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Publications Institution: The textbook is secured and available to ensure access to all students


DAMASCUS, (SANA) - Director of Public Institution for Publications and Textbooks Zuhair Suleiman said that the textbook is a believer and dead


Director of the Public Institution for Publications and Textbooks Zuhair Suleiman said that the textbook is secure and available according to the plan of the Foundation to distribute textbooks to its branches in the governorates, which distribute them to the sub-warehouses in each school gathering to ensure that the book reaches all students.

The director of the foundation came after several complaints from parents and students with the beginning of the academic year regarding their suffering in securing some books, especially developed ones where Ismail Al-Ali, the father of student Sama in the sixth grade, explained that “his daughter received a used version of the books and is not suitable for study,” he said. The mother of the student Mufeed Thalja in the fifth grade until her son received his copy of the books mostly used what forced the family to go to a warehouse to buy a new copy and drew Mayada Mohammed that there is no problem that the books

Used in case she does not need to solve activities and exercises, but was surprised while teaching her daughter that the activities and exercises were resolved incorrectly and this affects students in the future.

Director of the Public Institution for Publications and Textbooks said that they have accurate statistics on the number of students in each school and division, pointing out that a small percentage of students did not exceed only 5 percent had problems in obtaining books, while 95 percent of students got books through schools according to plan He explained that the individual sale of books in the warehouses is intended to provide the book for those who want free students and the student who lost his book.

Suleiman explained that books from the first grade to the third are being distributed because they include activities and exercises that require a solution from the student, while books from the fourth to the ninth grade, some of which are distributed, pointing out that the ministry has issued circulars to its directorates to ensure that students do not get damaged books at all and cooperate with parents Books and not tampered with.

Suleiman pointed out that the implementation of the printing plan and the provision of textbooks in all individual selling centers begins immediately after the end of the school year, especially for certificate students, where students enroll in summer courses, noting that textbooks are distributed to public and private schools at the same time and equally.

Malik Shehadeh, the secretary of the school books warehouse in Damascus, said that the books for the basic education stage are available in the warehouse.There is no shortage, noting that the store sells books to students who want to get a new copy or who have lost one of their books and students who move from one school to another.

The branches of the Public Institution for Publications and Textbooks in all governorates provide the needs of schools of books for various stages of education and delivered to their warehouses to be distributed to pupils at the beginning of the school year.

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