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Hasakeh students reject curriculum of separatist militia (SDF) and start the new school year in public schools


Al-Hasakah-Sana At the beginning of the school year, students in Al-Hasakah Province urge their footsteps towards public schools


At the beginning of the school year, students in al-Hasakah Province urge their footsteps towards government schools that study Syrian curricula in the cities of al-Hasakah and al-Qamishli after the US-backed separatist militia Quds imposed a different curriculum in places where it was deployed and has not adopted Arabic for several years.

As the students went to their schools, SANA's correspondent met a group of students, including the child Raad, from the western ecstasy neighborhood, who is studying in the second grade of primary school, where he travels each day an estimated distance of 4 kilometers back and forth on foot to reach the school gathering at the Virgin School in the center of al-Hasakah. The SDF militia closed the neighborhood school, one of thousands of children from the neighborhoods around the city center of Al-Hasakah who struggle to reach their schools every day in the face of the heat of the sun in the current days and the cold winter in the coming months.

The fun girl from the school gathering in the Virgin School and the fourth grade student talked to the reporter about her beautiful memories in the school Suleiman Alo in the neighborhood of Gueran, which was closed by the militia "SDF" and says: "I was out and left my school in the neighborhood soon while I arrived to my new school "I am exhausted by the long walk, but that doesn't stop me from coming to school."

Some residents of distant neighborhoods provided various means of transport to transport their children to schools within the city center after the closure of their schools, including the citizen Azzam, who was carrying his three sons on a motorcycle from their home in the neighborhood of flowers to their school, pointing out that the love of the country is reflected in multiple manifestations and adhere to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education The closure of schools by the militia to pressure parents to accept the curriculum they are teaching did not prevent them from transferring their children to public schools opened by the Education Directorate in the city center.

Khulood, a resident of Al-Azizia neighborhood, takes her two children through a public taxi, pointing out that “despite the additional financial cost, this did not prevent us from accessing public schools and teaching them the Syrian national curriculum, which teaches our children the meanings of goodness, science, knowledge, love of the country and its people.”

The Directorate of Education in Al-Hasakah has taken all the necessary measures to start the new school year to accommodate pupils and students in its schools from all over the province, which number about 86179 students and supervised by 6,695 teachers and teachers distributed in 320 schools.

In response to the increasing number of pupils and students coming from cities and rural areas whose schools have been closed by the militia "SDF" Director of Education Ilham Sourkhan said that 15 schools have been established in the city of al-Hasakah and 14 in the city of Qamishli in addition to the installation of 60 prefabricated rooms in schools and maintenance of 28 schools The Directorate of Education has invested a number of government and service buildings in the cities of al-Hasakah and al-Qamishli, and opened the Safiya people in the building of the Women's Union, the Faculty of Law, Rawdat Al-Basel, the Youth League and the Farmers Union.

Sourkhan pointed out that the first day of the new school year started with ease as schools started distributing textbooks to the pupils. An entertainment activity was also held for the first graders in the virgin school in al-Hasakah in order to entice the students to their new school and introduce them to the teaching staff who will accompany them throughout the new school year. .

Source: sena

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