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US Supreme Court Judge: Reporters Unveil New Details in the Kavanaugh Case


The appeal of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court was highly controversial, with several women accusing him of long-lasting sexual assault. The "New York Times" has continued to research.

Barely a year after Brett Kavanaugh's appointment as Judge to the Supreme Court, two New York Times (NYT) reporters rethink the case in a book, revealing previously unknown details. Three women had accused the 54-year-old sexual assaults in high school and university time. Following a Senate hearing and unprecedented party-political controversy, Kavanaugh, the rival candidate of Donald Trump, was narrowly nominated to head US Supreme Court in October 2018.

Kavanaugh had vehemently denied the allegations - including the allegation of his former Yale colleague Deborah Ramirez, he had her at a party his penis in the face pressed. If this incident were true, Kavanaugh said in his NYT hearing in the Senate, he would have had to be a campus talk then. Maybe he was, as the reporters say.

Several people have heard about the suspected incident long before the public debate over Kavanaugh, the New York Times said. Other students would hear about it days after the party.

Why a conversation with the judge did not materialize

In addition, former Kavanaugh classmate Max Stier reported to several senators and the FBI last year on another incident in Kavanaugh's first year in Yale. He had seen Kavanaugh at a party with pants down, friends had pressed his penis into the hand of a young woman. However, the FBI did not investigate and the witness did not want to comment publicly.

The "NYT" reporters have reportedly tried to speak with Kavanaugh, but a conversation did not materialize because they could not agree on the terms of an interview. He had not answered any questions about the information provided by his fellow student.

US President Donald Trump had instructed the FBI last year to investigate the allegations against Kavanaugh. The investigation, which had to be completed within a week, but apparently no evidence of misconduct Kavanaughs to light, it stood at the end of further statement against statement. And Trump apologized to Kavanaugh "in the name of our nation" for the suffering the judge and his family suffered.

The "New York Times" said that Deborah Ramirez had given the FBI at least 25 names that might confirm her statements - but those people were not interviewed. Already last year, Democrats had criticized the FBI report as incomplete and talked about a "patchy investigation".

"New York Times" apologizes for tweet

"Brett Kavanaugh's appeal is a shame for the Supreme Court," Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro wrote on Twitter in response to the "NYT" report. "The latest charge has to be investigated." Kavanaugh had lied under oath and should be relieved of his duties.

It's clearer than ever that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. He should be impeached.

And Congress should review the failure of the Department of Justice to properly investigate the matter.

- Julián Castro (@ Julian Castro) September 15, 2019

In the course of the publication, the social media team of the "New York Times" saw an apology. In a tweet, it was said that it would seem like a harmless joke to have a penis pressed in the face at a dorm party. "But Deborah Ramirez says when Brett Kavanaugh did that to her, it first of all confirmed to her that she did not belong to Yale."

The "New York Times" deleted the tweet and apologized.

Source: spiegel

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