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The situation on Saturday: Frankfurt is getting ready for climate protests


today we deal with the demonstrations against the auto show, with the criticism of Federal President Steinmeier at the AfD. And with Donald Trump's penchant for old light bulbs. Cameron's idiom That too. In the midst of Brexit chaos ...

today we deal with the demonstrations against the auto show, with the criticism of Federal President Steinmeier at the AfD. And with Donald Trump's penchant for old light bulbs.

Cameron's crazy idea

Luke MacGregor / REUTERS

That too. In the midst of Brexit chaos, the former British Prime Minister David Cameron is now speaking. He has written a book, 752 pages thick, "For the Record" is the title - "For the record". It is a settlement with the Brexit Ultras in the Tories: With Michael Gove , who is responsible today in the Cabinet for the "No Deal" plans and once led the campaign of EU opponents. And with Boris Johnson. The British "Times" now reports in advance and has conducted an interview with Cameron himself. Johnson and Gove, the former Tory leader said, were "terrible" in the 2016 referendum campaign. They had "demolished" the government, Cameron said. "It was ridiculous." The two and others would have "left the truth at home".

The criticism may be appropriate, but of course somehow also cute again, considering that Cameron Europe has been the Brexit mess only einkerrockt. With his panic decision to hold a referendum to secure his own political survival, the disaster took its course. It was one of the biggest craps in British history and Cameron's name will forever be associated with it. He can still write so many justification books.

  • Cameron settles with Johnson: "The truth left at home"

IAA: Frankfurt is preparing for protests

Frank Rumpenhorst / DPA

How times change: just a few years ago, the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt was the showcase of a self-confident, powerful German car industry. Hardly anyone would have come up with the idea of ​​finding something weird at such a PS festival. But now this: In Frankfurt today massive protests by climate protectors and car critics against the IAA are expected.

Several protest trains are likely to paralyze the traffic in the city center of the Main metropolis. The police are on site with a large contingent. On Sunday, an alliance called "Sand in the gears" even wants to block access to the fair. This is almost reminiscent of the protests against nuclear power in the eighties and nineties.

This shows that the struggle to find out how much climate protection we need has finally become one of the most important political issues. The list of demands of the climate demonstrators in Frankfurt is long: They require, inter alia, the exit from the combustion engine technology, a climate protection law until the end of 2019, the priority for cyclists and pedestrians and the massive expansion of bus and rail transport.

Car fans, who want to visit the IAA on the weekend, should cost the journey considerable effort. The tip: The car should perhaps exceptionally leave, even if it is difficult.

The background to the fight for the car and for climate protection read in our new cover story:

  • "How the SUV became the symbol of a hypocritical climate debate."

Steinmeier opposes the AfD

Andreas Arnold / DPA

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier refuses the AfD to be bourgeois. "You rub your eyes a little," says Steinmeier in the SPIEGEL conversation with a view to statements by AfD chief Alexander Gauland , the right-wing populists are the representatives of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie, the rule of law and individual liberties belonged together, said the Federal President. "Anyone who sees himself in this tradition can not at the same time pay homage to an exclusionary, authoritarian or even nationalistic way of thinking." This is the opposite of bourgeois: it is not bourgeois. "

According to Steinmeier, "each party must decide where it wants to stand: either nationalist collectivist or enlightened bourgeois. The commoners show themselves "in the defense of freedom, the recognition of the individual and thus also in the respect of dissenters," said the President: "This attitude is." Democracy lives from the controversy and also needs the dispute: "But frustration is not a free ticket for misanthropy."

  • Interview with Federal President Steinmeier: "Our responsibility knows no end line."

Winners of the day ...

Jochen Lübke / DPA

... is the light bulb , more precisely, the old, environmentally harmful variant. She now has an important advocate, US President Donald Trump. At a meeting with party friends Trump defended the conventional pear and complained about the new, energy-efficient economy pears. The new bulbs are much more expensive than the old bulbs and are not that good, says Trump. For him that is a personal problem: "I always look so orange." Of course that's really bad.

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Source: spiegel

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