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We are all Or Eitan: All Hanukkah 2023 activities for children in Israel - voila! tourism


Highlights: We are all Or Eitan: All Hanukkah 2023 activities for children in Israel - voila! tourism. Despite the situation, now is the time to discover HanukKah events in Israel. From a theater experience in Haifa to activities for the whole family in Tel Aviv, here are Hanukh 2023 events for children and families in Walla! Here are some of the best events for kids and families to take part in this Hanukah holiday. For more information on these events and other events, visit the official website of Israel's tourism.

Despite the situation, now is the time to discover Hanukkah events in Israel: from a theater experience in Haifa to activities for the whole family in Tel Aviv. Here are Hanukkah 2023 activities for children and families in Walla! tourism

Rashbi Synagogue, Zichron Yaakov/Photo: Ziv Reinstein, Editing: Gilad Manheim

Hanukkah Stars of Light 2023 The biggest children's
stars in Israel - Rinat Gabbay Taylor Malkov, Tal Mossari, and Tuvia Zefir will perform throughout the country to entertain children, illuminate Hanukkah, distribute donuts and celebrate Hanukkah with all the children of Israel. The show presents the story of a young boy who went out to celebrate the Hanukkah holiday at his grandparents' home in a distant city. He misses his father, who is in the reserves, and feels lonely without his friends from school. In his special way, he makes new friends and his father surprises and comes to light candles. Today more than ever, we will all be stars spreading light. The show will be accompanied by famous Israeli songs such as Ofra Back, Uzi Hitman and more.
When: During Hanukkah
How much: 85 NIS, discounts on all committees and Rami Levy - price range 59-69 NIS.
Where: Across the country
For details and purchase on the Blue and White Festival website at G
Malls in Complex G Kfar Saba and Complex G in Rishon LeZion, the "Blue and White" festival will be held on

the occasion of Hanukkah. The festival in Kfar Saba will include a Star of David or Dreidel balloon design workshop; a DIY creative area - where children will design a wooden menorah, design a dreidel and make a lantern; A gift complex for IDF soldiers - where children will prepare postcards and decorated bracelets for soldiers, and attach them to a bag of sweets. In Rishlet: "Illuminating Hanukkah" - Blue and White activities for families and children in four different areas: a complex for making hug dolls, a creative area for holiday symbols, a gift preparation area for fellow soldiers and evacuees, and a wall of greetings for soldiers. On December 11th, a festive candle lighting pod track by Or Spitz.
When: December
10-12 Where: G Complexes in Kfar Saba and Rishletz
For details: Rishletz and Kfar Saba


Theater's "Sufgatron" Haifa Theater continues its work, with Hanukkah events that will offer quality culture for the whole family of the best children's theaters in Israel. The Sufgatron will take place during the Hanukkah holiday - four days of a magical and exciting theater experience for children and an encouraging and pleasant respite for parents.
When: December
11-14 How much: Ticket price: 55 NIS. For evacuees from the envelope, south and north - free of charge.
Where: Haifa
Theater For details:

Show Festival A colorful Full Moon party, shows, plays, circus - every day a different show. Among the shows, the Shambuki show - an entertainment circus show for the whole family. There will be creative complexes inspired by Hanukkah, a professional makeup station, a sensory magic show, a doughnut baking workshop, a young chefs' workshop, a "No Probalm" circus. Matan the Great's show - a clown and circus show that combines bicycles, bubbles, balloons of all sizes. The festival will be closed by the show of Danny Martin - the circus artist who combines juggling from the world of juggling.
When: December 7-14, 17:30
How much: Free
Where: Northern Gate Mall, Kiryat Ata
For details:

Celebration at the Janco Dada
Museum Activities at Ma'abdada - an experiential creative space as well as a continuum workshop in the spirit of the holiday. On 12.12 there will be a workshop "Seeing the Light" with Talia Roitman, on 13.12 there will be a performance of Shoshana Yaari's Owl Theater "Grandma's Donuts", on 14.12 there will be a performance of Shoshana Yaari's Owl Theater, based on David Grossman's book, "Itamar Walks on the Walls".
When: December 12-14, 11:00-14:00
How much: from 28 NIS per adult; Discounts for senior citizens, children, soldiers
Where: Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod Artists' Village
For details: On the website

