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iPhone 11 Pro: photo and autonomy get a good grade


We could test for two weeks the iPhone 11 Pro Apple. Sold from 1159 €, this new smartphone is distinguished by innumerable innovations. But the most notable are in photo ... and on the autonomy of the device.

We could test for two weeks the iPhone 11 Pro Apple. Sold from 1159 €, this new smartphone is distinguished by innumerable innovations. But the most notable are in photo ... and on the autonomy of the device.

Without any noticeable change in its design, the iPhone 11 Pro recalls the iPhone X launched 2 years ago by Apple. No more button in front: it is only with gestures of the finger that one reaches its functionalities. Confusing for anyone who has never used a full touch smartphone, the grip is finally very easy and it tames the device in half a day at most.

The ultra-wide angle to see more clearly

It is at the back of the screen of 5.8 '' of the smartphone that everything changes, since the iPhone 11 Pro (like the iPhone 11 Pro Max) is equipped with a triple photo module. A first at Apple. A little (too) aesthetically visible, undergoing some taunts on social networks, it remains nonetheless that this module is complete. Either a 12-megapixel (26mm - f / 1.8) wide-angle photo sensor; an ultra wide-angle 12 megapixel (13 mm - f / 2.4); and a telephoto lens of 12 megapixels (52mm - f / 2.0) as 2x zoom.

The real novelty is obviously the ultra-wide angle. It allows Apple to hang up the cars behind Samsung, Huawei or even LG who had already implemented this possibility on his G5 ... mid-2016.

The photo regains ground

At the test, this new type of shooting at 120 ° obviously opens the field of possibilities for the user. Faced with a monument, a landscape or a group of people, it is possible to sign photos full of breath that really give an impression of space. Be careful, however, to some deformations on the edges of the image, but this extra comfort for shooting is really nice. Still Apple has taken the opportunity to fully change the interface of its photo application.

With a simple press of the index, you can choose from the three mentioned options (pressing 0.5, 1x or 2), but also choose the desired format (4: 3; Square; 16: 9 ), a self-timer, or even a filter among the 10 proposed.

The new photo sensors make great achievements but do not go unnoticed | APPLE

Other settings, more well known, are proposed (Accelerated, Slow Motion, Video, Photo, Portrait and Pano). For having been able to test all these features for a dozen days, we must admit that the iPhone 11 Pro is doing a very good job. The smartphone delivers photos with excellent colorimetry that can also be edited simply with a host of new tools.

Best in low light

Noticeable improvement in low light where the iPhone remained until mediocre. More necessarily worth using the flash to make a photo in difficult light conditions. But if Apple catches up there too with the competition, Google and its smartphones Pixel 3 and 3a and Huawei and its P30 Pro are the leader for this type of shooting.

For their part, the selfies are supported by a 12 megapixel sensor (f / 2.2) and a good dose of artificial intelligence. Detecting faces, the iPhone 11 Pro automatically adapts its frame so that everyone has its place on the picture!

The video, historically excellent on the iPhone, confirms its virtues. Capable of shooting up to 4K at 60 frames per second, the iPhone 11 Pro remains a reference in the field. Again, Apple has improved its interface and it is now possible to launch a video faster (by continuously pressing the shutter), but also to lock the video shooting. To stop having to press the shutter button all the time, just drag it to the right of the screen ... and lift your finger.

Ultra-wide mode and night mode are two effective new features | APPLE

Autonomy that makes a good step forward

In addition to a new processor named A13 Bionic that still boosts the performance of the beast (a feat very difficult to verify, so the use of this new iPhone is fluid ...), it is against the side of the autonomy of the device that we see a clear progress. If with the iPhone X or XS cross the course of the day of use was not assured, the question does not arise definitely with the iPhone 11 Pro.

When yesterday, we worried from 17h of the remaining battery life of our old iPhone XS, the iPhone 11 Pro still has some reserves. For identical use (and quite intensive), its autonomy still exceeds 60%. A real good point on which Apple succeeds in asserting itself. The mark indicates that this autonomy would thus gain 4 hours compared to that of the iPhone XS. This is probably true.

iOS 13 as a case behind the screen

The release of the new iPhone 11 comes with the arrival of the new operating system iOS 13 (also available from the iPhone SE using an update). Nothing revolutionary, but a host of small innovations that make the use of smartphones more user-friendly and enjoyable: a "dark" world that places the screen on a black background and is less tiring to see; pre-opening possibilities of e-mail with the help of a finger to quickly get to know it; more fast sharing features for photos or documents possibilities to capture screens of entire web pages ...

On the web, it is also possible to scroll Internet pages much faster in Safari: a vertical bar on the right of the screen is thus used to move really faster than "slid" its screen with the index. We discover little by little these tricks and force is to admit that Apple knows how to go to constantly improve the use of its mobile terminals.

Rest the price ...

There remains the question of the price. Sold from 1159 € in 64 GB (and 1329 € in 256 GB and 1559 in 512 GB), the iPhone 11 Pro remains an extremely expensive product.

If for 2 years now, the price of high-end smartphones has crossed the 1,000 mark, we see that Apple, probably more than some of its rivals, maintains a particularly high price level and despite sales that volumes have been falling for many months.

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iPhone 11 Pro: photo and autonomy get a good


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