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Shooting in Halle. The killer filmed and broadcast live on the internet his attack on a synagogue


Like the attack in New Zealand, Halle's killer filmed his attack on the synagogue and engaged in a rant against the Jews.

Like the attack in New Zealand, Halle's killer filmed his attack on the synagogue and engaged in a rant against the Jews.

Wednesday noon, in the German city of Halle. A young man with a shaved head and a youthful face films himself in his car. He is about to commit an ultraviolet attack targeting a synagogue. But nothing will work as expected and everything will be improvised.

The staging strongly recalls the procedure followed by the Australian author of the attack against two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand in March, which had left 51 dead.

In hesitant English, at the wheel of his car, the killer, who posted his 35-minute video on the Twitch platform, presents himself: "Hello, my name is 'Anon'" . Probably an abbreviation to signify that he intends to remain "anonymous" .

The video will be viewed by more than 2,200 people, 5 of whom will follow it live.

Then he indulges in an anti-Semitic diatribe, claiming that "the Holocaust never existed" or that the "root of all problems is the Jew . "

He attacks feminism and "mass immigration" .

Ganté, in khaki dress, he then arms a rifle that seems craft and circulates by car, the car radio turned on.


He then parks in a street, not far from a synagogue. On this day of Yom Kippur, dozens of people are praying there. He tries to open the door, double-locked. "Fuck! He says. Then "shit" in German. "Maybe they'll go out . "

He puts his rifle against the wall of the synagogue and tries to find a way to enter, perhaps by climbing the wall of the cemetery adjoining the place of worship.

A cyclist goes into the street and looks at him, taken aback.

The gate of the cemetery seems easier to open. He lays an improvised explosive in front of the cemetery gate but no detonation occurs.

A woman in her fifties walks into the street and asks what's going on, before continuing on her way. He shoots him three bullets in the back.

The killer returns to the gate of the cemetery, which still resists. He swears then returns to the body of the first victim, lying on the road. "Pork! » . He fires a new burst, he is out of breath, swears between his teeth.

A passerby approaches the body of the first victim. The killer wants to shoot him but he can not reload his weapon. The man can leave by car.

The killer then repeatedly fires in the door of the synagogue, then tries to smash it. " Shit ! He can not do it. He pulls on another car that passes, then tries to get back in his vehicle, with difficulty: the body of his victim partially blocks the door.

" Loser ! "

He finally leaves, his wipers work while it does not rain. "You're a loser! " He starts to himself. "Sorry guys, I did shit, I tried to kill" people, he tells his audience.

A few hundred meters away, he stops near a Turkish restaurant, spares an old lady who passes but shoots a gust in the restaurant. An employee takes refuge with two clients. They are hiding behind a drinks vending machine.

He tries to reload his weapon but does not seem to succeed. We hear the casings fall to the ground. " Please, no ! A man shouts, his cell phone in his hand. A man is sobbing. " Loser ! The killer shouted at him, firing a shot at close range.

He goes out into the street, shooting at a passerby, who manages to escape. He finally returns to the restaurant and again fires at the victim twice.

He wants to leave by car but about fifty meters, a police car blocks the road. He gets out of the car and repeatedly fires at the policemen who fire and hit him. The killer collapses for a few seconds, before being able to get back in the car and escape.

We hear him groan, the radio still works. We see his face, his neck is bloody.

In the evening, the police announced his arrest.

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Shooting in Halle. The killer filmed and broadcast live on the internet his attack on a


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