Touches of Light in Zichron Yaakov The Zichron Yaakov Local Council and Gidonim Association invite you to a short break in magical Zichron Yaakov
During Hanukkah you can enjoy a wealth of activities including guided and dramatized tours, nature walks, lantern tours, candle lighting at special sites, story time and more.
When: December
10-15 How much: 15 NIS per person. Free for evacuees from the confrontation line and residents of Zichron Yaakov Where: Throughout Zichron Yaakov
. The tours take place throughout the holiday
For details: at Gidonim Tourism Association 052-4342080

"Lights and Fire" Festival in the Beachfront Complex Colorful and colorful street villagers
disguised with LED backdrops and lights, will perform street performances that will color the pedestrian mall with colors and an amazing atmosphere. Alongside them, dancers and fire jugglers will perform, who will dance with a variety of burning props and perform spectacular and dangerous actions.
When: December 11-12 from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30
p.m. How much: Free
Where: Beachfront Village Complex, Hadera

A variety of popular paid tours. Zichron Yaakov/Shelly Gandal


The musical "The Magician" in the streets The musical "
The Magician" is celebrating 30 years since it first appeared on stage. A spectacular production by the youth stage actors in the streets that tells the story of the Wizard of Oz and the journey of Dorothy and the dog Toto with the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow.
When: 9-15.12
How much: 20 NIS (per child/adult). Free show for children in the envelope
Where: Beit Ha'am Rehovot, 48 Yaakov Street
For details and registration: On the site

Hanukkah activities with a Zionist
fragrance The attraction "Flying on Meex Sharonim" offers parents and children to spend time in the most interesting countries in the world without having to stamp a passport. The unique attraction simulated 8 spaces with a cumulative area of about 1,000 square meters to different countries around the world. Another activity on the occasion of the holiday: "Meex Sweet Factory" - the doughnut factory of Meex Sharonim children for IDF soldiers. A unique complex that was established and simulates a doughnut factory invites Israeli children to feel like factory workers for one day.
When: 10-15.12
How much: 49 NIS, 1 parent free
Where: Harkon 2 Hod Hasharon
For details and registration: Hanukkah website at the Israeli Museum of Cartoon and Comics The Israeli
Museum of Cartoon and Comics will hold activities for children and the whole family during Hanukkah

and December. Among the planned activities: illustrator Danny Kerman and author Ephraim Siddon will demonstrate and tell about behind the scenes in the process of creating children's books, a Hanukkah faces workshop led by creator Evie Friedel, a comics workshop led by creator Hila Noam, an illustrated humor games workshop inspired by Danny Kerman and a comics workshop for beginners.
When: Different dates on Hanukkah How much: Depending on the activity
Where: The Israeli Museum of Cartoons and Comics: 61 Weizmann Street, Holon For details:

at the Israeli Children's Museum The Israeli
Children's Museum in Holon
, together with the illustration room, offers special activities dealing with heroism and light, an exhibition of illustrations, and unique creative workshops/ The illustration activities will take place alongside the favorite and familiar routes, activities and adventures at the Children's Museum The Israeli: "A Trip with Yanshul", "In the Footsteps of the Butterflies", "Where is Mish", "The Beatles - The Mysterious Magic Journey", the "Invitation to Silence" exhibition, the "Dialogue with Time" exhibition, the "Dialogue in the Dark" exhibition and a variety of different activities for children and the whole family.
When: December
11-14 How much: 68 NIS
Where: Israel Children's Museum, Holon
For details and purchase: Museum

website Skating from darkness to light
During the holiday, figure skating performances will be held daily. From Sunday to Thursday there will be figure skating performances at 13:00, on Saturday the performance will take place at 12:30. Skating from the age of 5.
When: December
8-15 How much: 75 NIS per 45 minutes - Benefits through organizations and credit card
companies Where: 1 Shlomo Bay Street, Park Peres, Holon For details:

Hanukkah at the Meditech Theater The Meditech
Theater in Holon
returns to full activity during Hanukkah and will present the best quality plays: new and successful productions that have recently been staged alongside favorite classics: The Little Mermaid, The Bee Maya, The Three Musketeers and more.
When: December
9-16 How much: Ticket price for the show is discounted in light of the period - 55 NIS (45-50 NIS for members and committees)
Where: Meditech Theater, Holon
For details:

