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The Third International Trade Union Forum of Solidarity with the Workers and People of Syria concludes its activities


Damascus, (SANA) - The Third International Trade Union Forum of Solidarity with the Workers and People of Syria concluded its work on Monday evening

Damascus countryside - Sana

The Third International Trade Union Forum for Solidarity with Workers and People of Syria concluded its work this evening with the participation of about 100 Arab and foreign trade union organizations and dozens of personalities from intellectuals, media and political and social activists from Arab and foreign countries in Sahara tourist complex in Damascus countryside.

In a speech during the closing session between the member of the Secretariat of the International Federation of Trade Unions of Agriculture and Food Industries in France Andre Himmel that the organized aggression waged by imperialism and Zionism and the Saudi regime against Syria, which led to the death of tens of thousands of Syrians and the destruction of the means of production and agriculture in it aims to change the map of the region and dismantle Syria .

He condemned the economic embargo imposed by the United States and its allies on Syria, referring to the role played by the President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the aggression on Syria.

For his part, Secretary General of Niger Trade Unions Mahman Zamallah expressed the Union's solidarity with the Syrian people in the crisis it is undergoing and imposed on it by imperialist countries that use violence and wars and trying to humiliate the peoples as a means to achieve their goals and objectives, wishing salute to the brave Syrian people and their leadership to confront the conspiracy that targeted sovereignty. Syria and its independence.

"Unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria must be eliminated," he said. "Those who target Syria are those who sow terror in Nigeria, which poses a serious threat to peace and stability in the whole world."

Secretary General of the Palestine Workers' Union Abdel Qader Abdullah stressed in his speech that the attempts of the United States and its allies to break the resolve of the Syrian people through sanctions will fail as a result of the great victories achieved by the Syrian people, army and leadership in the face of terrorist and obscurantist forces backed by an unprecedented US-Zionist reactionary alliance throughout history. .

Abdullah said that had it not been for Syria's standing with the Palestinian cause and defending the rights of the Palestinians, it would not have been subjected to the global war that was waged against it and the sanctions and siege imposed on it, stressing that the Palestinian people will remain committed to the option of resistance and in partnership with the Syrian people in resilience and to confront the global imperialist forces and Zionist patron.

For his part, considered the Secretary-General of the Union of Sudanese workers secret seal Secretary Abdul Kader that what is in the soul is the presence of Arab countries stand by the enemy, which targets Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries of the world, which does not know that the role will come after that indicating that the Zionist American enemy All peoples who want independence by deciding to preserve their unity and sovereignty.

Abdel Qader pointed out that the forum exposes all the lies in the Western media about Syria and the delegations participating in it will inform their peoples and labor bases about the great steadfastness that Syria has planned for its people and leadership and on the stable and secure life that the Syrian Arab Army can provide to the Syrians in their liberated areas. .

For his part, the head of the General Workers Union in Lebanon, Hassan Fakih, pointed out that the victories achieved by Syria in cooperation with allies and friends in confronting terrorism, its supporters and its financiers have prompted many Western and Arab conspiratorial countries to try to open new relations with them. Westerners have tightened the siege on Syria in an attempt to undermine the will of the Syrians.

For his part, Alfredo Lopez, a member of the General Assembly of Trade Unions in Cuba, expressed the solidarity of the people and working class in Cuba with their brothers in Syria, noting that both countries are under siege and aggression from the same enemy represented by world imperialism and its Zionist ally, which obliges the Cuban and Syrian peoples to move forward against the colonial forces. the talk.

Source: sena

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