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From your best work friend to your boss: how to navigate relationships in the office


Office relationships can also become difficult and the way you handle them can affect your career.

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(CNN) - We spend so much time with our colleagues that relationships will surely flourish.

That is good. Friendships in the office can increase productivity and job performance. They can also make us happier and more engaged.

But relationships in the office can also become difficult and the way you handle them can affect your career.

You and your boss

You won't get along with everyone in the office. But there is a person with whom you must do it for the sake of your career: your boss.

That relationship can affect the trajectory of your career since your boss assigns you projects, defends you (or not) and, of course, has the power to promote or fire you.

So you should have a good working relationship. But sometimes you and your boss just don't get along. This is how you can improve the relationship.

They used to be friends at work. Now you are the boss

When a person is promoted above a friend, the balance of power in the relationship changes, and that can be difficult for a friendship.

Start by having an honest (and probably uncomfortable) conversation, avoid showing signs of favoritism and then find new guidelines.


We have already established that having friends at work can be beneficial in many ways: productivity, commitment, job performance and confidence building.

But there can also be some traps like distractions, favoritism, gossip and rivalry.

Maybe we don't need friends at work?

So friends can be good at the office, but they may not need to be best friends.

Instead of seeking friendships at work, an expert said that it is better to stay “friendly” with co-workers.

The key to building successful relationships in the workplace is setting limits.


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