Hanukkah donuts and chocolate donuts factory Hanukkah
Festival with all the authentic holiday customs: A unique experience of making donuts. With a wide variety of flavors and colors, and special spreads and colorful candies. A dreidel creation area, where whoever wishes will be able to donate to the soldiers. Hanukkah Coin Complex: Creating Hanukkah coins packages out of chocolate, decorated with festive decorations, fromUnique enclosure for sculpting clay oil urns.
When: December 11-13, 12:00-18:00,How much: Free
Where: At Ir Yamim Mall, Netanya

Interactive Hanukkah Journey
Children will enjoy a variety of activities suitable for the whole family, starting with the baking area where children will enjoy making donuts in various shapes, decorated donuts,
and pancakes. An art complex will be built where colorful candles, wooden menorahs, special lanterns, clay lamps, and clay coins will be written. A compound where chocolate coins will be prepared. In a winter enclosure, children will design scarves, warm wool hats, snow vials, and designer winter socks.
When: December 10-13, 11:00-14:00 and 16:00-19:00.
How much: Free
Where: Seven Stars Mall in Herzliya

Festive Inflatable Festival in Honor The "Friendly Inflatables"
festival will include a wide range of attractions ranging from inflatables, through a swings complex, a go-kart complex, an award-winning fair area. In addition, a variety of positions: target shooting, dropping a can, threading a hoop and more, including especially worthwhile prizes.
When: December 10-13, 12:00-17:00
Where: Be'er Yaakov

Netanya Mall of Light and Heroism
A cool Hanukkah happening at Independence Square. From 18:00 candles will be lit at the giant menorah by Chabad Netanya and doughnuts will be distributed. Thursday 7.12-18:30 An evening of appreciation for the security and rescue forces, Netanya Police, Fire and Rescue Services, MDA and more in an impressive show of strength accompanied by the Israel Police Band. Sat 9.12 - 18:30 Sing with Hagit. Sunday 10.12 - 16:00-18:00 Creating with the Israel Antiquities Authority: mosaic menorah, magic of Hasmonean coins, painting urns, clay candles. 17:00 Musical and colorful show "Lia the Forest Keeper". Monday 11.12 - 17:00 Light, Fire and Acrobatics installations with pyromania, 19:00 Launch of the new audiovisual installation at the Water Fountain. Tuesday 14.12 - 17:00-19:00 Take pictures with the Maccabees of live displays and statues of Hanukkah heroes. Wednesday 13.12 - Singing Israeli with artist and creator Yoni Roa and stars of the Sitar Music School. Thursday 14.12 - 16:00-19:00 Building Israel from giant Lego blocks: the Israeli flag, a giant menorah and more.
How much: Free
Where: Independence Square, Netanya

Hanukkah at Petach Tikva Museum of Art Workshops "We Came Darkness to Expel": The Magic Lantern - Out of
the Darkness Magical Night Creatures, Imaginative and Wonderful, colorful shows. With the help of a magic lantern we will illuminate them and discover their beauty. Family Adapted activity 3+ using black bristol and drawing on transparencies and pasting. Secret writing - a workshop in which each child invents a secret script, a unique sign language inspired by ancient writings on a bed of copper, a talisman of light and material for banishing darkness.
Family Tailored Activity 4+.
When: December 13, 16:00-18:00
How much: per child 20 NIS | Price per accompanying adult Entrance ticket to the museum First for
details and tickets: Festival in the 8th East in Lod
Dozens of artists will participate in

a wide variety of exciting musical performances for the whole family, dance, creative workshops and screenings of films, which will celebrate the connection to the roots and between generations and offer to enjoy different styles of comforting music and culture that will expand and warm the heart. Among the artists: Haim Ulliel, Yoram Hazan, Galit Giat, Mark Eliyahu, Maayan Linik, Leah Shabbat, Yair Tsabari, Yagel Harush, Professor Meir Buzaglo, Natalie Dvir and local artists and ensembles.
When: December
11-13 How much: up to 30 NIS per ticket
Where: The main cultural centers throughout the city of Lod Light and heroism in the tree forest
We will walk in the forest in the dark by the light of

