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The domino effect of Trump's "potential" political trial


“For the leaders of the Democratic Party, Biden is the center's candidate, who could defeat President Trump. But at the moment, the figure of Elizabeth Warren begins to gain strength & # ...

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Donald Trump, in a photo of January 2019. (Credit: Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Editor's note: Rocío Vélez is a lawyer with more than 15 years of experience in international marketing, business development and environmental affairs advocate. Republican Strategist Graduated from the Pontifical University of Puerto Rico with a postgraduate degree in History and Politics from Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

(CNN Spanish) - In just two weeks since the president of the House, Nancy Pelosi, announced her decision to proceed with opening an investigation into the possible political trial of President Trump, the effects have been felt not only in the Republican Party, but they have bounced against the figure of the main contender in the race to the primaries, the vice president, Joe Biden.

In recent national polls, the vice president looks like the leader in an average of all polls by a tiny margin against his now main rival, Senator Elizabeth Warren. In one of these surveys conducted by the University of Monmouth, the senator outperforms Vice President Biden 28-25%.

The fact that the issue of Ukraine and the alleged incidents under which the House of Representatives is investigating President Trump has been the main focus of the media, has lacerated the candidacy of Vice President Biden. To the extent that President Trump uses the power of microphones or social networks to counter the position of the Democrats to begin a political trial and launch accusations against Vice President Biden and the alleged ties between his son Hunter Biden and the company of Gas in Ukraine, stories will continue to be repeated, many of them without merit or any basis. Unfortunately, in current politics, it is not the facts that stand out but the repetition of a data that has not yet been corroborated. Evidence of this, it can be seen how in the polls the numbers change from what they were at the beginning of this Democratic primarist contest, by the vice president. One of them, carried out in December 2018, indicates that the Biden favorability index was 53% to 33% among the registered electorate, and today this index is divided by 45% side and side.

For the leaders of the Democratic Party, Biden is the center's candidate, who could defeat President Trump. But at the moment, the figure of Elizabeth Warren begins to gain strength. I do not know if it was a plan defined by the Democratic Party and its main leaders but I think that, accidentally, Nancy Pelosi fell into the trap of the squad on the left of the party, beginning a political trial investigation against Trump, just a day before the content of the transcript of the call with the president of Ukraine came to light.

The major crossroads for Democratic representatives in Congress at this time of recess is to listen to their base in their respective districts and know how favorable it would be for the chamber to move to a vote to reside President Trump. In the same way there are said congressmen between the sword and the wall. If they vote to reside in districts where President Trump won by a small margin, many of them are preparing to lose their seats in the 2020 elections. And similarly, if a formal vote is not initiated to reside the president in In the coming weeks, the leaders of the Democratic Party will be very badly stopped, for having extended once again an investigation that brings the same results as those of the report of the special prosecutor in the Russian matter, the prosecutor Robert Mueller. In the process the Democrats, once again, will have become unfocused to attend the core issues, for which many congressmen achieved victories in 2018. Promises of campaigns such as: a health reform, an immigration reform and greater controls on security and in the use of weapons.

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