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New student responses: "Cold-blooded animals make cold milk, warm-blooded animals make warm milk"


Stradivari is a kind of pasta and Karstadt a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, already clear. For knowledge is known to consist of theses, antitheses - and prostheses. Here are the new funny student answers.

"Total chaos breaks out in Zwickau when two snowflakes fall simultaneously and in my 8a when a white sheet of paper is needed, and I have not said we need graph paper yet." A teacher of a high school reports about her professional life.

Teachers not only deal with excited students every day, but also with their - sometimes quite questionable - levels of knowledge. Or did you know that we have the year 2019 because 2019 years ago was the Urschlaf? Just.

Some educators can only shake their heads in disbelief, others are even pleased: "Anecdotes enrich the school life and sweeten this, of course," said a teacher.

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Lena Greiner, Carola Padtberg-Kruse
Name three string instruments: Violin, Viola, Limoncello: New witty student responses & teacher's sayings

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Once again, the SPIEGEL editors Lena Greiner and Carola Padtberg have called on teachers and students to send in the funniest student answers, including style florals, mistakes from exams and exams and the best excuses, from elementary school to high school and vocational school.

Her research is gathered together in the third volume of the funniest student answers: "Name three strings: Violin, Viola, Limoncello," which now appears ,

Read the best new student answers here in the photo gallery:

When God sent the ten offers

Question : Which organs protects the skull?
Answer : heart and liver.
Class 5

Students in religious education :
"Moses ascended Mount Sinai, where he received from God the ten offers."

Task : Name a big city in North Rhine-Westphalia starting with K.
Answer : Karstadt.

Pupil says: "These rhetorical figures - did they actually live?"
Grade 10, junior high school

Teacher : To loose and too loose are two different things. What's "too loose"?
Student : Too loose is a city!
Teacher : What ?!
Student : Toulouse is a city!
English advanced course

Question : Stradivari and Guarneri are ...?
Answer : words of which I have no idea. Sound like noodles?
Class 6

Question : Where can young women go, who have had children and need support?
Answer : To RTL.
Grade 9, high school

Question : What are cold-blooded animals, warm-blooded animals and thoroughbreds used for?
Answer : Cold-blooded animals make cold milk. Warm-blooded animals make warm milk. Thoroughbreds make full milk.
Class 5

Task : Describe the picture "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci.
Answer : You see Jesus and his twelve suitors.
advanced level

Question : What is active immunization?
Answer : In addition, brain cells can and should be formed by the way.
class 9

Pupil apologizes for why he is 20 minutes late for the first hour : "I had to wait until the lights in my shoes were charged.
Class 3

Teacher : We're going to treat Loriot now, you should know that from German.
Answer : Oh, is that going to our school?
11th grade

Students on "French Revolution" :
"In France, the criminals used to be executed with gelatin."

A chapter of the book is also devoted to a new perspective: the student to their teacher. "In the eleventh grade, we had to carry a full ten-liter water can twice through the school building to understand what Bolivian women go through every day when they bring drinking water to wells," students said.

Source: spiegel

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