lanterns. We will feel and learn about the nightlife in the forest (whether he is awake, or whether he is going to sleep), we will hear stories of heroism, we will be moved by legends and fascinating cheesebets that will accompany us along the route. We will hear about the forest, its development and the importance of maintaining a clean forest. We will get to know KKL-JNF and its activitiesFire relief. We will light Chanukah candles and enjoy delicious and warm herbal tea. The trip lasts about two and a half hours.
When: December 10, 12, 4:45 p.m., Dec. 13 and 14, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
How much: Free
Where: Ilanot Forest
For details: Pre-registration is required at Kav La'Yaar by phone: 1-800-350-550, or on the Kulanu website

Or Eitan - Menorah Tours Unique and empowering menorah
tours: We will walk through the magical alleys of Nachlaot in Jerusalem, in the light of the menorahs placed at the entrances to the houses. We will dive into the story of the neighborhoods, their rich past and their charm in the present. Another tour will be held in Bnei Brak. Amid the light of the menorahs in the streets of the city, we will discover the ultra-Orthodox world, the streams of Hasidism and the customs of the holiday. The tours will be accompanied by musicians and actors in the holiday atmosphere, lighting candles in a family home in the city, donuts and more.
When: December 12 and 14 in Jerusalem, 5:30-9 p.m. December 14 in Bnei Brak, 16:30-21:00
How much: Free
Where: Bnei Brak and Jerusalem
For details: Pre-registration is required by email

חנוכה בקניון עיר ימים בנתניה/מאי סביר

תל אביב

נונפיניטו: סיור בגלריית ארטפורט
סיור בתערוכה נונפיניטו 2023, עם אוצרת התערוכה ורדית גרוס וחלק מהאמנים המשתתפים. זוהי תערוכת הסיום של אמני תכנית הרזידנסי של גלריית ארטפורט, המציגה פרויקטים ורעיונות חדשים שצמחו בשתי קומות הסטודיואים של ארטפורט במהלך השנה האחרונה.
מתי: 15 בדצמבר, 12:00
כמה: חינם
איפה: ארטפורט, רחוב העמל 8, תל אביב

אור עולה בכיכר ביאליק - הדלקת נר ראשון בכיכר
מוזמנים לחגוג הדלקת נר ראשון של חנוכה בכיכר ביאליק בתל אביב. האירוע מותאם לילדים ולמבוגרים. בתוכנית: "חנוכיית הכיכר", מיצב אור של האמן אריאל קוצר - יצירה בשיתוף הקהילה, "שחקו" - מתחם משחקייה ויצירה מעורר חשיבה יצירתית, טקס גילוי אור בהובלת מור שמעוני ובליווי המוזיקאי סאן טיילור, מקהלת מעיין, בניצוחה של נעמה נצרתי גורדון.
מתי: 7 בדצמבר, 19:00-17:00
כמה: חינם
איפה: כיכר, ביאליק, תל אביב
לפרטים:' target='_blank'>

סטודיו פתוח לילדים ומבוגרים בבית ליבלינג
בית ליבלינג בתל אביב מציע סטודיו פתוח לילדים לחנוכה - "שיווי משקל ופסלי אור וצל": שעתיים של יצירה במרחב פתוח לעשייה המציע את היצירה ככלי שבאמצעותו אפשר לחקור, ללמוד ולחוות את העולם. מגיל 6. בנוסף, תיערך פעילות יצירה גם למבוגרים (במועדים שונים, ללא תשלום).
מתי: 14-10 בדצמבר, 12:00-10:00
כמה: 50 ש"ח לילד
איפה: בית ליבלינג, רח' אידלסון 29, תל אביב

אור וצל במוזיאון ארץ-ישראל
מוזיאון ארץ ישראל בתל אביב מציג שלל פעילויות לכבוד חג חנוכה. בין הפעילויות: פעילות אינטראקטיבית בתערוכה "צלם-שען", תיאטרון צלליות במופע מוזיקלי עם היוצרת טל בן-בינה, צלמניית מוז"א, הקרנות סרטים בפלנטריום, סיורים מודרכים בתערוכת עדות מקומית ועוד.
מתי: 16-11 בדצמבר
כמה: בהתאם לפעילות
איפה: מוזיאון ארץ-ישראל, תל אביב

