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[District Council Election] Ability and character are the "hard truth" for winning votes


The district board election is held once every four years. With this hard-won vote, how should voters review candidates, be responsible for their own votes, be responsible for the local, and be responsible for democracy? The four-year district board election voted soon

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2019-11-22 08:30

Last updated date: 2019-11-22 08:33

The district board election is held once every four years. With this hard-won vote, how should voters review candidates, be responsible for their own votes, be responsible for the local, and be responsible for democracy?

The four-year district board elections are just around the corner. Members of the electoral colleges have entered the final sprint stage, and voters have also looked forward to it. This district election is particularly interesting because of the profound changes in the political spectrum of Hong Kong under the anti-reforms. Therefore, under the "exciting public sentiment" of the community, it is inevitable that some people will be in the political arena in the district board elections, and they will be too addicted to the atmosphere of social movement. For example, Wang Jinyang, a candidate from Tung Chung South, publicly stated on his Facebook that the district board members are not low-handed. After the election, they will "send their own funds to support the righteousness" and said that if there is a breach of promise, "Welcome to help me decorate at any time" (renovation, That is, the slogan of the slogan on the destruction of shops or institutions in today's social movements). Obviously, the political position is the core of its campaign.

It is undeniable that the political slogan of the same political position and direct attack on the soul is exciting, but should politics be the main criterion for district election? The district councils certainly have their political role, including cultivating and training political talents, laying the foundation for constructing a good democratic politics, or becoming a preparatory stage for promotion to the Legislative Council. However, these are not inevitable options. The core authority of the District Councils is to advise the Hong Kong Government on matters relating to the welfare of those living and working in the district, including district welfare, public services and infrastructure, community activities, etc. The local people's livelihood and the promotion of regional governance are the main responsibilities.

Democrats select candidates for joint promotion activities. (data picture)

Since the core of the District Council is the local people's livelihood, it is a very important factor for the candidates to show their concern for community affairs and the potential to communicate with residents. These can all be reflected in the political platform of the candidates. Voters can check whether the candidate's political platform is in the middle of the people's livelihood needs to judge the candidate's understanding of the regional issues. And judge the candidate's ability and intention through the specificity and feasibility of his suggestions. If the slogan of political ideas is greater than the actual situation, or if the people's livelihood affairs are only general, then the voters should think in their minds: Should the district boards, which are based on local people's livelihood, be reduced to a politically dominant stage?

He Junyi of the Le Cui Constituency in Tuen Mun was controversial because of violence and discriminatory speech. (Photo by Luo Junhao)

However, the district board members can also be regarded as a member of the local public opinion representative. They have certain influence in the locality. Therefore, besides the ability, although the political views may be different, the virtue and character should try to be a model. Otherwise, how can people be convinced and deliver one of them to him? For example, in the case of He Jun-tung in the Le Cui Constituency in Tuen Mun, his performance in the 721 Yuen Long White Man beatings was highly deliberate. He even publicly advocated killing demonstrators on social platforms and described them as "food sausages". The British Legislative Council member Mao Mengjing and so on. These statements are not only vulgar, violent, but also insulting different groups.

On the other hand, Xu Zhifeng, a candidate for the Central and Western District of the Democratic Party, was dissatisfied with the "paparazzi" of the Security Bureau to record the legislature. He snatched a female executive director’s cell phone in the Legislative Council Building and was convicted of ordinary attacks. Three counts of dishonest access to computers and obstruction of public officials to perform their duties have caused their conduct to be questioned. Or, as mentioned above, Wang Jinyang, when a politician who is preparing to serve the community publicly recognizes and encourages "renovation" and other violent acts, how can it be reassuring and convincing.

Xu Zhifeng was convicted of a general attack in June this year because he was robbed of the female executive director’s mobile phone in the Legislative Council. He sentenced the social service order to 240 hours and a fine of 3,800 yuan. (data picture)

It can also be seen from the above that no matter what political position, the candidate district board members should not rely on violence and brute force to solve problems, and should not be those who advocate hatred and hatred. Otherwise, in complicated and trivial local affairs, How can residents trust him to return to the place for peace?

In 1982, Hong Kong ushered in the first District Council election. It bid farewell to the history of the appointment of District Council members. It is the beginning of Hong Kong people's political suffrage and is also regarded as a milestone for Hong Kong people to fight for democracy. In the past five months, the Hong Kong community has carried out a "debate" on democracy through practical actions. Nowadays, when the district election allows democracy to be practiced, Hong Kong people should take a vote in their hands. Although the political opinion position can be part of the consideration, is it entirely driven by emotions and political positions, or is it recognized the core purpose of the district boards, and the ability and product behavior first? This is a real democracy test in front of Hong Kong people.

(This year's district selected Wang Jinwen to participate in the election of Tung Chung South, opponents including Zhou Haoding, Li Yongan, Liu Yongxian; He Junyan was re-elected in Tuen Mun Le Cui, opponents were Lu Junyu and Jiang Jingwen; Xu Zhifeng was re-elected in the Central and Western District Constituency, opponent Huang Zhongwei)

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