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Education announces new school year limitations: focus on practical skills and broader powers for principals


Damascus-SANA In parallel with the equipping of schools and the requirements of the educational process, the Ministry of Education draws up the road map for the year


In parallel with the equipping of schools and the requirements of the educational process, the Ministry of Education is developing the roadmap for the new academic year, from a greater focus on practical skills to a pilot test for certificates students, broader powers for principals and other measures to ensure, according to those responsible, the achievement of the goal and purpose of education.

Assistant Minister of Education Abdul Hakim Al-Hammad said in a statement to the delegate of SANA that the ministry seeks through its procedures to create a good climate for a disciplined academic year and the delivery of all students and pupils to a quality education to achieve their goals.

With regard to the educational process between Hammad that the current curriculum encourages the student to build his own knowledge and transfer of education from the theoretical situation to the process through the implementation of activities and projects applied to the role of the teacher gradually limited to guidance and evaluation constantly.

As for the assessment of the student level, Al-Hammad pointed to the adoption of a file of achievement, which includes the achievements of the learner to be a reference that shows the level of student performance, progress and acquisition of basic skills and knowledge.

While the ministry distributed the grades of the student according to Hammad between the work of the first and second semester and the oral participation of the learner on an issue or subject raised in the classroom, jobs and worksheets carried out at home or school and its activities and initiatives individually or collectively in addition to the degree of study, which is carried out once in the middle of each semester It aims to measure the knowledge and skills acquired by the learner in a given course content.

As for the conduct of a pilot test at the end of the fourth month of the grades of secondary school certificate and basic education certificate, the assistant minister of education explained that those who have achieved a rate of 75 percent and above and if not passed the student is deprived of running in the name of the school and apply as a free study.

In order to control the educational process, Al-Hammad pointed out that every day of unjustified absence of the student is resolved with a degree of the result in the transitional grades and has been granted powers to school administrators to take appropriate action against the teacher who did not commit to attend the curriculum and the curriculum in accordance with the approved plan, which prohibits teaching classes in certificates in the year The next one is assigned to teach in transitional classes only with the possibility of transferring him from his school district to another.

Tomorrow, more than 12,700 schools will be open to students as the new school year begins for all levels of education, with an estimated 3.7 million students enrolled in various governorates.

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Source: sena

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