מופעים מיוחדים לילדים באופרה הישראלית
האופרה הישראלית מזמינה את הילדים וההורים במהלך חג החנוכה להפקות קסומות לכל המשפחה: "אליסה בארץ הפלאות" מאת דוד זבה ובבימויו של גדי שכטר (11.12) ו"מה עושות האיילות?" בניהולו המוזיקלי של ערן זהבי ובבימויה של שירית לי וייס (14.12). מגיל 4 ולכל המשפחה.
מתי: 11 ו-14 בדצמבר, 10:00
כמה: 70 ש"ח לכרטיס
איפה: האופרה הישראלית, תל אביב

חנוכה בנמל תל אביב
נמל תל אביב מזמין את המשפחות לבלות עם הילדים בשבוע החנוכה, להשתתף בסדנאות ציור ואיור של אלמנטים הקשורים לחג, לשחק יחדיו במשחקי קופסא ובסביבונים הפזורים בפינות זולה
ולהצטרף לתרגולי מדיטציה בהדרכת מורות בכירות מ"אלהיוגה", ללא עלות.
מתי: שבוע חנוכה (סדנאות ציור בראשון שלישי בין השעות 15:00-17:00 ובשישי ב-14:00
מדיטציה בשני, רביעי וחמישי 16:00-16:45. פינות זולה עם משחקי קופסא מידי יום בין השעות 13:00-19:00 ובשישי 10:00-17:00).
כמה: בחינם על בסיס מקום פנוי, מס' המקומות מוגבל
איפה: מדרגות הטריבונה מול המנוף במעגנה, סמוך למבנה 9, נמל תל אביב
לפרטים נוספים: באתר נמל תל אביב

חנוכה במוזיאון העם היהודי
פעילות אקטואלית ומעשירה למשפחות עם ילדים 'כולנו אור איתן' המאירה את תכונות הגיבורים והגיבורות הטמונים בכל אחת ואחד. הפעילות תתמקד בגלריית 'גיבורים' במוזיאון המציגה מגוון רחב של גיבורי העל שלנו, אישים ונשים יהודים.יות פורצי דרך בדרך אינטראקטיבית וחווייתית הכוללת בין השאר את ההזדמנות להכיר את אלברט איינשטיין מקרוב, היכולת לשחות כמו מרץ ספיץ, לשחזר באולפן את הכרזת העצמאות והאפשרות לעצב כמו דונה קארן.
מתי: 14-10 בדצמבר, שעות 10:00-17:00
כמה: 52 שקלים. כרטיסים מוזלים בוועדים ומועדונים. הכניסה למפוני הדרום והצפון ואנשי כוחות הבטחון ללא תשלום
איפה: אנו - מוזיאון העם היהודי, קמפוס אוניברסיטת תל אביב

קונצרט חנוכה לילדים
הפילהרמונית הישראלית תקיים קונצרט חנוכה מיוחד לילדים של הקוסם מארץ עוץ. מזמינים אתכם להצטרף אלינו, בנר רביעי של חנוכה, לקונצרט מיוחד המשלב סיפור אהוב עם מוזיקה נהדרת. בסיום הקונצרט נאכל סופגניות ונחלק הפתעות לילדים. בקונצרט יבוצעו יצירות מאת דיקא, מוסורגסקי, ג'ון ויליאמס ועוד. מנצח הקונצרט הוא גיא פדר, השחקנים הם שי המבר ובן פרי, בהשתתפות רקדניות ממגמת המחול בקמפוס אריסון לאמנויות, תל אביב.
מתי: 10 בדצמבר בשעות 13:30 ו-11:00 (בשעה 11:00 מספר המקומות מוגבל).
כמה: 65 לילד, 130 למבוגר. משפחות שפונו מדרום וצפון הארץ מוזמנות לקונצרט חינם בהרשמה מראש בטלפון 3766*.
איפה: היכל התרבות בתל אביב

