ago, they weren't even on today's list," Schneider said.


Erdogan, 'Genocide in Gaza, Netanyahu is a butcher'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Netanyahu, who committed the greatest atrocities of the century in Gaza, already has his name written in history as the butcher of Gaza." Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said this during a speech to his AKP party's parliamentary group, broadcast by Turkish state TV TRT, in which he called Israel's action against Gaza a "genocide" and also criticized the West for supporting the Israeli premier.

"Those who supported him and who remained silent are equally guilty," the Turkish leader said, adding that Netanyahu's latest statements diminish the possibility that the ceasefire could become permanent.

Erdogan also announced that he plans an official visit to Athens on December 7 to meet with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. "I hope that this visit will open a new page in our relations," the Turkish president said.

   "Ci sono molti campi dove possiamo aumentare la nostra cooperazione", ha aggiunto Erdogan. "Le dispute con la Grecia esistevano ieri e ci saranno anche domani ma questo non significa che non possiamo trovare un terremo comune dal momento che siamo due Paesi che condividono lo stesso mare", ha affermato Erdogan.


Khamenei, 'L' attacco di Hamas è stato anche un colpo agli Usa'

     "Lo storico evento dell'operazione 'alluvione al-Aqsa' è stato contro il regime sionista ma anche un atto di de-americanizzazione. Ha cambiato il tavolo per la politica degli Usa nella regione, un tavolo che, se Dio vuole, sarà eliminato se questa alluvione continua". Lo ha scritto su X la Guida suprema dell'Iran, Ali Khamenei, in riferimento all'attacco di Hamas contro Israele del 7 ottobre.

   "Il risultato dell'attacco selvaggio contro la popolazione di Gaza, il regime sionista, gli Usa e alcuni noti Paesi europei hanno perso la faccia insieme
alla civiltà occidentale", ha aggiunto Khamenei, in un discorso alla milizia dei Basiji. "Dovrebbero sapere che questa situazione non potrà continuare per sempre, perché l'alluvione non finirà mai", ha aggiunto la Guida suprema iraniana, citata dalla tv di stato.


Amnesty, 'Liberata una detenuta palestinese con una pena sproporzionata'

   Tra i 30 detenuti palestinesi liberati ieri dalle carceri israeliane c'è anche Nurhan Awad, una ragazza che nel 2016 fu condannata a 13 anni e mezzo di
carcere con l'accusa di aver tentato di aggredire un soldato con un paio di forbici l'anno prima, quando aveva 15 anni. "Una sentenza eccezionalmente sproporzionata", denuncia Budour Hassan di Amnesty International parlando al programma Today della BBC Radio4.

   In occasione dell'arresto, le forze israeliane spararono, ferirono Nurhan e uccisero sua cugina di 14 anni. Nurhan ha studiato per gli esami di scuola superiore mentre era in prigione, ed è stata sostenuta da altre detenute, comprese attiviste politiche. 

  La prima cosa che ha fatto dopo essere stata liberata è stata visitare la tomba di sua cugina, dice Amnesty. .


Media, la polizia israeliana sgombera i famigliari degli ostaggi davanti alla Knesset

   La polizia israeliana ha sgomberato stamattina i famigliari degli ostaggi ancora in mano ad Hamas che dal 7 ottobre manifestano davanti alla Knesset. Lo riportano i media israeliani. "Anche durante la guerra - sostiene la polizia israeliana - lavoriamo per garantire la libertà di espressione e di protesta entro i limiti della legge. Oltre a ciò non permetteremo che vi siano disturbi e danni alla libertà di movimento dei parlamentari eletti verso il luogo di lavoro. Questa mattina una donna è stata arrestata a Gerusalemme dopo aver effettivamente bloccato, e incoraggiato altri a bloccare, la strada di accesso alla Knesset." 

   Secondo i famigliari, come riporta Ynet, la polizia ha preso un cartello da Yael Alon, che ha perso suo figlio il 7 ottobre e suo padre durante la guerra dello Yom Kippur. La polizia ha anche preso un cartello di protesta da Yaakov Godo, il cui figlio Tom è stato assassinato nel kibbutz di Kissuf.


Il figlio di un ostaggio liberato: 'A mia madre nessuna assistenza a Gaza'

   "Mia madre non ha ricevuto alcuna assistenza medica durante tutti i giorni di prigionia". Lo ha detto alla Radio Militare Gideon Heiman, figlio di Ditza, la
signora di 84 anni del kibbutz Nir Oz rilasciata ieri da Hamas nello scambio degli ostaggi aggiungendo che sua madre è stata tenuta in condizioni così cattive che neanche una persona giovane potrebbe sopravvivere "né fisicamente né mentalmente".


Hamas rilascerà oggi ostaggi con passaporto russo

   Oggi saranno rilasciati ostaggi con cittadinanza russa. Lo ha detto, citato da Ynet, l'alto funzionario di Hamas Musa Abu-Marzouk sottolineando che il
rilascio avviene "in segno di apprezzamento per le lodevoli posizioni del presidente Putin". Questi ostaggi - ha aggiunto Ynet - non fanno parte dell'intesa tra Israele e la fazione islamica. 


Media, 'per Hamas ci sarà rilascio dei soldati solo con un cessate il fuoco permanente'

   Hamas lega i negoziati per il rilascio dei soldati israeliani catturati a un cessate il fuoco permanente nella Striscia di Gaza: lo ha riferito il canale
televisivo egiziano Al-Qahera.

