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Cleaning windows: Quick and easy – even for lazy people


Highlights: Cleaning windows: Quick and easy – even for lazy people. Spring-like temperatures and cloudy skies are ideal, in summer windows should only be cleaned early in the morning or late in the evening. Clean windows with a window vacuum. After scrubbing with a cleaner and microfiber cloth, simply remove the remaining water from top to bottom. If, for example, the squeegee is not sufficient and water remains in the corners of the window, you have to use a cloth again and it remains dry.

As of: February 24, 2024, 7:12 p.m

By: Pauline Wyderka




Window cleaning made easy: With a few tips and tricks, it's not only streak-free, but also quick and easy enough for lazy people.

You usually only notice that the windows urgently need cleaning when you see the dirt on the pane.

And then the sunlight usually has a hard time.

Because your home is simply nicer with clear windows and more light: LUDWIGSHAFEN24 reveals the easiest, quickest and most thorough way to clean windows.

What is the best way to clean the windows?

When cleaning windows regularly, you should note that the frame, handle and ledge also need a little attention every now and then.

How often you lend a hand to the window is largely up to your own discretion.

Then it's best to work with cleaner in the spray bottle and a damp cloth.

Depending on where you live and the time of year, it may be necessary to unpack the cleaning cloth more often.

Where it rains, fine dust or pollen and insects fly, cleaning should be done once every two to three months.

To ensure the glass is as clean and shiny as possible, you should provide fresh, lukewarm cleaning water.

We recommend a gentle glass cleaner or a dash of detergent in the cleaning water - the cleaner is a true all-purpose weapon in the household.

Which rags are best for cleaning windows?

Many people traditionally rely on chamois leather when cleaning windows.

This is a fine polishing cloth made of leather, but it is not entirely easy to care for and animal-friendly.

Others rely on newspaper.

The uncoated recycled paper is highly absorbent and is therefore suitable for streak-free wiping - but be careful with the printer's ink!

On the other hand, the microfiber cloth is recommended as a solid all-rounder.

The tight fibers are extremely absorbent, do not lint and are also strong against stubborn dirt without scratching the glass - something you have to be careful with, for example, with dishwashing sponges.

SÜDWEST24 reveals here how you can clean car windows easily and efficiently.

What's the quickest way to clean windows?

Insider tip for lazy people

In principle, fast and streak-free cleaning of windows cannot be easily combined.

However, if you want to invest in your equipment, you can get a window vacuum.

The window vacuum can be used like a squeegee, but it simply sucks up the cleaning water on the window.

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If you don't want that, you are still well advised to use a window squeegee.

It's quicker with: After scrubbing with a cleaner and microfiber cloth, simply remove the remaining water from top to bottom.

If you're experienced, you can do it in an upside-down U-shape from the outside to the inside; if you're not, you can stick to vertical stripes.

However, it is important that the rubber lip on the puller remains smooth, otherwise there will be streaks.

Clean windows with a window vacuum, one of the insider tips for quick and easy window cleaning.

© Pond5 Images/Imago

How do I get my windows clean without streaks?

And there are a few more tips to keep in mind if you want to achieve streak-free window glass.

If, for example, the squeegee was not sufficient and water remains in the corners of the window, you have to use a cloth again and polish it dry.

There are also a few things to consider when it comes to timing.

Remember: evaporation is not your friend as streaks will remain.

It is therefore important to avoid direct and particularly warm sunlight.

But it shouldn't be too cold either, as the dirt will then be more difficult to remove.

Spring-like temperatures and cloudy skies are ideal.

In summer, windows should therefore only be cleaned early in the morning or late in the evening.

And finally, of course, the right cleaning product plays a role.

Why not glass cleaner for windows?

Contrary to expectations, special glass cleaner is not always the best solution.

The cleaner often contains harsh ingredients that should not come near the important seals on the window frame as they attack them.

You can find out here which cleaners you really need in your household instead.

A tried and tested household trick, on the other hand, is to dilute a little dishwashing liquid with water.

Vinegar, which is particularly strong against limescale, can also be used for stubborn dirt and deposits.

But home remedies can also attack seals and should therefore be used sparingly.


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