הצגות חנוכה של תיאטרון אורנה פורת לילדים ולנוער
מה בתוכנית: תיאטרון אורנה פורת לילדים ולנוער חוזר לפעילות עם 28 הצגות לכל הגילים לאורך ארבעה ימים ובארבעה מקומות שונים במהלך חנוכה - מוזיאון ארץ ישראל, מוזיאון תל אביב לאמנות, בית החייל והתיאטרון הקאמרי. בין ההצגות שיעלו בחנוכה - "כראמל", "פטר והזאב", "פיטר פן", "טרופותי", "היפה והחיה", "עלי באבא וארבעים השודדים", "מחסן השטוזים של דתיה" ועוד.
מתי: 13-16 בדצמבר
כמה: 40-95 שקלים, הנחות למחזיקי דיגיתל
איפה: מוזיאון ארץ ישראל, מוזיאון ת"א לאמנות, בית החייל תל אביב, התיאטרון הקאמרי תל אביב
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חנוכה בצל מלחמת "חרבות ברזל"
עיריית תל אביב- יפו תקיים את חג החנוכה בשלל אירועים במרחב הציבורי. בין האירועים: הדלקות נרות ברחבי העיר, כולל למשפחות המפונים, הופעות והצגות לילדות ולילדים, תליית באנרים מוארים במרפסות, טקס הוקרה למתנדבים ולמתנדבות בתקופת המלחמה, טורניר כדורשת נשים מקבוצות העיר ומפונות ועוד. בנוסף יתקיימו כמדי שנה גם אירועי "מאירים את יפו" הכוללים הצבת חנוכייה גדולה מעץ בכניסה ליפו מהטיילת ושתי חנוכיות נוספות בכיכר השעון ובכיכר הבעל שם טוב, סביבוני ענק מוארים וצבעוניים בכיכר דניאל שבשדרות ירושלים סביבם כבר משחקים ילדות וילדים ממשפחות המפונים ומיפו מדי ערב.
מתי: במהלך החג
כמה: חינם
איפה: כיכר רבין, כיכר התרבות, כיכר השעון, נמל יפו ובמרכזים הקהילתיים ברחבי העיר
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מפיצים אור דרך החדשנות הישראלית
גם בימים אלו ולקראת חג החנוכה, במרכז פרס לשלום ולחדשנות מזמינים את הציבור להפוגה וביקור במרכז החדשנות של ישראל, המציג באופן חדשני וייחודי את דרכה של ישראל והפיתוחים החשובים המאפיינים אותה, מכיפת ברזל ועד WAZE. במרכז חשבו רבות כיצד ניתן לסייע ולהקל במעט במצב המורכב, ועל כן החליטו לפתוח לציבור את מרכז המבקרים. בנוסף, במרכז יצרו פעילות נוספת המותאמת לימים אלו: 'קופסת בריחה - אתגר החדשנות הישראלית', שכולל פתרון חידות ומשימות המבוססות על החדשנות והמידע הנרכש בסיור, תוך עבודת צוות ויצירתיות.
מתי: במהלך החג 09:00-18:00, ימי שישי - 09:00-14:00. בהרשמה מראש
כמה: מחיר משתנה בהתאם למספר האנשים, חינם לתושבי הצפון והדרום שפונו
איפה: מרכז פרס לשלום ולחדשנות בת"א-יפו
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אנו - מוזיאון העם היהודי/סטס קורינסקי

ירושלים והסביבה

Workshops and Activities at Hansen House Hansen
House invites workshops and activities aimed at respite through creativity, movement and craft, freely and adapted to all ages. As part of activities for the residents of Jerusalem and the evacuated families who are in Jerusalem during these times, a variety of spaces have been established in the Hansen House compound that will provide leisure activities for children, youth and adults. There are screening rooms, a gaming salon and more.
When: December 12-15, 13:00-18:00 (Friday 10:00-13:00)
How much: Free
Where: Hansen House, 14 Gedaliahu Alon Street, Jerusalem
For details:

