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This genius child is about to graduate from college ... and is only nine years old


Laurent Simons is about to finish his electrical engineering studies and now he not only plans to do a doctorate but to learn "some medicine". This is his story.

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Laurent Simmons pictured in 2018.

(CNN) - A child prodigy from Belgium is on the way to having a professional degree at the tender age of nine.

Laurent Simons is studying electrical engineering at Eindhoven Technological University (TUE), a difficult specialty even for students of an average age of graduates.

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Described by the institution's staff as "simply extraordinary," Laurent will finish his career in December.

Then he plans to enter a doctoral program in electrical engineering, while also studying medicine, his father told CNN.

His parents, Lydia and Alexander Simons, said they believed Laurent's grandparents were exaggerating when they were told that the boy had a talent, but his teachers soon agreed.

"They noticed something very special about Laurent," Lydia recalled.

Laurent presented one test after another while the teachers tried to determine the extent of his talent. "They told us it's like a sponge," Alexander added.

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Although Laurent comes from a family of doctors, her parents have so far had no explanation as to why her prodigal son is able to learn so quickly.

Eindhoven University of Technology has allowed Laurent to complete his studies faster than other students.

"That is not unusual," Sjoerd Hulshof, director of education at TUE in electrical engineering, said in a statement.

“Special students who have good reasons to do so can organize a tight schedule. In the same way, we help students who participate in high performance sports, ”he said.

Hulshof said Laurent is "simply extraordinary" and praised the young man.

"Laurent is the fastest student we've had here," he said. "He is not only hyperintelligent, but also a very understanding child," he completed.

Laurent told CNN that his favorite subject is electrical engineering and that he will also "study some medicine."

His progress has not gone unnoticed and is already sought by prestigious universities around the world, although Laurent's family prefers not to name in which of them the child considers studying his doctorate.

"The absorption of information is not a problem for Laurent," said his father. "I think he will focus on research and applying his knowledge to discover new things," he added.

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While Laurent is obviously able to learn faster than most, her parents have been careful to allow her to have fun too. “We don't want it to be too serious. He does what he likes, ”Alexander said. "We need to find a balance between what it is to be a child and his talents," he completed.

Laurent said he likes to play with his dog Sammy and his phone, like many young people.

However, unlike most nine-year-olds, he has already solved what he wants to do with his life: develop artificial organs.

Meanwhile, Laurent must finish his studies and choose which academic institution will be the place of the next stage on his outstanding trip.

Before that, he plans to take a vacation in Japan for a well-deserved rest.

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