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In "La casa de las Flores", no one messes with the members of the De la Mora family


Paulina, Elena and Julián de la Mora return to the second season of Netflix's "The House of Flowers" series with the same existential complications. New characters full of…

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(CNN Spanish) - The wait is over! "The House of Flowers" season 2 is now available on Netflix and the audience will finally know what happens to the future of each of the members of this family who lived under the matriarchy of Virginia de la Mora.

What do we stay in?

Virgina (Verónica Castro) leaves without apparently caring about how her family stays; Julian (Darío Yazbek Bernal) cheated on Diego (Juan Pablo Medina) with his wedding planner and he escaped with a high sum of money to the family; Paulina (Cecilia Suárez) goes to Madrid with her still husband María José (Paco León) and Bruno (Luis de la Rosa) and Elena (Aislinn Derbez) continues planning how to recover the flower shop that was taken from them and continues to think that sex is Your incentive.

The second season takes place in Madrid and Mexico City. (Photo courtesy Netflix)

We speak in Mexico City with its creator and director Manolo Caro and actors Cecilia Suárez, Aislinn Derbez, Dario Yazbek Bernal, Juan Pablo Medina and Mariana Treviño, who joins this second season.

The family continues to be the main axis of this family, as Cecilia Suárez assures. Suarez also explains how the second opportunities shown in his character were important for his growth.

“That is an issue that Manolo was very concerned about and still occupies. It was the backbone of season one and continues to be in season 2, ”he says.

Sex is very present in the characters of Elena and Julián de la Mora, but is it bad or is it good? Dario Yazbek Bernal himself replies: “It depends on the context around sex and is a catalyst that leads you to something bad or something good. In the case of Julian they take him to a chaos that they will see in the series ”.

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They are two, but Dielian is oneself. #NoteMetasConMiFamilia

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How have the characters matured?

For its part, Aislinn Derbez thinks that Elena "beyond maturing," takes the copper ", takes out his true personality that was hidden and now finally, ensures that he will find the love of his life and is lost in that search and not even Think about sex, think about the love of finding the prince charming. Many die will be identified with her by that quest for the blue prince, which makes her career collapse. ”

Juan Pablo Medina says that his character, after stealing the money from the De la Mora family, must "rethink, understand and confront to see if he wants to be with Julián or not, endure it, be more cerebral and take another course in his life."

New characters

Actress Mariana Treviño, whom you may remember for her participation in the series "Club de Cuervos", where she played Isabel Iglesias and who was in charge of the soccer team, joins as a cult leader.

“I was interested because there are very current things that are reflected. She is a self-proclaimed leader without internal work, and takes many speeches from all sides and make a cake that is easy to digest and buy everything for you. It reminds us that neither happiness nor abundance nor all the precepts of self-help books require a lot of honesty and ethics and that it is easy, ”he tells us in an interview.

Another of the main characters is music, explains director Manolo Caro: “It was an evolution, in the first season and without realizing it, these playlists were created and I was very attracted that regardless of the songs that were, they asked me what I listened to songs when I was writing it and it helped us to create it in the writers' room ”.

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Say no to piracy. #NoTeMetasConMiFamilia

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The second season of the series "The House of Flowers" premiered on Friday, October 18 on Netflix. You will know what happens to the members of the De la Mora family, who will defend and do everything possible, and even the impossible, to keep their last name on top of the respect of Mexican society. In the same way you can meet the new characters that are added, which will surely be full of suspense and black humor.

We invite you to listen to the talk we had with the main cast of the second season of “La casa de las flores”: Cecilia Suárez, Dario Yazbek Bernal, Aislinn Derbez, Juan Pablo Medina and Mariana Treviño and its creator director, Manolo Caro.

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