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Natural seduction in Sweida .. An opportunity to explore and enjoy the breathtaking views


As-Suwayda-Sana is a natural seductive group spreading in As-Suwayda governorate


A natural seductive group spread in the governorate of As-Suwayda. The Directorate of Tourism is working to highlight and employ them in the best way to serve the tourist movement and enrich the tourist product with the required attractions.

It is an opportunity to explore and enjoy the scenery and atmosphere inspired by the forms of stones and springs that permeate the stories spoken about them with the possibility of utilizing them for medical purposes where scientific experiments have proved that the purity of its air and moderate humidity make it a suitable environment for the treatment of several incurable diseases such as asthma, allergies and tension, according to the Director of Tourism Sweida .

The most important cave that was invested in As-Suwayda according to Al-Arbid is a ancient cave located about 100 km from Damascus, which extends at a maximum breadth of 1,460 meters and has a celestial crater with an area of ​​600 square meters under it, which is three consecutive nature caves distributed over three continuous parts of basalt origin Natural half-circle section and an average height of six meters separated by catacombs and rock formations carved by nature to flow water between the rocks and characterized by constant temperature throughout the year at 17 degrees Celsius.

And south of the town of Qanawat stands within the forest area Qusqsa forest also shows Arbad cave channels and is the largest and most beautiful among the caves of endosperm which is about 1 km high five meters with the arrival of a paved road to it spread around the orchards and is characterized by its proximity to the center of the province in addition to its location within the axis of the endosperm-back mountain and adjacent to tourism projects Implemented and under construction and the site of Tel Junjala with a charming view.

According to al-Ubaid, the cave is characterized by the presence of rocky debris along its form that forms a natural source of ventilation and a waterway that leaves its magnificent terraces, as well as protrusions and grooves from the bottom of the cave to its ceiling and the condoms where water droplets can be seen beneath it.

One of the most prominent caves in the south of the governorate, as mentioned by the Director of Tourism cave north of the village of Umm al-Rumman and composed of volcanic limestone formed together to make charming plastic paintings in an extended cavity inside the ground is unknown start or end and its entrance is a landing in the surface of the earth in the form of a crater “huh” It shows a very narrow corridor leading down to its body and distinguish it from other volcanic sediments in the world as a vehicle consisting of two caves together.

Al-Arbeed refers to the cave of Al-Dalafa, northeast of the town of Al-Rashida, on the bank of Wadi Al-Sham, beside it, a fresh water spring and visits by the inhabitants of the governorate and the region to be distinguished by the presence of a basin of fresh water gathered from the eye near a very large fig tree that emerged from the heart of the rock and has been witness to the phases of the past. In harmony with the rock.

The Director of Tourism shows that the Directorate has prepared a project to acquire the caves of the canals and the gap by taking advantage of their advantages and the elements of investment available in order to encourage tourism tourism.

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