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[District Council Election] Regaining the right track


The District Council elections were held today (November 24). In the absence of major accidents, the general polling station will vote from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm. This district council election can be described as the most special in recent years and even in previous years.

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2019-11-24 06:00

Last updated: 2019-11-24 06:00

The District Council elections were held today (November 24). In the absence of major accidents, the general polling station will vote from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm. This district council election can be described as the most special one in recent years and even in previous years. Since the outbreak of anti-reform demonstrations, Hong Kong has been in a state of turmoil for more than five months. During this period of violence, no matter who it is, it is not a happy and pleasant day. Even in this difficult time, we have always stressed that all parties should make every effort to ensure that the district board elections are held as scheduled and should not be suspended or postponed as much as possible. This district election symbolizes the return of society to the operation of the political system and is an important step in returning to rationality. The government, the public, and even some violent demonstrators who are still lucky enough have a responsibility to ensure that the district election is successfully held.

At this time of confusion, we understand how much human resources are required to "protect the district elections". However, district elections are a key part of the society's return to rationality, transforming the social transformation power brought about by demonstrations into the power of institutional change. In no case should you give up easily. Fortunately, the government has also demonstrated a certain determination. It has always said that it will try its best to make the district elections smoothly. It has also set up a mechanism to deal with the handling of accidents such as violence. In the current social climate, the biggest surprise in the district election is that radical demonstrators blocked voters from voting and even damaged the station facilities. Of course, it is necessary for the Government to step up security work so that the public can feel at ease to vote at the polling station. The Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Nie Dequan, once pointed out that additional police, civil security and firefighters will be sent to the polling station. This is an appropriate measure. At the same time, the government should also deploy to deal with accidents outside the station. To avoid interference caused by accidents such as road closures and traffic damage.

On the day of the District Council election on November 24, the Crisis Management Committee will monitor the progress. (data picture)

In addition, the public should also do their utmost to vote for the citizens, both for themselves and for Hong Kong as a whole. The main duties of the District Councils are to deal with district affairs. They should not become places for "big politics" or political statements or even disguised referendums. The district election symbolizes the return of the citizens and the rejuvenation of the society. We call on all voters to cherish this vote. In fact, past experience shows that there is no shortage of votes to win or lose. This is a key point in explaining each ballot. It actively voted for Members who have identified themselves as a community and bring new enthusiasm to the Hong Kong community. After the election, we will continue to play a good supervisory role and urge these representatives to implement the improvement of the community and other platforms. This is the role that the public should play in promoting social reform in Hong Kong.

Finally, we also saw some of the lucky demonstrators or those who are behind them, advocating in any form or other public opinion venues to block others from voting, including violence, intimidation, and even the elder’s identity card. Or "cutting" and other means. These practices are both criminal and democratic. We sincerely hope that the district elections can truly reflect the public's intentions. No one should stop or hinder the supporters of any camp from voting in any form. What Hong Kong needs is an upright election.

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