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Iced freezer increases electricity costs: how to defrost it properly


Highlights: Iced freezer increases electricity costs: how to defrost it properly.. Status: 11.12.2023, 08:45 a.m.By: Franziska Kaindl.CommentsPrint Share: 1.0.1. 1. 0. 0, 0.0, 0,0. 0,. 0,000. 0%. 0,00.0,. 0.00. 0%, 0.000.0%. 0.0000.0., 0.01.0%,0.00%. 0,.0.0; 0.001.0%; 0.003.0.; 0.005.0%). 0.007.0! 0.008.0!. 0.006.0+. 0.009.0%%. 0%.0.000+. 0%.00%.0%.0%!. 0%.000.

Status: 11.12.2023, 08:45 a.m.

By: Franziska Kaindl

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You can't store food in the freezer anymore because of ice? At this point, at the latest, it's time to defrost the device. The wallet is also happy.

With the help of a freezer compartment or freezer, the shelf life of food can be wonderfully extended. Over time, however, thick sheets of ice form on the walls of the device - these not only take up unnecessary space, but also have an effect on electricity costs: "Even 1 centimeter of ice can increase electricity consumption by 10 to 15 percent," explains BUND Hessen, according to the consumer magazine Ökotest. So if you already have thick ice crusts forming in the freezer, it's high time to defrost the appliance.

How to defrost the freezer properly

  • Remove all food and store it in a cool place (more on this below).
  • Unplug the freezer. In the case of a freezer compartment, you need to check that the temperature can be adjusted independently of the refrigerator. If this is not the case, then you will need to turn off both the freezer compartment and the refrigerator.
  • Place wipes underneath and in the freezer to catch the melting water. Thick plates that come loose are placed in the sink to melt, otherwise you will have to wipe the water out of the chest or compartment later.
  • When all the ice has melted, wipe down the cabinet or drawer with a little rinse water.
  • Wait until everything has dried again before turning the appliance back on – otherwise the next layer of ice will form.
  • When the desired temperature is reached, you can put your food back in the freezer.
  • If you defrost your freezer compartment, you can save electricity. © Panthermedia/Imago

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    Where do I store the food while I defrost the freezer?

    The most practical thing would be to use up all the supplies from the freezer before defrosting the appliance. The cold chain must not be interrupted in the case of food, otherwise it can spoil. However, if this is not possible, you have several options: One would be to store the food in a cooler for sub-zero temperatures or a bag with cooling packs. Or you can wait for a cold winter's day and put the supplies covered in a box on the balcony or terrace. To do this, choose the evening hours, when the sun has already set. Sometimes, however, there are a few friendly neighbors who store the food in their freezer in the meantime.

    Three tricks to speed up freezer defrosting

    Depending on how thick the ice layer in the freezer already is, it may take a few hours for the appliance to defrost completely. If you don't want to wait that long – for example, because you want to have the food back in the fridge quickly – you can speed up the process a little with a few tricks:


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    • Place a bowl of hot water inside the freezer or freezer. The steam causes the surrounding ice to melt faster. But don't forget to place the bowl on a heat-resistant surface so as not to damage the plastic.
    • As soon as a few pieces of ice can be removed better, you can help with a spatula. However, avoid using tools that are pointed or sharp, as this can cause damage to the device.
    • Sprinkle a bit of table salt on the layers of ice in the freezer and let it sit for a little. Like salt on the street, it ensures that the ice melts faster.

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