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Darkness has come to banish: the best donuts and pancakes of Hanukkah 2023 - voila! food


Highlights: Hanukkah 2023: Walla's big doughnut parade! Food, including Roladin, Nono Mimi, Dalal, Jacobs, Boutique Central, Ruti Brodo's Bakery, Reviva Vasilia, Biscotti, Breads >>. Spinge/Dr. Helen Javahara Pinier: The first landing of the doughnut delivery always creates a large gap between the Israeli everyday and the sweet and festive box of corruption. This year, naturally and sadly, that gap was almost impossible to overcome.

Hanukkah 2023: Walla's big doughnut parade! Food, including Roladin, Nono Mimi, Dalal, Boutique Central, Jacobs, Ruti Brodo's Bakery, Reviva Vasilia, Biscotti, Breads >>

Spinge/Dr. Helen Javahara Pinier

The first landing of the doughnut delivery in the hands always creates, and time again, a large gap between the Israeli everyday and the sweet and festive box of corruption. This year, naturally and sadly, that gap was almost impossible to overcome.

Donuts, pancakes and everything in between: all the good recipes of Hanukkah

The initial thought was rejection and cancellation, a little later came the understanding and acceptance, and right away - in a process that took only a few minutes - the hand was reached, the dam opened, and sweet came into our lives.

These were not exactly the known stages of mourning, but more a matter of life, and the desire to live it. No compensation, nothing will compensate. For if that everyday that suddenly becomes a holiday, and darkness that gains enlightenment.

And so, get the best donuts and pancakes of Hanukkah 2023, hoping the darkness will be banished.

The sweets: Biscotti

Biscotti's Donuts / Boaz Lavi

One of the regular Hanukkah anchors does not disappoint this holiday either, with a collection of donuts inspired by the confectionery world, under the justified slogan "Candy one by one".

The wonderful collection, led by pastry chef Rossella Yona, incorporated handmade marshmallows and fruit marmalade, toffee candies as they used to and many other surprises.

You can find here, among others, an excellent pink marshmallow doughnut (vanilla patisserie cream, crispy ruby chocolate float, raspberry marshmallow and candy), excellent toffee (Nutella cream, caramel ganache coating, milk chocolate pearls, tofifi candy), sweet and tropical mango marmalade (mango and vanilla cream cream, crispy white chocolate frosting, macaron fragments, mango marmalade), chocolate nougat praline (salted caramel cream, milk chocolate ganache coating, Round chocolate twil, chocolate nougat praline) stops clocks, and the pecan mocha fudge (delicate mocha cream, crispy white chocolate frosting, Chinese pecan chips, pecan coffee fudge) is also bitter and mature. Price: 14 NIS.

Alongside them, of course, there will also be donuts filled with milk jam cream, patisserie cream and Belgian chocolate cream (NIS 9), and a doughnut filled with strawberry jam (NIS 7) - all well-executed classics, and some of the best the holiday has to offer.

Know those who have never connected to monochromati? This is for them.

For Biscotti

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The Silences: Mimi

Mimi/Daniel Lila's Donuts

The food chain from Nono celebrates frying and exaggerations with a very focused, very organized and very successful doughnut game.

You can find here four options whose purpose, well, is purpose - jam and powdered sugar (8 shekels), an "empty" donut with stacher and cinnamon (8 shekels) that only emphasizes the quality of the dough, a doughnut filled with chocolate cream and covered with ganache and chocolate pearls (11 shekels), and also a salted caramel cream doughnut and toffee cream (11 shekels), with an outrageous ratio, for the better, of course, of interior and exterior, carbohydrates and corruption.

Besides them, there are also gluten-free versions of jam (NIS 10) and chocolate (NIS 12).

You know those who haven't yet figured out what's the deal with salt and caramel? This is for them.

Lenuno Mimi

Festivals: Roladin

Roladin/Ronen Mangan's Donuts

The Israeli baking chain took over the Hanukkah bush several years ago, and since then it has seen no reason to stop, only to step up.

Her 2023 collection, accordingly, provides a small-big moment of wow, and a complete justification for any exaggeration. You can find here, among other things, a strawberry or milk jam doughnut (7 shekels), "Dolce Flor de Sal" (filled with crème dolce fleur de cell, caramel toffee in vanilla sugar crust, 13 shekels), yuzu meringue (filled with vanilla whipped cream, lemon yuzu cream in vanilla sugar crust and French meringue, 13 shekels) with Asian darkness, berry mascarpone, "Choco Candy" (filled with milk chocolate and bitter cream, Glassage noir, chocolate hazelnut cream and colorful candies, 13 shekels) for the good (and bad) kids among us, pistachio, rose or coconut ports and a cheesecake doughnut that won the most.

