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Peskov: Bolton's dismissal will not correct Russian-US relations


MOSCOW - SANAA - Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the dismissal of the president's national security adviser was folk


Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the dismissal of national security adviser John Bolton would not correct Russian-US relations.

"We do not believe that the presence or dismissal of any official, even a high-ranking official, could seriously affect US foreign policy," Peskov told reporters in response to a question about Bolton's dismissal.

Peskov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced more than once that Russia is inclined to seek a way out of the "sad situation" in which bilateral relations between the United States and Russia are still located, adding at the same time, "We can not search for this exit individually and can be done only in cooperation and we hope Watching such political will sooner or later. ”

US President Donald Trump announced yesterday the dismissal of his national security adviser John Bolton because he "strongly disagrees with his positions".

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said there were no expectations after Bolton's resignation because "traditional changes in the US administration will not lead to normalization of relations with Russia."

Russian-US relations have deteriorated in recent years due to different positions between Moscow and Washington on resolving international issues, including the Ukrainian crisis, as well as the US policy of domination and interference in the affairs of other countries and non-compliance with international law, which Russia strongly opposes.

On the other hand, Peskov announced that Russia does not confirm the arrival of Oleg Smolenkov, described by the media as "American spy in the Kremlin" to the data relating to Russian intelligence services.

"On the subject of the American spy, there is an employee who has been working in the Kremlin for a certain period of time but has been dismissed afterwards," Peskov said. "On the premise of being a spy, we do not know these details that I leave for Russian intelligence."

Peskov said yesterday that Smolinkov was working in the administration of President Vladimir Putin, but was sacked by internal order for several years and did not hold any of the senior positions because people are not appointed to these positions only by order of the President, explaining that all the media in the US about withdrawing And save him and so is the words of the imagination.

Earlier, NBC claimed that the US spy, formerly working in Moscow, now lives under his real name and under the protection of the US government near Washington, adding that it does not reveal the name of the spy for security reasons.

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