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Donald Trump is not up to the job


[OPINION] Jill Filipovic: A president who goes to play golf when the hurricane lurks on the east coast of the country is very questionable at least

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Editor's Note: Jill Filipovic is a Washington-based journalist and author of the book "The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness." Follow her on Twitter. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. The article has been updated considering the latest news.

(CNN) - Hurricane Dorian spent a large part of the weekend stationed over the Bahamas, where it constantly hit the islands with winds of 175 km / h and flooded them with the storm surge destroying homes and livelihoods. At least five people died. Forecasters said they could go to the east coast later.

While the country was preparing for what could be a devastating natural disaster here, if Dorian hit the US, President Donald Trump walked around the golf course at his Virginia club over the weekend, tweeting 122 times from Saturday morning, according to The New York Times .

He also tweeted about the hurricane - largely tremendous folly - but also self-gratifying publications on the economy and employment, laudatory acknowledgments of Fox News, strong criticism of the media and altercations with political opponents and others.

A president who goes to play golf when the hurricane lurks on the east coast of the country is very questionable at least, but it is predictable of a man who has spent so much time on the green as in the Oval office, and who seems to be of little interest in really taking the job of running the country.

Tweets, too, are not out of place for a man with such restless fingers. But they remain worrisome. They point to a president who seems to be slipping away for everyone; a man whose empathy is null and obviously lacks the intellectual understanding of basic concepts.

On Sunday, Trump claimed, for example, that Dorian could hit Alabama; the Meteorological Service said it was not so. After the Meteorological Service corrected the record and said Alabama was not threatened, Trump made the same statement over and over again. He accused his own weather service of issuing a false report.

Trump doesn't seem to understand what a category 5 hurricane is in his Sunday tweet: “A category 5 is something I don't know if I heard the term, outside of that I know it's there. It is the worst. ” I know that we are used to the ramblings and ravings of this president, but those two sentences make no sense. They are completely and surprisingly incoherent.

He then claimed that meteorological experts had also not heard or experienced a category 5 hurricane. This statement is as strange as it is demonstrably false. Note that both Hurricane Irma, in Florida, and Hurricane Maria, in Puerto Rico - which occurred in the first year of his presidency - were category 5 storms.

The ignorance of the president and his pirouettes are no longer funny or entertaining. They are worrisome and potentially lethal.

Trump has shown time and again that he is not fit for the position he holds. He does not understand the basic information necessary to do his job. He does not seem to understand that lives depend on how he performs his role. Instead, he is more interested in his game of golf and Mar-a-Lago.

It's an emergency: Dorian, clearly, but Trump too. And yet the Republican party is more interested in staying in power than putting someone at least somewhat competent in office. But here we are.

While our climate continues to change, scientists tell us that hurricanes will be more frequent and devastating. We need an executive in office right now who can deal with the consequences. Instead, we have a simple miser in a golf cart.

More than two years after the eye of Hurricane Maria touched land in Puerto Rico, the island has not recovered, and the president does not seem to know if Puerto Rico is part of the United States or not (or where it could be located). His incompetence and indifference has disrupted lives there. And he has shown no interest in finding out or worrying more, even when Americans are threatened on the continent. Instead, we receive meaningless tweets, talk.

We have a president who does not seem to be able to focus long enough to listen to what his own weather service says about where Dorian could impact, who tweets as a warning "be careful." How do we think it will handle the real impact if this hurricane hits the United States?

(Translation of Mariana Campos)

Hurricane Dorian

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