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Eat healthy, live healthy: The ten best nutritional guides


Highlights: Eat healthy, live healthy: The ten best nutritional guides. Ten best books to read in March 2024: Ten classics that you should definitely read and ten new classics to pass on. The best-selling book of the year is “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II’s” ‘Harry Potter’, the final book in the Harry Potter series, is out March 5, 2024. Read the top ten bestseller titles on the bestseller list in March Spiegel list.

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By: Sven Trautwein




Healthy eating is trendy.

Whether Veganuary, vegan or Mediterranean.

We present you the ten best nutritional guides in the photo series.

1 / 10Bas Kast “The Nutritional Compass”: In his bestseller, Kast clears up the dietary chaos, debunks nutritional myths and describes the basics of a diet that protects us from age-related illnesses and extends our lives - a unique conclusion from all scientific studies on the subject of nutrition, now included a new chapter about which foods can have a mood-enhancing effect and example recipes.

With numerous illustrations and designed in two colors throughout.

© C. Bertelsmann

2 / 10Dr.

Christoph Wiedmer “Food Lies”: Do you know exactly what ends up in your shopping cart?

Probably not, because nowhere are there as many myths, errors and lies circulating as in the world of nutrition: Are sweeteners really as harmful as their reputation?

Does the packaging really say everything that is inside?

Do protein powders for athletes and dietary supplements really do anything, or do they actually do harm in the end?

And are superfoods actually as healthy as they always claim?

© Piper

3 / 10Prof.


Ingo Froböse "The Metabolism Compass": Every day it produces energy so that our heart beats, the liver works, the kidneys and digestion function, we breathe, have sex and small children grow up: Metabolism influences all aging processes, it has a direct influence on our appearance, our figure and skin and determines whether we age youthfully or are already old at a young age.

© Ullstein

4 / 10Prof.


Ingo Froböse “anti-belly fat formula”: Ingo Froböse explains briefly and concisely what the visceral fat that sits deep in the abdominal cavity and surrounds the organs is all about, what problems it can cause and why his formula is The best approach is to get rid of this internal fat too!

Don't eat less, eat right. Find out which nutrients are essential for your body and how you can optimally boost your metabolism.

Shopping lists and ten simple fitness recipes help you integrate a balanced diet into your everyday life!

© riva

5 / 10Karsten Dusse “Mindful murder through conscious nutrition” – crime novel and nutritional guide in one: Thanks to mindfulness, Björn Diemel has found his center.

However, his problem areas are now the edges of his body, which are moving further and further away from the center.

Björn realizes that resting within oneself and lack of movement are two fundamentally different things.

© Heyne

6 / 10Tim Spector “Food for Life”: In this standard work, the internationally leading nutritionist Tim Spector explains the latest research results on healthy eating.

It answers questions such as: How does the intestinal flora influence our health and well-being, and what can we do to protect it from damage?

Which foods are healthy and which are really unhealthy?

What helps with allergies, autoimmune diseases and obesity?

Why is it just as wrong to assign calories to our food as to break down nutrients into carbohydrates, proteins and fats?

Is dark bread always better?

Is brown rice really healthier than white rice?

Can you eat full-fat yogurt or cheese?

© Dumont

7 / 10Tim Spector “The truth about our food”: Prof. Dr.

Tim Spector is a renowned nutritionist and expert in personalized medicine and the gut microbiome.

In “The Truth About Our Food” he clearly and at the cutting edge of research exposes many of our ideas about healthy eating as wrong.

It shows: coffee, salt and butter are not necessarily bad for us, fish, gluten-free and sugar-free food are not necessarily good for us.

Vitamin tablets, vegan dishes and lots of water are not necessarily healthy, and locally grown food is by no means always the best solution.

© Dumont

8 / 10Dagmar von Cramm “Eat your gut healthy”: Strengthen the microbiome with the right diet |

60 recipes for more intestinal health - with special programs for prevention and intestinal cleansing - The comprehensive nutritional guide by the well-known nutrition expert and best-selling author Dagmar von Cramm - with 60 new and tried and tested intestinal-healthy recipes and 2-week programs for immediate help © Droemer

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9 / 10Dr.

Peter Attia “Outlive”: Wouldn’t you like to live longer?

And better?

In this handbook for a long and good life, Dr.

Peter Attia uses the latest scientific findings to clearly convey innovative nutritional measures and techniques for optimizing exercise and sleep - and he gives tips for balanced emotional and mental health.

© Ullstein

10 / 10Giulia Ender's “Intestines with Charm” – The health bestseller: Our intestines are a fabulous creature full of sensitivity, responsibility and willingness to perform.

If you treat him well, he will thank you for it.

This is good for everyone: the intestines train two thirds of our immune system.

It provides our body with the energy to live from rolls or tofu sausage.

And it has the largest nervous system after the brain.

Allergies, our weight and our emotional world are closely linked to our stomach.

In this book, the young scientist Giulia Enders explains what new medical research offers and how we can use this knowledge to make our everyday lives better.

The accompanying illustrations were penned by her sister Jill.

The updated new edition is supplemented by a chapter: The Enders sisters provide an update on new research results and the world of microbes.

© Ullstein

Nutritionists like Tim Spector (“The Truth About Our Food”) rightly top the bestseller lists.

The guides explain in an understandable way the positive effects that a healthy and balanced diet can have on the human body.

Author Karsten Dusse also devotes himself to the topic of healthy eating in his fifth “Mindfully Murdering” book: a mixture of crime fiction and non-fiction.

Are you looking for delicious recipes?

Then you will definitely find what you are looking for among the most beautiful cookbooks of 2023.

We have put together which nutritional guides are worth taking a closer look at in the photo series above.

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