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The situation on Tuesday: Trump speaks to his toughest audience


Today it is about the speeches and meetings of the heads of state at the UN General Assembly in New York, the power struggle for Cem Özdemir in the parliamentary group of the Greens, important court dates in the UK and Spain - and the ...

Today it's about the speeches and meetings of the heads of state at the UN General Assembly in New York, the power struggle for Cem Özdemir in the parliamentary group of the Greens, important court dates in Britain and Spain - and the Matterhorn.

Özdemir against Goering-Eckardt and Hofreiter

Kay Nietfeld / DPA

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That the Greens have been hit by a unique high over the past few months and have climbed more than 25 percent in polls at times was obviously too much for the party. Ex-party leader Cem Özdemir surprisingly launched an in-party power struggle - he wants to replace, together with the previously largely unknown Kirsten Kappert-Gonther, the faction leaders Katrin Göring-Eckardt and Anton Hofreiter . Today at 15 clock now decides the faction: Will she really saw off the East German Göring Eckardt and the last remaining eco Hofreiter? Does she want someone with the rhetorically skilful Özdemir at the top, who can cause a stir in the media? How the matter ends, can be difficult to predict - but tonight it should be clarified and taken to the Greens again peace. At least for the time being.

  • Power struggle in the Greens: How Cem Özdemir stirs up the party

Treats of heads of state

Evan Vucci / AP

They laughed at him last year because Donald Trump bragged about his alleged accomplishments as US President - and what does he do this year? The general debate of the UN General Assembly , which will take place today for the 74th time, has always been good for big show moments in the past: the heads of state and government are allowed to talk about everything that moves them in their performances. Only the time is fixed, a maximum of 15 minutes, but also that is always mercilessly covered. Fidel Castro spoke in 1960 for more than four hours, Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2009, after all, one and a half hours. Hugo Chávez described George W. Bush as a "devil" in 2006, Benjamin Netanyahu appeared in 2012 as a cartoon drawn bomb to illustrate Iran's nuclear threat. And this time? The most acclaimed performance this year has been the climate activist Greta Thunberg, who fiercely threw the head of state at the climate summit on Monday: "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words."

After the climate summit , the second big issue this week is the crisis between Iran and Saudi Arabia : Emmanuel Macron, he says, still wants to bring about a meeting between Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rohani - previously Germany, France and Britain had Iran in favor blamed attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities the previous weekend. Trump has repeatedly reaffirmed his desire to seek a deal with Iran - he has not ruled out a meeting with Rohani. But Iran's Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif responded last to the question of whether such a meeting could be held, clearly with "no!".

Brexit and Franco


Two Supreme Courts decide today on important issues : The Supreme Court of Britain indirectly on the political future of Prime Minister Boris Johnson - and the Supreme Court of Spain on the bones of the dead dictator Franco . In turn: It is about the decision of the British court on the question of whether Johnson was allowed to send the Parliament in compulsory break (the decision was initially expected yesterday, is now announced for today, 11.30 clock,). Should the court decide against Johnson, he would face the ruins of his Brexit strategy and new demands for resignation - but the outcome is uncertain. Spain is not about the future, but about the past: the socialist government wants to exhume the bones of Franco, who are currently buried in a huge mausoleum near Madrid - where many worshipers of the dictator make their pilgrimage. The Franco family and many conservative politicians are against the plans.

  • Trump, Johnson and Co .: The populist exposes himself

Rebellion against Sisi

Oliver Weiken / DPA

There are remarkable news from Egypt : people are taking to the streets again against the government. That comes unexpectedly. Following the overthrow of dictator Hosni Mubarak in 2011, after a brief interlude the military installed an even more authoritarian dictatorship headed by President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi . Since Friday, hundreds of people have been demonstrating against the government in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez - hundreds have been arrested according to unconfirmed statements. Much is puzzling: A previously unknown contractor named Mohamed Ali, who is said to be living in Spain, has sparked the protests with videos on Facebook and YouTube - who or what is behind it is unclear. It shows only once more: dissatisfaction can not permanently be silenced. My colleague Raniah Salloum recently visited the country's last critical editorial office:

  • Kairos fighter for the freedom of the media: the online portal Mada Masr.

Story of the day

Kay Nietfeld / DPA

Remarkably, as Angela Merkel managed on Monday to resemble internationally as the Climate Chancellor, which she is not in Germany - while she promised in New York that Germany will no longer emit greenhouse gases within 31 years, the real climate compromise of the government far from such world presidential announcements. How did the climate package of the government (not the New York version of it), a Berlin SPIEGEL team researched in detail : What happened during the night when the grand coalition decided the climate package?

  • Here they find out: who invented the CO2 price, who blocked - and when the Chancellor spoke a word of power.

Loser of the day ...


... is the Swiss resort Zermatt - the home of the famous Matterhorn (4478 meters, one of the most striking mountains in the world). Why? After the collapse of the travel agency Thomas Cook, around 600,000 tourists worldwide are stranded. The British government now wants to bring home about 150,000 of its compatriots with dozens of chartered planes. It is said to become what has been termed the largest return operation since World War II: baptized by the government "Operation Matterhorn". Zermatt, however, the Swiss community in which the Matterhorn stands, has no joy in that. In a press release, "Zermatt Tourism" complains about the name choice and writes: "The British government probably does not know that 'Matterhorn' is an internationally protected brand and is considered a symbol of restful holidays, safety and quality of Switzerland". This information is certainly comforting for the stranded tourists.

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The latest news from the night

  • Germany blames Iran for attacks in Saudi Arabia: France and Great Britain are also getting stuck. This is in a joint statement
  • Donald Trump accuses Joe Biden and son Hunter: So the US President seems to distract attention in the Ukraine affair. His allegations are drastic
  • When Greta Thunberg met Donald Trump: An official appointment with the climate fighter and the US president is not planned. Nevertheless, they met

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  • Union boss Bsirske and his legacy: Ver.di for Future
  • Timetable boss of Deutsche Bahn: You do not want his job
  • Online portal Mada Masr: Egypt's last independent editorial

I wish you a nice start to the day.

Your Mathieu von Rohr

Source: spiegel

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