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Artificial intelligence – curse or blessing: Four books offer an introduction to the topic


Highlights: Artificial intelligence – curse or blessing: Four books offer an introduction to the topic. Medical diagnoses and legal advice are now handled by intelligent computer systems. Will we control intelligent machines – or will they control us? Stay up to date on new releases and book tips with the free newsletter from our partner The most popular bestsellers of 2023 to devour are: Jussi Adler-Olsen, Manuela Lenzen and Ferdinand von Schirach.

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By: Sven Trautwein




Algorithms are changing the world of work and the world in which we live.

Artificial intelligence will be our constant companion.

These books make it easier to get started.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that deals with the development of machines that have human-like thinking and learning abilities.

AI enables computers to handle tasks such as speech recognition, image processing and decision making.

By analyzing large amounts of data, AI can recognize patterns and connections and derive predictions from them.

As technology advances, AI becomes more precise and effective, revolutionizing industries such as healthcare, transportation and finance.

AI promises to transform our world and drive innovation.

Applications like ChatGPT or Midjourney have been on everyone's lips for a few months now.

We have put together a few book titles on the subject of AI that shed more light on the topic.

Is artificial intelligence a curse or a blessing?

These four books provide an introduction to the complex topic.

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AI has also become indispensable in the book and magazine market.

A book publisher recently published artificially created book covers and left the vote to the readers.

When ChatGPT was increasingly hitting the headlines in this country, the results were not that good, especially in the literature sector.

E-book titles that were created by AI and are meaningless are often noticed.

But AI has become an integral part of many application areas.

Stay up to date on new releases and book tips with the free newsletter from our partner

Standard introduction to artificial intelligence: Max Tegmark “Life 3.0”

Tegmark's book "Life 3.0" deals with the fundamental questions that usually come to mind when thinking about artificial intelligence.

Max Tegmark is one of the most respected researchers in this area and dealt with the world of thought early on.

It is a book worth reading and can be seen as a good basis for getting started with the topic.

Tegmark writes calmly and well balanced.

Artificial intelligence will change the future of life in our universe.

Will it bring us to ruin or contribute to the further development of Homo Sapiens?

How will it affect our world of work, democracy and society as a whole, how will it shape tomorrow's warfare and change our understanding of justice?

Will we control intelligent machines – or will they control us? 


Max Tegmark “Life 3.0”

2019 Ullstetin, ISBN-13 978-3-548-37796-4

Price: Paperback €16.99, 528 pages

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Easy to understand: Ralf Otte “Artificial Intelligence for Dummies”

We are encountering artificial intelligence more and more frequently in everyday life.

Be it in intelligent cars, robots, chatbots or in systems that beat us in chess and Go.

The importance of AI is constantly increasing.

In his concise yet simple book, Ralf Otte provides an overview of the algorithms that made all of this possible.

He illustrates industrial applications, explains the underlying mathematics and shows clear limits for the coming years of artificial intelligence.

The mathematical foundations are discussed, but are not essential to understand the core message of the book.

With this book you will get up to date on the topic of “artificial intelligence”: understand the associated algorithms, get to know industrial applications and find out what artificial intelligence cannot yet do.


Ralf Otte “Artificial Intelligence for Dummies”

2023 Wiley-VCH, ISBN-13 978-3-527-72099-6

Price: €26, 512 pages

All-round blow with artificial intelligence: Manuela Lenzen “Artificial Intelligence”

Medical diagnoses and legal advice are now handled by intelligent computer systems.

They manage stock trading and will soon also drive our cars.

They paint, write poetry, interpret and compose.

More and more advanced robots work on assembly lines, greet us in hotels, guide us through museums or prepare burgers.

But alongside the utopian vision of a brave new world of intelligent technology, frightening images have emerged: of artificial intelligences monitoring us, taking over our jobs and spiraling out of control.

With “Artificial Intelligence” Manuela Lenzen offers a well-founded and comprehensive introduction to the topic of AI and all the questions related to it.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new magic formula of digital capitalism.

It stands for machines that can do what humans can: hear and see, speak, learn, solve problems.

In some ways they are now not only faster, but also better than humans.

How do these clever machines work?

Do they threaten us, do they even make us superfluous?

Blurb/CH Beck

Manuela Lenzen “Artificial Intelligence”

CH Beck, ISBN-13

Price: €18, 288 pages

Topic AI in English: Kate Crawford “Atlas of AI”

In “Atlas of AI,” Kate Crawford shows that there is no simple, blanket solution to all the problems we encounter.

These certainly cannot be solved by AI.

Crawford covers a variety of topics in her book: from the environmentally harmful lithium extraction for smartphone and notebook batteries, to the influence of algorithms on the world of work, to the use of technology for the comprehensive surveillance of citizens, as suggested by Edward Snowden's revelations brought to light several years ago.

This book will change the way you look at artificial intelligence.

Kate Crawford reveals how AI consumes resources, labor and data - and how it reinforces the formation of undemocratic systems.

An important read about the powerful structures reshaping our world.

Blurb/Yale University Press

Kate Crawford “Atlas of AI”

2022 Yale University Press, ISBN-13 978-0-300-26463-0

Price: paperback €13.59, 327 pages

Anyone interested in artificial intelligence in thrillers should take a closer look at Arno Strobel's “Fake”.

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