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Opening of Aleppo International Dental Conference


Aleppo-Sana with the participation of more than 1600 dentists and graduate student from Syria and Arab and foreign countries started today


With the participation of more than 1600 dentists and graduate students from Syria and Arab and foreign countries began the activities of the Aleppo International Dental Congress 2019 (Towards new skills in the world of dentistry) at the Shahba Hotel Aleppo.

Dr. Ayesh Ghoneim, vice president of dentist syndicate in Syria, explained that the large participation is a guide of doctors' interest in knowing the latest developments in the world of dentistry as well as the exchange of experiences among researchers in the city of Aleppo as evidence of its recovery and return to its previous era as a beacon of civilization, scientific and cultural.

For his part, Dr. Ayman Sayed Wahba, chairman of the branch of the dentists union in Aleppo, told SANA that the conference activities will include over 43 lectures and exhibitions in which 35 international medical companies will present through their agents in Syria the latest dental equipment and medicines needed by the practitioner in addition to workshops. The work aims to develop the skills of the dentist in the fields of dental implants and beautification.

He pointed to the participation of 1600 dentists and graduate students from Syria and Arab and foreign countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Mauritania, Germany, Italy and Canada.

Dr. Yasser al-Jundi, Secretary General of the Arab Dentists Union and the President of the Association of Dentists in the Arab Republic of Egypt, pointed out that the conference in Aleppo is a sign of the strength and cohesion of the Syrian people, expressing his happiness at the great presence of dentists from Syria and abroad at the conference, which is a platform for exchanging expertise and information and building a network of relations. Social and specialized among Arab and foreign dentists.

Dr. Mantret Deleus from Germany expressed his happiness to participate in the conference and see Syria recover and return as before, pointing out that his visit to Syria is the third and is a participant in a lecture on 3D bone grafting, a modern technology in the world in addition to his participation in a practical surgical day transferred directly from the lecture hall .

From Italy, Dr. Besina Ricardo said: “He did not expect Syria to be back to life as it is today.” He pointed out that his participation in the conference will discuss the dental implants in general to benefit and give expertise to young doctors participating recently.

In his lecture, Dr. Rashad Murad, President of Damascus Dental Association and the Ambassador of the International Council for Implantology, spoke about the medical treatment in cases of dental implants such as diabetics, hypertension, osteoporosis, the elderly and those suffering from poor oral health in order to create a suitable environment for agriculture and ensure its success and reduce pain and avoid infections. That needs to work as a team between the dentist, the health care provider and the patient.

Murad considered that the conference is important in terms of its convening in Aleppo in order to deliver the latest information and techniques in the field of dentistry to the new graduates and practitioners and rehabilitation after the war conditions caused some interruptions to these developments, expressing satisfaction for the presence of a large number of young people.

Dr. Mohammad Ahmed Gherwati, Head of Dental Prosthodontics Department at Aleppo University, pointed out that his lecture deals with the latest findings in science in dental implants, which is the quadrilateral printing (4D) which is a quantum leap in the field of dentistry. The world work is done at the Faculty of Dentistry to obtain a patent in this field.

Dr. Ghassan Basit, the scientific coordinator of the conference, explained that 19 lecturers from 8 Arab and foreign countries have been invited to attend the conference and enriched it with medical research and dental science, in addition to 20 lecturers from Aleppo.

Dr. Mukhlis al-Jundi, head of the Hama Dentists Syndicate, pointed out that the conference contributes to raising the scientific level of the participating doctors.

Ruba al-Mimar, agent of a pharmaceutical company, said that the conference is an important opportunity to showcase the latest products related to dental science, pointing to the company's introduction of Italian dental implants.

Dr. Majd Alloush said that he came from Ukraine to participate in the conference as an international conference and he is proud to participate in it and see the new in the fields of Sunni calendar and Sunni agriculture.
In a tour of SANA's camera throughout the exhibition, Dr. Mahmoud Kerman, director of a dental equipment company participating in the exhibition, said that he is participating in the dental equipment and techniques, especially in the field of dental implants to meet the needs of the market, considering that the conference in Aleppo is evidence of its recovery from terrorism.

Dr. Hamza Abbas of Daleel Dental Supplies Company said that the company offers the latest findings of dental implants and high quality pointing to the need for Aleppo to such scientific and medical activities, while the participation Sarah Sara growth of An-Najah Medical Company offer dental implants and all their needs pointing to the importance of the conference in upgrading Medical and scientific level of participants and exchange of experiences.

Qusai Razzouk

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