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11 burger recipes that should definitely be on your “try list”.


Highlights: 11 burger recipes that should definitely be on your “try list”... As of: March 5, 2024, 9:20 a.m By: Anna Yakusheva No matter whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian or have a sweet tooth – the world of burger recipes offers something to suit every taste. Patties can be designed according to your preferences, such as chickpeas or tofu. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to toppings. Classic burger ingredients are lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sauce.

As of: March 5, 2024, 9:20 a.m

By: Anna Yakusheva




No matter whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian or have a sweet tooth – the world of burger recipes offers something to suit every taste.

1 / 11The Crispy Chicken Burger is served with crispy chicken legs on a fresh burger bun with crispy lettuce, pickles and homemade aioli.

A treat that not only saves time cooking, but also eliminates the need to visit a fast food restaurant.

© Simply Tasty

2 / 11The Big Mac Taco combines the best of both worlds: the familiar flavors of the classic Big Mac meet the Tex-Mex genius of a taco.

With crispy iceberg lettuce, pickles, onions and the unmistakable Big Mac sauce, this burger is a taste experience in a class of its own.

© Sandra Keck/Einfach Tasty

3 / 11The Christmas burger with juicy duck breast, aromatic cranberries and creamy Camembert is a festive delicacy that combines the flavors of the holidays in one burger.

© Simply Tasty

4 / 11The Kasseler burger combines juicy Kasseler, soft bun, lamb's lettuce and caramelized onions on one burger.

A unique burger treat for a cozy evening with friends.

© Simply Tasty

5 / 11The Bayern Burger combines the best of Bavarian cuisine in one dish.

With hearty Nuremberg grilled sausages, aromatic sauerkraut and sweet mustard, served on a pretzel roll, it is a delicious homage to the traditional flavors of Bavaria.

© Simply Tasty

6 / 11The Texas Burger Toast is a delicious combination of juicy burger meat, corn, kidney beans, peppers and the smoky spice of BBQ sauce.

This explosion of flavors on toast promises a culinary trip to Texas in every bite.

© Simply Tasty

7 / 11The Tyrolean Gröstl Burger with delicious fried potatoes, crispy bacon and juicy eggs offers a unique taste that brings the aromas of the Alps to the burger plate.

The dish is popular for breakfast, but also as a filling meal in hiking huts.

© Simply Tasty

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8 / 11The gyros burger, a creative fusion of Greek and American cuisine, combines spicy gyros meat with fresh tzatziki, tomatoes and feta to create a special kind of taste experience. This juicy burger proves that gyros are not only great as a dish, but also between two burger buns can convince.

© Simply Tasty

9 / 11Bunless chicken burgers offer a delicious low-carb alternative for burger lovers.

Juicy chicken and crunchy vegetables ensure an enjoyable and light burger experience without the classic bread side dish.

© Simply Tasty

10 / 11The vegetarian halloumi burger with honey mustard sauce is a delicious alternative for burger lovers who want to avoid meat.

The grilled halloumi cheese adds a savory touch, while the honey mustard sauce gives the burger a sweet and spicy flavor.

© Simply Tasty

11 / 11Veggie burgers with mushroom patties impress with their hearty taste, in which bulgur serves as the base and aromatic mushrooms provide the characteristic taste.

The fresh parsley and the classic burger toppings perfectly round off this delicious plant-based burger experience.

© Simply Tasty

Burgers have long been more than fast food – they are an art form of culinary creativity.

From classic to unusual, they offer endless possibilities to pamper your palate.

Whether with beef, vegetarian or vegan – there is something for every taste.

This recipe collection presents eleven delicious burger creations that are easy to prepare yourself.

Patties can be designed according to your preferences, be it with beef, vegetables or vegan alternatives such as chickpeas or tofu.

The burger buns can either be baked yourself or bought ready-made.

There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to toppings.

Classic burger ingredients are lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and sauce.

But more exotic toppings such as guacamole, chili or mango chutney are also possible.

If you can't get enough of delicious recipe ideas anyway, you should sign up for the Simply Tasty newsletter to stay up to date.

What would a burger be without sauce?

The sauces are the heart of every burger and give it that certain something.

Whether classic, spicy or sweet – the choice of sauce has a significant influence on the taste of the burger.

At Simply Tasty you will find three popular burger sauces that can be easily recreated at home.

Classic burger – the timeless favorite

The art of a good burger starts with the basics and the classic version undoubtedly remains a timeless favorite.

The focus here is on juicy beef, fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce and aromatic sauces such as ketchup, mustard or burger sauce.

Creative burgers – taste explosions on your plate

The world of burgers is no longer limited to the classic combination of meat, buns and a few common ingredients.

Here, burger crafting becomes an art that pushes the boundaries of creativity.

How about, for example, a Crispy Chicken Burger (1) with crispy chicken legs on crisp lettuce, pickles and homemade aioli?

Or try a fusion of the iconic Big Mac burger and Mexican tacos with Big Mac Tacos (2) - a surprising combination that presents familiar tastes in a new way.

For a festive touch, the Christmas burger (3) with duck breast, cranberries and Camembert is recommended, which even puts the traditional Christmas goose to shame.

German burgers – tradition meets modernity

In the world of burger creations, German influences are gaining more and more attention.

The combination of traditional ingredients with modern ideas creates authentic taste experiences.

The Kasseler burger (4) is a prime example of this symbiosis.

Here the hearty aroma of Kasseler meat meets lamb's lettuce, rounded off with a mustard sauce.

For Bayern fans there is the Bayern Burger (5), which integrates regional specialties into the world of burgers.

Here, Nuremberg grilled sausages, sauerkraut and sweet mustard on a pretzel roll combine to create a unique taste experience with a regional touch.

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International burgers – a taste journey around the world

The diversity of the burger world knows no boundaries and international influences bring a touch of exoticism to the plate.

From a Texas burger toast (6) with juicy burger meat, corn, kidney beans, peppers and smoky BBQ sauce to a Tyrolean Gröstl burger (7) with potatoes, bacon and eggs to a Greek gyros burger (8) with tzatziki , tomatoes and feta in brioche buns – every variation is a culinary adventure.

Low-carb burger – enjoyment without regret

Low-carb burgers prove that burgers can also be healthy and figure-conscious.

With leafy vegetables as a bun replacement and lean meat, the burger becomes a light meal.

A perfect example of this is the chicken burger without a bun (9) with a juicy, spicy chicken patty, crunchy lettuce and a creamy sauce.

Veggie burger: plant-based enjoyment at the highest level

There are also delicious options available for those who prefer meat-free alternatives.

A vegetarian halloumi burger with honey mustard sauce (10) offers a perfect combination of tangy cheese and sweet spice.

The veggie burger with mushroom patty (11) is just as convincing.

With bulgur as a basic ingredient and aromatic mushrooms as a flavor carrier, this burger patty in combination with fresh parsley and classic burger toppings such as ketchup, mustard and red onions is at least as convincing in terms of taste as its meat version.

No matter whether it's a classic cheeseburger, a creative veggie burger or a low-carb burger - using cheese as a topping gives every burger that certain extra something.

With the right type of cheese, every burger turns into an unforgettable pleasure and becomes an eye-catcher on the plate.

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