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Trump explains his orange skin color


Is it at the tanning salon? On the self-tanner? Far from it: Donald Trump has now even provided an explanation for his idiosyncratic skin tone. Blame energy-saving lamps: "I always look orange."

About the appearance of Donald Trump was pretty much every joke made. Especially the orange skin tone of the US President provides the occasion for far-reaching speculation. How many hours a week does he want to spend on the sunbed? Or how many doses of self-tanner go through the White House every month? Now Trump has unexpectedly commented on his own complexion - and provided an unexpected explanation. Blame on its idiosyncratic appearance are: energy-saving lamps.

In Baltimore, Trump had given a speech to republican MPs. In the course of this speech, he apparently came across detours on the decision of his government to relax the rules for energy saving bulbs. At this point, his address took an unexpected turn.

Trump explained, "I looked at the light bulbs that we're forced to use, and the biggest problem for me is that the light is lousy, I always look orange, and so do you, the light is really the last."

President Trump: "The Light Bulb." The Bulb, "The Light's." no good .I always look orange. And so do you. "The light is the worst."

- The Hill (@thehill) September 13, 2019

The audience in the hall acknowledge this statement with laughter. Whether it should be meant as a joke is not so clear. Trump was not finished billing environmentally friendly lighting technology. The pears are not only bad for their own appearance, but also much more expensive than the old standard bulbs. They would have worked fine.

This month, the Trump government had cut back on numerous sales restrictions on the old pear-type. Critics accused the administration then, also in this area, the issues of environmental protection criminal neglect.

Bad words towards France

In Baltimore, Trump later elaborated on the Paris Climate Agreement in his speech. He declared in June 2017, to the dismay of environmentalists around the world, that the US will abandon the agreement.

With regard to the treaty and the protest of the yellow-vein movement in France, he now said: "How did that go for Paris?" Now President Emmanuel Macron would have a lot of trouble. In any case, the agreement would have "nothing to protect the environment". Rather, the US would only have been "punished", "while abroad without consequences the environment is polluted."

Source: spiegel

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