Freedom to create: Hanukkah at the Science Museum The Science
Museum celebrates Hanukkah with a digital production fair, come and wander among interactive stalls containing products manufactured using a variety of digital technologies. 3D printing, clothes made with printers, an exact model of a statue of Nefertiti as it is displayed in the Berlin Museum, a tourniquet sent as a file for the benefit of Ukrainian soldiers, you can turn liquid into solid at the touch of a button and laser cut fiat fabric you design yourself and more. In addition, a fire demonstration for the whole family with a variety of scientific and cool experiments that will connect fire and chemical substances, a workshop on building a magic cylinder that reveals which demands light is made of, and a demonstration of the ten ways to duplicate a key.
When: December
8-15 How much: 45 NIS, for residents of evacuated communities free of charge upon presentation of an ID card.
Where: Jerusalem

Science Museum Hanukkah of Light at the Israel Museum The Israel
Museum invites you to activities for the whole family following Hanukkah - tours of the Archaeology Division, our rare menorah display and the works of art throughout the museum. And in the youth wing: stories of light and darkness - story time and workshops. Between the tours: The Greeks are coming! Tour of the Archaeology Division, Windows of Light: A tour of the menorah display, The Art of Light: Hanukkah tour in the Arts Division, Holiday and celebration at the banquet: Tour of the exhibition "The Banquet".
When: December
11, 12 and 14 How much: Paid, free for families of evacuees Where: Israel Museum, 11 Ruppin Road, Jerusalem For details and registration: Israel

Museum website Hanukkah at the Hebrew Music Museum Jerusalem

The Hebrew Music Museum invites
you to celebrate the Festival of Lights by playing and singing: During Hanukkah, the museum will hold musical tours tailored to children and their parents in the museum's seven spaces, during which we will get to know unique musical instruments and experience playing, With an emphasis on the strings that are the foundation of fire. Throughout the tour we will get to know strings from all over the Diaspora – the Ethiopian Masenko, the Balkan Gosla, the Persian Kamencha and more, in each diaspora we will play together a song or poetry in the spirit of Hanukkah. After the last tour of the museum, there will be a festive candle lighting in Music Square and donuts will be distributed.
When: December
7-15 How much: 30-60 NIS. Free for families of evacuees
Where: Hebrew Music Museum Jerusalem
For details: 02-5406505 and on the museum's

website 15 Hanukkah Attractions at Magic Kass Magic Kass
, the indoor amusement park located in Mishor Adumim, invites you to spend time in the park during Hanukkah. Visitors will enjoy 15 attractions and an illusion show for the price of one ticket and unlimited use of the park's facilities. Among the attractions: unique extreme rides such as Looper, Sky Tower, Air Race and Discovery 360 alongside Beresheet, an outdoor roller coaster over 20 meters high, a mini ship, a mini swing, alongside arcade games, gaming rooms and a gymboree.
When: December 10-14, 11:00-19:00
How much: 125 NIS at the box office, 99 NIS in pre-sale on the website while stocks
last Where: Magic Kass, HaDekla 6, Ma'ale Adumim
For details:

Hanukkah is illuminated in the DCITY
design complex A festival of lights with dozens of light installations, a variety of activities for children and adults, a huge menorah and the fuelCandles are lit every evening with a prayer for the return of the abductees and for the safety of the security forces. Other entertainment options include the unique Djump complex for children. A spectacular complex of 3,000 square meters, covered and air-conditioned with a huge gymboree, climbing walls and more. The large snooker complex that recently opened is a fun and challenging experience.
When: December
8-15 How much: Free
Where: DCITY Complex, Yamit Road 10, Mishor Adumim, Israel Park Israel Police Heritage House
As every year, at the Hanukkah event at the Israel

Police Heritage House, a variety of experiential activities will be held for children. Among the activities - a lantern tour outlined by lights and heroism, stories of heroism adapted to the holiday and the current time, interactive games for children, lighting candles and doughnut plots.
When: Monday 11.12 between 15:00-17:00
How much: Free
Where: Israel Police Heritage House, Beit Shemesh
For details and contact:

