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Climate Protection: A Cheer of Cosiness


Now watch out, sit down: Why do not we have to worry about the climate protection measures of the Federal Government?


Did you see that too? Already impressive. When thousands want the same thing, when everyone is walking in the same direction. When the people rise, when the common will becomes a movement that carries everything with them. Such a mass can not be stopped.

What do you say? No, not on Friday.

The Wies'n was opened on Saturday, I know it, I was right up there, like a stupid I ran with thousands to get a seat, and look, there I am, and you're still standing.

Oh, you mean this climate protection thing on Friday. Sit down and I'll tell you something about this climate protection. Miss, please bring me a measure for my guest. Yes, I also take one.

So now watch S '. With this climate protection it's like this: We do not have to worry about that at all. I understand, I've thought for a while that it's serious now. But there's nothing to fear, not the least. I was in Berlin when the government presented its climate protection package. So close by.

They have come up with something very special for their press conference, a very special place: the Futurium. Just opened, it cost 58 million euros, a house of the future. I have seen this future grow.

Our office is located directly opposite this futurium in Berlin-Mitte, and every day I stood outside with my coffee and looked at the construction work. Very solid. Reinforced concrete, high-performance glass. Fits well in the area. Inside there is an exhibition about the influence of human civilization on the earth, very interesting, maybe I have to take a look at it.

This coalition does not want anything anymore

In the area there are places, from there you can not see a single tree, no meadow, no weeds, only concrete and glass. Sometimes, when it's burning in the Grunewald, the smell of fire blows over, then it smells like a Finnish sauna. Not really uncomfortable. But otherwise you will not get anything from nature. The "Futurium" has just been opened, but it is already there like a monument from a bygone era, a time when one imagined that the future would be made of reinforced concrete.

In any case, when I heard that there present their climate protection package, I already knew: that can not be so bad. And then it was not. I looked at the transfer from across the office. How they struggled all night! You could have really thought, now it's going to be uncomfortable.

But as they then have tormented by their presentation, it was already clear: This coalition wants nothing more. They just want to finish somehow and do not hurt anyone.

"Fridays for Future has shaken us all," said Olaf Scholz, but did you notice the enthusiasm this man exudes? Did you feel the enthusiasm of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer? Heard the rousing appeal for drastic measures by the so-called climate Chancellor Merkel? Neither do I.

Well, driving at some point may be a bit more expensive, flying too. But look, now we're drinking a nice amount of Oktoberfest beer here, which will cost around 11 euros this year. That's over 3 percent more than last year. This is more expensive than the price now set for the emission of a tonne of CO2. Is that why anyone here does not order a third measure? Take a look around.

"We will continue as usual"

No, we do not have to worry at all, there's nothing more, that would almost be communism. Because, as I read, there is an attack on our liberal way of life behind the demand for radical climate protection. These radical climate protectors are planning to destroy our market economy. That's what Friedrich Merz says, and when the tired Merkel is gone, soon people like him are back in power and finally reason comes to mind.

Right at the top is definitely our Markus Söder. I like that best anyway. He can do it easily. He even manages to claim in an interview that the CSU invented environmental protection without him having to laugh himself.

The Söder sits down in the Futurium and holds a rapid lecture on the responsibility for the future. And then he ends his performance with a phrase that stuck with me. Actually, he talks only about wind power, but I've already understood him correctly, and that's why I do not even worry anymore: "In Bavaria, our rules remain in place." We continue to do so as before. "

That's the way it will be: We will sit here and eat our pork sausages when Greta Thunberg has long protested for her pension. In this sense: a joy of coziness!

Source: spiegel

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