Roladin's celebrations naturally wore a blue-and-white robe, were correctly branded in the context of togetherness and also went out into the field, to the assembly areas of IDF forces in the north and south. Small-big joys.

Know those who also need to be unboxed? This is for them.


The jewelry: Mickey his name

Mickey's Donuts/Daniel Lila

The popular chain has successfully located its D&A doughnuts, and continues with it this year, and rightly so.

Thus, her "Donuts Around the World" collection includes, among other things, a salted caramel donut (salted caramel cream filling, caramel frosting, chocolate decoration and grated caramel, 12 shekels), a folded doughnut (dark chocolate frosting, folded fragments and nut nucella pipette, 12 shekels), a baked maritozzo donut filled with vanilla cream (19 shekels), a cremschnit donut (vanilla cream filling, white chocolate frosting and caramelized puff pastry fragments, 19 shekels), whipped cream and strawberry doughnut (whipped cream filling, white chocolate and strawberry frosting, 19 shekels) and kadaif donut (patisserie cream filling, kadaif noodle topping, 19 shekels).

She will be joined by proven hits such as jam or milk jam classics, Oreo and pistachio games, and obscene tinkering with Ferrero Rocha, Alfajores, Amarana cherries and Click.

Know those who must eat with their eyes too? This is for them.

Mickey's name is

Europeans: Bakery and Delicatessen

Bakery & Delicatessen Donuts / Idit Ben Uliel

R2M Group and Ruthie Brodo's Hells Is More approach works great in routine, and especially well during Hanukkah. Thus, you will find here a necessary reduction, an elegance that usually disappears on this holiday, and minimal oiliness - in every sense.

The doughnuts offer four fillings – strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and caramel – as well as a faceless version (NIS 34 for a six, NIS 40 for stuffings), while the pancake department (NIS 38 for a six, NIS 320 for a mixed tray of 36 units) is a little more rampant, wrapping things up with potatoes and green onions, sweet potatoes, corn (and some mozzarella), cabbage (with a little potatoes, onions and caraway), zucchini (with mint-dill-onion) greenish and lively, Chard (with leeks and onions) and cauliflower (with a dash of paprika and cumin) - at first snacking calmly, then snatched and savagely dipped in one of the dips - horseradish yogurt, sriracha, lemon silan and chives cream.

Know those who only need one item, but have a stamp? This is for them.

For Bakery & Delicatessen

The classics: bread bakery

Bread Bakery Donuts/Daniel Lila

Uri Shaft's Israeli (and abroad) institution maintains the boundaries of the Clasico, and once again offers a winning team that knows what is important, and what is at stake.

The doughnuts enjoy a huge dough that eliminates any fear of heaviness, and are happily filled with strawberry jam, hazelnut chocolate and milk jam (9 NIS each, 7 NIS without filling).

Besides them, the equally famous pancakes, the handmade products of the bakers, and a crispy-fresh-delicious solution for the happy dinners of the holiday returned. There are baked pancakes with potato and leeks, sweet potatoes as well as spinach and cheese (NIS 5 each, NIS 60 per half kilo), cream and chives dip (NIS 23) with required punch and frozen boxes for advance planners.

Also in the bakery: a "Or Eitan" gift box with donuts, natural carbonated drinks and a cloth bag (109 NIS), a "Miracles and Wonders" package (donuts, pancakes, natural carbonated drinks and a cloth bag (163 NIS), as well as hospitality packages for lighting candles that will faithfully serve 4-6 guests (219 NIS) and even more (325 NIS).

Know those who just want the one with jam (or chocolate)? This is for them.

For bread bakery

Distilled: Dalal

Dalal's Donuts / Assaf Carla

The overseas pastry shop from Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv returns to its Hanukkah roots, with a limited selection of donuts, but dizzying in its qualities.

The collection, led by Timor Lavi, offers only four options accordingly - strawberry jam (NIS 9), pistachio ganache and pistachio fragments (NIS 11), milk chocolate patisserie and Nocella with chocolate caviar (NIS 11) and vanilla patisserie and white chocolate pearls (NIS 11) - each of which is a grind that is the essence of happiness.

Know those who like to go wild without making a fuss about it? This is for them.


Hostesses: Reviva and Celia

Reviva Vasilia's Pancakes / Michal Eshel

The French-Israeli chain celebrates Hanukkah with happy group evenings at home in mind.