   Secondo l'emittente, Hamas ha confermato che le "condizioni per il rilascio delle truppe israeliane saranno diverse" all'accordo per il rilascio degli ostaggi civili. In particolare, secondo la tv egiziana, i negoziati su questo tema includeranno discussioni sulla "fine delle ostilità e la rimozione del blocco" dalla Striscia di Gaza. 


Una fonte conferma, 'Hamas propone di estendere la tregua di 4 giorni'

   Una fonte vicina ad Hamas ha fatto sapere che il movimento armato palestinese intende proporre quattro giorni aggiuntivi alla tregua in corso, dicendosi disponibile a rilasciare altri ostaggi in cambio di detenuti palestinesi.

"Hamas has informed the mediators that it is willing to extend the truce and that the movement would be able to release Israeli prisoners that it, other resistance movements and other parties are holding at this time, based on the terms of the current truce," the source told AFP.


Media, Israeli warning shots against fishing boats off Gaza

Israeli forces fired "warning shots" at a number of Palestinian fishing boats that had left the coast in Gaza. This was reported
by Ynet, which cites security sources who spoke of a "violation of the restrictions provided for by the truce" in progress until tomorrow. According to the same source, the fishing boats then returned to shore.

Wafa, the Palestinian news agency, reported that "Israeli occupation ships fired a series of missiles on the coast of Khan Yunis, Al-Shati and Sheikh Radwan in Gaza against citizens' homes." Wafa blamed Israel for "violating the truce" with this action. .


Tomorrow the 17 freed Thai hostages will be repatriated

The 17 Thai hostages kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 and released in recent days after being held for weeks in Gaza will all be repatriated to Thailand tomorrow, the Foreign Ministry in Bangkok announced. Among the hostages still held by Hamas, however, there are 13 other Thai citizens, Bangkok said.

The 17 freed hostages will fly to their country in the company of Foreign Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara, who has been in Israel since Monday, and will land in Bangkok tomorrow in the middle of the day.


West Bank: media, two injured in Israeli maxi-raid in Jenin

Palestinian media reported today that two people, including a child, were injured by Israeli bullets during a large-scale military incursion launched last night in the West Bank city and refugee camp of Jenin.

The Wafa news agency claims that Israeli troops fired stun grenades and tear gas at residents and their homes. The director of the local government hospital, Wisam Baker, told Wafa that Israeli soldiers had searched medical staff and lined up around the hospital. The CEO of the Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital, Samer Atiyeh, told the Palestinian news agency that Israeli forces had cordoned off the hospital from all directions.


Unicef, 'we need a ceasefire, protect children'

The director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Catherine Mary Russell, once again calls for a "humanitarian ceasefire" and the "protection of humanitarian workers", as well as "children and families" who are helped by these workers in the Gaza Strip. In a post on her X account, Russel said that "UNICEF welcomes the extension of the pause in fighting in Gaza and that the UN agency "and its partners have stepped up their humanitarian response" in the region "but much more needs to be done."


Israel receives list of hostages that Hamas will release today

Israel has received the list of the sixth group of hostages that is expected to be freed today by Hamas in exchange for the release of more Palestinian prisoners, international media reported. The list has been provided to the Israeli government and the families of the abductees have been informed, Haaretz and CNN reported, citing official sources, among others. According to the latest agreement between Israel and Hamas released by Qatar, each day of the truce extension provides for the release of 10 Israeli hostages and 30 Palestinian prisoners.


Biden, continuing the war is giving Hamas what it seeks

"To continue on the path of terror, violence, murder and war is to give Hamas what it seeks. We can't do that," said U.S. President Joe Biden in a post published last night on his X account. "Hamas unleashed a terror attack because it fears nothing more than Israelis and Palestinians living side by side in peace," Biden said.

According to American journalist Patty Culhane, a former White House correspondent for several US media outlets and now a reporter for Al Jazeera's English-language channel, the message shows that something is "slightly changing" in the position of the American president, who has so far never publicly called for a lasting ceasefire in the
Gaza Strip.

"That's usually how, when it comes to Israel, U.S. politicians subtly change their messages through social media, through leaks," Culhane says


The 30 released Palestinian prisoners have arrived in Ramallah

The fifth group of 30 Palestinians released from Israeli jails under the prisoner swap agreement between Israel and Hamas arrived overnight in Ramallah, in the West Bank. This was reported by local media. Earlier, the Israel Penitentiary Service announced that it had released the 30 people from Ofer prison, near Ramallah, and a detention center in Jerusalem. Even earlier, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Shin Bet announced that the ten Israeli hostages and the two Thais freed yesterday by the Islamist movement in Gaza had arrived in Israel. .


G7, Hamas releases all hostages unconditionally

The foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) member states say they "welcome the release of some of the hostages kidnapped on October 7 in Israel" and the recent pause in hostilities that has allowed an increase in humanitarian aid" in Gaza, urging Hamas "to immediately and unconditionally release all" of the other abductees.

In a joint statement issued by the British Foreign Office and reported by international media, the ministers "of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States and the High Representative of the European Union" Josep Borrell also call for "the facilitated departure of all foreign nationals" from the Strip and underline "Israel's right to defend itself and its people in accordance with international law."

"We appreciate the leadership of the United States and the countries of the region, in particular Qatar and Egypt, and their tireless efforts to ensure this pause in the fighting and those to come," the G7 ministers' statement added. We support the significant efforts of the United Nations to coordinate the delivery of humanitarian assistance during this truce.

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