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10 key phrases from the CNN forums on the climate crisis


CNN organized on Tuesday night 10 consecutive photos with Democratic presidential candidates for 2020. This is what the participants said.

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(CNN) - CNN organized on Tuesday night 10 consecutive photos with Democratic presidential candidates for 2020.

Candidates answered questions from an audience in the study, composed of Democratic voters interested in the issue, in New York, as well as CNN moderators.

These are the keys of each candidate's forums:

Julian Castro said that "a new civil rights legislation" to address environmental racism - the fact that minority communities face the worst part of the climate crisis - is part of their plan to combat global warming. "I know that many times it is the poor people, the communities of color, who are affected by storms that become more frequent and more powerful," he said.

Andrew Yang said that if he is elected president, he will eliminate the gross domestic product as a measure of national success and replace it with a system that includes environmental factors. "We are going to update it with a new score card that includes our environmental sustainability and our objectives," he said.

Kamala Harris said that, as president, she would order the Department of Justice to go after oil and gas companies that have directly impacted global warming. “They are causing damage and death in the communities. And there has been no accountability, ”he said.

Amy Klobuchar asked that the Trump administration's measure of reversing methane emissions regulations be reversed. "That is very dangerous," he said of the administration's measure.

Joe Biden was questioned by a 19-year-old activist about how young voters can trust that he will prioritize his future over big business. “I've never decided like that. In my entire career, ”he said.

Bernie Sanders was questioned about whether he would reverse the Trump administration's plans to override the requirements for energy-saving light bulbs. He replied emphatically: "Duh!"

Elizabeth Warren said the talks about regulating light bulbs, banning straws or plastic straws and reducing red meat are exactly what the fossil fuel industry wants people to focus on as a way of evade its impact on climate change.

Pete Buttigieg said that successfully fighting climate change could be "more challenging than" winning World War II. "This is the most difficult thing we will have done as a nation in my whole life," he said.

Beto O'Rourke said that if he were elected president, his administration would use federal funds to help people in areas prone to flooding to move to higher ground. "People would move out of those neighborhoods if they could," he said.

Cory Booker is vegan, but said he won't try to stop other Americans from eating hamburgers. "Freedom is one of the most sacred values: whatever you want to eat, go ahead, eat it," he said.

CNN forums

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