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The Daily Update: Brexit breakthrough in Brussels


Here you will find the most important news of the day, the most popular stories of SPIEGEL + and tips for your end of workday. The topic of the day: The Brexit Deal - beautiful, but a pity It almost seemed impossible, now is the longed for ...

Here you will find the most important news of the day, the most popular stories of SPIEGEL + and tips for your end of workday.

The topic of the day: The Brexit Deal - nice, but too bad

It almost seemed impossible, but now the desired breakthrough has been achieved: the negotiators of London and Brussels have agreed shortly before the start of the EU summit but still on a Brexit agreement . After fruitless negotiations until last night, the agreement on Thursday morning was announced rather surprisingly.

The new agreement eliminates the controversial backstop, and Northern Ireland has found a solution that is supposed to be acceptable to both the Northern Irish and the UK, the Irish and the EU. What was argued about? What is the agreement? And how does it continue? My colleague Kevin Hagen answers the most important questions about the new agreement in a lightning analysis.

What is new, above all, is that while Northern Ireland is a British customs territory, it should nevertheless follow certain rules of the EU internal market. The Northern Irish DUP, once Johnsons most important ally in the British Parliament, rejects the agreement already now. It is strictly against customs controls on the Irish Sea, which could sever the kingdom in its entirety, and wants to vote against the agreement in Parliament. Will she tip the scales? It will be tight next Saturday when Johnson submits his deal to the House of Commons for approval. If he failed, everything would have been in vain. Here is a short video outlook on the "Super Saturday".

And not only in London, also in Brussels, the deal still has to be ratified . How the other 27 EU states judge it is partly open. At the EU summit threatens a mud fight, write my colleagues from Brussels. Here are the backgrounds.

Although the negotiations were tough and at times left little hope for consensus: the new agreement can be seen as a later victory of reason , says my Brussels colleague Peter Müller. The exit agreement with the British shows how agile the EU can be if it holds together. That's something Europeans should use as a model for their many open problems. Read the comment here.

Nice, but too bad - on the one hand there is relief over a foreseeable end of the seemingly endless struggle for Brexit. On the other hand, the departure of the British from the single confederation which won the Nobel Peace Prize could become a sobering reality. When Premier Johnson's and John-Claude Juncker's joint press conference was over in the afternoon, Juncker once again asked the audience for attention: "I'm happy with the deal, but I'm saddened by Brexit," he said.

The number of the day: 250.4 million

Turkey has received war weapons for 250.4 million euros from Germany since the beginning of this year. This is already the highest annual value since 2005, although there are still four months left until the end of the year.

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News: What you need to know today

  • No more weapons for Turkey: Because of the Syria offensive sharpened the tone against the NATO allies. Angela Merkel announced that the federal government would "under the current conditions" do not approve any arms exports to Turkey.
  • The Finance Minister and the black zero : At the meeting of the International Monetary Fund there should be much criticism of Olaf Scholz and his policies. But the vice-chancellor follows a very specific calculation.
  • Economic forecast for 2020: The Federal Government expects significantly less economic growth for the coming year - world trade is weakening. However, Germany does not need to fear a recession.
  • Sundays all day bread rolls: In Bavaria, bakeries are allowed to sell bread rolls on Sundays only three hours. Now a chain in front of the Federal Court of Justice has won longer sales times. The verdict affects all of Germany.
  • Poland wants to criminalize sex education: Three years imprisonment for teachers offering sex education lessons. This is what a bill in Poland provides. The plans provide for massive protest.
  • Kurds put up fight against IS militia: For years the Kurds in Syria were considered allies of the West in the fight against the "Islamic state". But because they are attacked by Turkey, they now stop their attacks on the terrorist militia.

Opinion: The most discussed comments, interviews, essays


The impulsive writing style of the US President - most recently revealed in his correspondence to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - can win at least one thing. Harald Schmidt suggests that Donald Trump write half-time letters for EU politicians. That could at least be funny. The video.

Stories: The most read texts at SPIEGEL +

That was the nicest compliment bestselling author Martin Suter ever got from a cowboy. "You are a motherfucking cock sucking son of a bitch of a good rider" . With my colleague Takis Würger he talked about his thrillers, traveling through Italy and Africa, the right drink at the time of day, and why he finds generosity cool. Read the whole interview here.

Maurice Haas / THE MIRROR

Martin Suter: "Now he would drink a Negroni, the afternoon drink"

Five stars for nothing: Chinese manufacturers hiring teenagers in Germany, so that these buy recommendations on Amazon. For consumers, this is difficult to see through. My colleague Alexander Kühn has researched what's up with the fake Amazon reviews.

Why do not East Germans make it to the executive level? Only four of the nearly 200 top executives in DAX companies come from the new federal states. This is also due to fierce prejudices - but they can also hit others. SPIEGEL editor Dinah Deckstein has written down what's up at Career disadvantage East.

My evening: the recommendations for your end of workday

Cooking Films

For free internet, the siblings crawl into the remotest corners of their home

What you might look like in the cinema: the Korean Cannes winner and Oscar-contender "Parasite". It's about a family of four in Seoul, who does not have enough money to train their children, but has a talent for imposture. The film is steeped to its bloody end with bitter-black humor and shows how social criticism and humor are compatible with each other, judges my colleague Hannah Pilarczyk.

I wish you a nice finishing time.


Isabella Reichert from the Daily Team

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