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Friends 'Central Perk' arrives in Mexico thanks to the Warner House


Warner Channel celebrates 25 years of one of the iconic television series, F · R · I · E · N · D · S and does so with the Warner House in Mexico City that 100,000 fans can visit.…

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Mexico City will receive 100,000 fans at the Warner House where they can tour several sets of the FRIENDS series on its 25th anniversary.

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(CNN Spanish) - One hundred thousand visitors are confirmed to attend the Warner House in Mexico City, who can revive, enjoy and even dance like Monica Geller and the turkey.

This is the second Warner House that the Warner Channel, whose parent company is WarnerMedia, like CNN in Spanish, presents in Mexico and is dedicated to all its fans. Here you can visit various mini sets dedicated to "Supergirl", "The Flash" and "Harry Potter" and of course, the cherry of the cake, celebrate the 25th anniversary of the F · R · I · E · N · D series · S.

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Here the #Rachel and #Monica department located at 90 Bedford Street at the corner of Grove Street in Manhattan. We are in the #WarnerHouse of @warnerchannella in the #CDMX

A post shared by CNN POP Zone (@zonapopcnn) on Sep 18, 2019 at 6:26 pm PDT

One of the best moments of this Warner House is the moment when fans arrive to the reproduction of the department of Joey and Chandler and place the famous turkey that Monica Geller puts on her head to dance in episode 8 of season 5 titled "The One with All the Thanksgivings."

One of the most photographed sets in this house is the classic fountain that can be seen at the opening of the series and that does not really exist in New York. With the umbrellas, the lamp and the armchair, the followers of this series can recreate the opening curtain of the series and even sing the iconic theme performed by the group “The Rembrandts”, “I'll be there”.

The followers of the series can take a picture with the fountain, the armchair, the umbrellas and the lamp that appear in the entrance curtain of the series.

The best thing about the Warner House is the final, a reproduction of the famous 'Central Perk' café where the original armchair of the series that was taken from the Warner studios, in Burbnak, California. Here, all visitors can sit down, take the picture and even if they know any of the songs that Phoebe performed, they can do it on stage, with everything and guitar.

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This is the original armchair and table of the #CentralPerk where all our friends sat down to talk ... live the #WarnerHouse of @warnerchannella in the #CDMX

A post shared by CNN POP Zone (@zonapopcnn) on Sep 18, 2019 at 6:23 pm PDT

The Warner House in Mexico City will be open until October 6. Unfortunately there are no tickets available, they sold out in the first days Warner Channel announced that this house would open its doors.

1 of 10 | The first set you can visit is the fountain with the armchair and umbrellas and lamp that is seen in the entrance curtain of the series. You can even recreate it with your friends and sing the song "I'll be there", performed by the band The Rembrandts (Credit: Pop Zone)

2 of 10 | One of the funniest sets is the recreation of the store where Monica, Rachel and Phoebe look for a wedding dress in the chapter "The One with All the Wedding Dresses". If you want, you can even wear one of the more than 100 dresses. (Credit: Pop Zone)

3 of 10 | You can visit department 20 of the building where Monica and Rachel live. Sit in your dining room and even rest in the armchair in front of the TV. (Credit: Pop Zone)

4 out of 10 | You can also play at the soccer table that Joey and Chandler have in their apartment, marked with the number 19. (Credit: Pop Zone)

5 out of 10 | Once in Joey and Chandler's apartment, you can put on the famous turkey Monica used to apologize to Chandler. You can't leave without doing the dance by moving your shoulders. (Credit: Pop Zone)

6 of 10 | The colorful wall on the second floor shows phrases that all fans remember as "Joey doesn´t share food" and the lyrics of "Smelly cat", among others. (Credit: Pop Zone)

7 of 10 | To end the tour, one of the main sets, the coffee "Central Perk" where our favorite friends had endless conversations. (Credit: Pop Zone)

8 of 10 | Friends premiered on September 22, 1994 on the NBC network. The actors charged $ 22,000 per episode in the first season and ended up charging $ 1,000,000 per episode. (Credit: Pop Zone)

9 of 10 | Inside the "Central Perk" you can see the original armchair and table that were in the series. People can even sit on the stage where Phoebe performed several of her songs, the best known: "Smelly cat". (Credit: Pop Zone)

10 out of 10 | To close with a flourish, fans can visit the souvenir shop of the series, find t-shirts, backpacks and glasses, among other things. (Credit: Pop Zone)

We invite you to listen to our special episode dedicated to the favorite series of millions of people around the world. You will be able to hear many curious facts about this series, the trivia that Marysabel and Javier were related to the series and the interview with Mariano César, VP of Content and Portfolio of Brands, General Entertainment of Turner Latin America, among other fun things. If you have iOS devices, download and subscribe through Apple Podcast. If you have Android devices, we invite you to subscribe to Google Podcast or TuneIn. If you have Spotify, you can also listen to us here. We want you to be part of the #ZonaPopera community.

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