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Public banks continue to provide various loans to those who join the reserve service of workers in the state


DAMASCUS, (SANA) - Public banks allow employees of the state who have joined the reserve service to obtain their services


Public banks shall allow the employees of the State who have joined the reserve service to obtain their banking services and facilities by granting them loans in various ceilings, as well as other dealers.

The Commercial Bank of Syria grants the military reserves of employees in the state a personal loan of 2 million Syrian pounds maximum for a period of 5 years with a guarantee of two sponsors employees and a maximum value of 15 million Syrian pounds for 10 years with a real estate guarantee covering 200 percent of the loan and an interest rate of 12.5 percent annually on the declining balance of both loans .

For its part, the Real Estate Bank allows its customers who perform the reserve service of the state employees to obtain housing loans in the case of purchase and construction at a ceiling of 5 million Syrian pounds for a period ranging from one year to 15 years and at an interest ranging between 10.5 and 11.5 percent depending on the period.

The Real Estate also grants a housing loan to those who are in the reserve service in case of completing the residential property with a ceiling of 3 million and 600 thousand Syrian pounds and in the case of re-completion with a ceiling of 2 million pounds and for a period ranging from 1 to 10 years at an interest ranging between 10.5 and 11 percent.

The real estate also allows those who perform the backup service of national employees whose salaries with the bank to obtain a loan Syriac card at a rate of ten times the monthly salary lump them and not to exceed 500 thousand Syrian pounds at an annual interest rate of 1 percent per month on the amount rented.

On the possibility of non-employees who perform the reserve service to obtain housing loans, the deputy director of the real estate bank Akram Darwish explained in a statement to the SANA Economic Bulletin that the reserve non-working in the state can obtain housing loans (purchase, construction and completion, whether cladding or restoration), provided that the number of sponsors and double Covers the value of the loan along with the mortgage guarantee.

In cooperation with the Syrian Trade Corporation, the Syrian Commercial and Real Estate Banks provide the reserve of the employees of the state with their salaries in one of the two banks. Durable goods loan with a ceiling of 500 thousand SP at a maximum interest rate of 11% for a period of 5 years, provided that the monthly installment amount does not exceed 40% of the lump sum monthly wage. Sponsors pay their domicile to the lender.

For its part, the People's Credit Bank allows the reserve of the employees in the State to obtain a durable goods loan with a guarantee of two guarantors or a deposit guarantee accounts covering 100 percent of the value of the loan, as well as a personal loan, like other employees with a ceiling of one million Syrian pounds for a period not exceeding 5 years at an interest rate of 7 percent annually. And with the guarantee of two working sponsors.

In a similar statement, the bank's credit director Adnan Hassan pointed out that those who perform the reserve service of professionals and trades can get a loan of up to 50 million pounds at an interest rate of 9 percent annually, while the period is determined by the purpose of the loan provided that the repayment period does not exceed 5 years and a real estate guarantee or Investment certificates covering at least 150 percent of the loan amount and interest.

Handsome Adawi
SANA Economic Bulletin

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