And so, they formed hospitality trays based on doughnuts (classic and nothing more, with or without strawberry jam) and pancakes (potato with a delicate and soft texture, prasa with an excellent and balanced mix, quinoa and vegetables and spinach-cheeses that provided a purposeful display of seasoning, crunch and punch) - and much more, of course. Big quiches, for example, pastries, cheese platters, salads, spreads, breads and a little sweet. Why not?

Do you know those who even prefer the salty? This is for them.

Larviva and Celia

Italian: Boutique Central

Central Boutique Donuts / Tal Sivan Zaporin

The veteran Israeli chain continues its baked doughnut tradition, this time adding an obvious touch to them from the land of the boot.

Boutique Central's special Hanukkah menu, led by Ofer Gal, offers a pair of doughnuts based on buttery (and excellent) brioche dough, filled with chocolate and strawberry jam. Next to them will be the maritozzo, the pastry-bun that is actually a festive corruption rich in cream (vanilla or salted caramel) sweet, but not too sweet. Price: 8 NIS per unit.

Know those who already need the next thing? It's for them.

To Boutique Central

The lifters: Shani confectionery

Shani/Yifat Cohen Confectionery Donuts

The northern chain (and Ramat Ganit) tries to raise morale and mood with a colorful doughnut team, rich, corrupt and mostly delicious.

You can find here, among others, berry pavlova (cream cream filling, vanilla and berry meringue coating, white chocolate cream and raspberry flakes), "Royal Pistachio" (pistachio cream filling, pistachio chocolate ganache coating, chocolate tilon), "Pink Lady" (strawberry cream filling, click coating and heavy cream), "Oreo Gold" (cookie vanilla cream filling, dark chocolate frosting, Oreo cookie fragments and golden chocolate flakes) chocolatey, Folded Nocella (Nocella cream filling, chocolate ganache coating and folded fragments), Kinder Bueno and also a "Together We Win" doughnut (chocolate cream filling, chocolate ganache coating and cream cream) whose connection to the events is unclear, but we also didn't need one in the face of corruption.

Alongside these (NIS 12.5-14.5, a pack of eight special and two classic, a menorah and candles for NIS 189), there will also be a doughnut filled with strawberry jam and pomegranate jam (NIS 6.5) and a milk jam spawn (NIS 7.5).

Know the ones who are extra? It's for them.

For Shani confectionery

Patriotism: a faithful pastry

Ne'eman Pastry Donuts / Gil Aviram

The large baking chain celebrates Hanukkah with a distinctly blue and white sign, and with a proud Israeli star.

Mimi Ne'eman Sheikh's large collection includes, among others, doughnuts filled with milk chocolate, strawberry jam, milk jam, white chocolate and "Kids' Chococo" (filled with milk chocolate cream, covered with milk chocolate and colorful candies), "Lady Pink" (filled with white chocolate cream, covered with pink cream and colorful candies), "Vanilla Cookies Cream" (filled with white chocolate, covered with white chocolate and cocoa cookie crumble, With chocolate tilon stuffed with white chocolate cream), Rocher (filled with praliné cream, covered with milk chocolate with waffle fragments and candied hazelnuts) and Israela, a doughnut filled with patisserie cream, covered with white chocolate and candies in the colors of the flag.

Alongside these, and other corrupt ones, there will also be donuts coated in pistachio cream or Belgian white chocolate, for example, and hot spinge, coated in sugar of course. Price: 5 NIS for a donut with strawberry jam, 7 NIS for a doughnut with milk jam, 9 NIS for a spinge, 12 NIS for special donuts and donuts.

Know those who love a showcase packed with possibilities? This is for them.

For a loyal pastry

The best deals: Bonjour

Bonjour's Donuts/Studio Imageart

The veteran bakery group and the large marketing chain are collaborating into a joyous and worthwhile Hanukkah pop-up.

The event, which will take place at the chain's flagship branches (Holon, Rishon LeZion, Hod Hasharon) during Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday, will offer a package of six donuts for NIS 29.90. Under the wings of much-needed Israeliness now, there will be a "blue and white doughnut" (white chocolate, coconut and marshmallow frosting, a biscuit and chocolate cake flavored doughnut, as well as a doughnut covered with halva chips and silan syrup.

Know those who still complain about the price? This is for them.

Symbolism: Biga

Biga/Sarit Gas's Donuts

The veteran bakery celebrates Hanukkah with a colorful collection, which emphasizes blue and white, of course.

You will find here, among other things, berry fillings, pistachio cream, Belgian chocolate ganache and strawberry or milk jam, a gluten-free version of patisserie cream - and a prominent Israeli spirit in the form of the country's symbols and its flag color.

Know those who think of everyone? This is for them.


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