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Meet Narwhal, the rescued puppy that has a tail on his forehead and is now called "unicorn"


Unlike a narwhal whale, which has an outstanding canine tooth that resembles a fang, the tail on Narwhal's forehead is short and plump, sprouts right between his eyes and falls from ...

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(CNN) - There is a 10-week-old puppy in Missouri with a tail coming out of his forehead.

Yes, your forehead. No, it does not move. And, appropriately, his name is Narwhal (narwhal whale).

Well, his full name is "Narwhal, the little magic hairy unicorn," according to the nonprofit dog rescue organization Mac's Mission, which hosted it after being found last Saturday. It was found in the cold, with what appeared to be early freezing of one of its legs.

Unlike a narwhal whale, which has an outstanding canine tooth that resembles a fang, the tail on Narwhal's forehead is short and chubby, sprouts right between his eyes and falls from side to side when he plays. It also has a normal tail, this is just extra.

Mac's Mission workers, who specialize in dogs with special needs that were mistreated or born with defects, say they are recovering quickly, with freeze healing.

"It seems completely healthy, apart from some usual puppy worms for which he received medication," the organization said in a Facebook post.

The veterinarians took x-ray images that showed that the tail is not connected to anything. It has no real use, as far as they can tell, but it also causes no pain and there is no medical reason to eliminate it, so that tail of the forehead is here to stay. "The unicorn-like tail doesn't bother Narwhal and he never stops, like any normal puppy," the Facebook post said.

He was found with another dog, which rescuers speculate may be his father. This older dog, which has been called Poppa Smurf, is a mixture of Dachshund Terrier, so they assume that Narwhal can also have some Dachshund in it.

It's unclear what happened to both of them before they were found, but a Mac Mission spokesman told CNN that Narwhal is from rural Missouri in the Midwest, and that he loves to play, and now he has thousands of online fans, after his special tail catapulted him to internet fame.

The surge of online attention has been "crazy," the spokesman said, adding that the staff "feels we are in a dream."

He's not ready for adoption yet, Mac's Mission said online, but that hasn't stopped Narwhal fans from wanting to take him home. The organization has already received more than 50 adoption requests for him, a spokesman told CNN.

Narwhal will probably be included in the adoption list once he is older and has gone through more medical procedures such as vaccines. The staff says they also want to monitor their unicorn horn a little more to make sure it doesn't grow or become a problem.

"Everyone is very interested in him," the spokesman said, but "we hope they are also seeing the other available dogs."


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