Secrets and Lights Under the Walls in Zedekiah's
Cave The new audiovisual vision "Secrets Under the Walls" - a beautiful and mesmerizing audiovisual vision that takes us on a journey through time, to the First Temple period, the legends and myths of the Second Temple period and many other secrets related to the mysterious cave. Zedekiah's Cave, huge in size and surprising in its uniqueness, has been excavated since ancient times by man for about 250 meters deep beneath the bustling alleys of the Old City. Excavations in the cave also revealed coins from the Hasmonean period, and it is believed that the cave-quarry was used during the Hasmonean period.
When: 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 December, 12:00-15:00
Where: Zedekiah's Cave, Jerusalem For details and reservations: Hanukkah

website at the Tower of David Jerusalem

Museum Navigation game and missions in the Citadel and galleries and Menorah tours of the Tower of David - "Light up the city" Experiential tours for families in the festive atmosphere of Hanukkah, among menorahs, heroism, miracles and wonders. The tours will take place in Nachlaot, Zichron Moshe and the Jewish Quarter. In addition, the museum also offers lantern tours for the whole family, in which they will discover the secrets of the ancient fortress following the story of Hanukkah. Includes quiz and games, shared candle lighting and donuts.
When: During Hanukkah 10:00-16:00
How much: 20-65 NIS
Where: At the Tower of David Jerusalem Museum and at various points in the city
For details: or phone *2884

"Wonders of Books" - Hanukkah for Families at the National
Library Events for children and adults: "Lights and Treasures" tour that will emphasize the spectacular architecture of the Library building and the artworks displayed throughout the building. A visit to the "Vocabulary" exhibition, which presents books and manuscripts of the most important intellectuals in Jewish and Israeli culture, including: a copy of the first printed Talmud, manuscripts by the best authors, such as Agnon, Grossman, Naomi Shemer, Hannah Senesh and more. An experiential tour of the library, which will include the "Library Experience" exhibit, followed by "Wonder of Books" workshops - a creative workshop in which the preparation of a "wonder book" and a "best" workshop with an introduction to the biggest, smallest and most surprising books.
When: December 10-15, 9:00-18:00
How much: 30 NIS. Discounts for students, retirees, people with disabilities and more. For residents of the Gaza envelope and northern border communities - free
Where: The National Library, Jerusalem For details:

a holiday of light and heroism at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem
The Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem invites you to come with your family during Hanukkah and enjoy theatrical and musical tours of the Jerusalem
landscape, walk in the footsteps of heroes, sing the beloved holiday songs, hear about heroic stories from the days of the Hasmoneans to the present day and enjoy an experiential visit to the Begin Museum following The life journey of the sixth Prime Minister of the State of Israel.
When: December
How much: from 10 NIS per participant. All activities by pre-registration
Where: Menachem Begin Heritage Center 6 S.A. True Street, Jerusalem
For details:

looking for Hasmoneans in Modiin Hills A special family
trip in which we will try to find out where the Maccabees really were from the Hasmonean family. We will dive into history and tour the places that apparently the Hasmoneans also visited. The trip combines travel in private cars and short tours. The trip lasts three and a half hours.
When: December 11 at 9:30
a.m. How much: Free
Where: Ben Shemen Forest and the surrounding area
For details: Pre-registration is required at "Kav La'Yaar" by phone: 1-800-350-550, or on the website

Hebrew Music Museum in Jerusalem / Itay Nadav


Victory chord The 15th "Piano Forever"
competition will take place during Hanukkah and about 100 young pianists, aged 6-28, are expected to take part. The audience, large and small, is invited to come and take part in the excitement, listen to the young talents, and be exposed to the magical world of the piano. The purpose of the competition is to expose and promote promising young talents in the field of piano playing and is an important milestone in the musical path of many pianists.
When: December
7-12 How much: Free
Where: Monart Center, Derech Eretz 8 Ashdod
For details: 08-8545135/9

Hanukkah at Ben-Gurion
Hut Hanukkah symbolizes heroism and the victory of light over darkness. In Ben-Gurion's hut, special tours will be held to help illuminate the unifying symbols from the desert home of Israel's first prime minister. Every hour on the hour, Paula and David Ben-Gurion's shack will go dark and visitors on the guided tours will receive lanterns. Through the lanterns they will be able to glimpse and get to know Ben-Gurion's character, personality and lifestyle. During the holiday, there will be "quiet" visiting hours for visitors with disabilities, adults and children, who require a quiet environment.
When: December 7 and 14-10, 15:00-10:00 every hour on the hour
How much: The lantern tour is free of charge
Where: Ben-Gurion Hut, Sde Boker
For details:

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